Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blue flowers, blue skies, blue sun

Hello ladies,

A brief edit: Unfortunately, Carolyn New York may have gone out of business without taking down their website. Please don't try to order from them as all their contact listings are no longer in service. Their site, however, is still set to charge credit cards even though no orders are being shipped. I really hope the company can regroup as they have made some fantastic polish. 

Today I have a trio of blue for you: Konad flowers, Carolyn New York Blue Skies over the City and a blue sun perfume pendant. This morning, I arrived at the store where I work on Thursdays and ran off to the canal behind the building with a borrowed necklace and a borrowed camera. My boss is a former nail tech and he currently does hair and make up for drag shows. He understands, I tell you! 

I hope you enjoy my choice of a prop. I walked around the shop today between appointments. I took a visual inventory of everything small enough to pick up and possibly coordinate with some of my untried nail polish. Blue Skies over the City appears the palest blue in low light or dappled sun, but looks like a white creme polish in brighter rays.  

The application of this polish comes with a warning: Blue Skies over the City is a fussy diva! I started with two thin coats and added on a heavy third. I battled my way to opacity, but I felt like I was sending a fully loaded brush into bare territory again and again. CNY polishes typically apply with ease. I am tempted to duct tape a ridge filling base coat to my bottle of Blue Skies over the City. I am pleased with the finished manicure. I don't want to discourage anyone from trying the color, but be prepared with extra time to work around the formula issues. The other struggle is my bottle of CND Air Dry is ending it's time with me as is my bottle of Konad topcoat. I use the latter as a protective layer over the stamping and the Air Dry to shine and seal the manicure. My supply of both needs to be refreshed. 

The Konad design was stamped from the new plate, S9, in blue special polish. I placed the first stamp lower than I meant to, but decided to continue. I liked the blue/white tips. I was going to cover them, but it already seems a variation on a French manicure.  

I hope you enjoyed today's nail look. Thanks for stopping by!  


  1. Very pretty, love the blue flowers!

  2. I like that color combo and print, it's so crisp and clean looking. I know the feeling of wandering around looking for props! What's wrong with us?!!

  3. that's lovely. One of my fave color combos.

  4. Love your nails, there so nice and long. Pretty manicure. Love the blue flowers. The large sun looks very 60's.

  5. That's so beautiful, I would have to go around all day holding the necklace too, because I like that combo so much!

  6. Kae: Thank you! I chose the blue to match the dress I was wearing. :)

    Mary: hahaha! I always enjoy the props in your photos. I guess we both like giving our nails a stage.

    Cassandra: Thank you. I'm glad you like it. :)

    Nosaby: Thank you. Blue and white seems fresh and cheerful to me.

    Lucy: Thanks so much. Long nails give my lots of space for stamping. I love retro objects, so the sun pendant fit that sensibility. :)

    charaxinae: It was hard for me to put the necklace back on display. I think I will go around the shop and photograph everything I find enchanting. If I can carry it to the canal and fit it in frame of the shot, it's going to appear here!

  7. "Unfortunately, Carolyn New York may have gone out of business"


  8. Cassandra, it is certainly sad news. I'm glad we both placed substantial orders during their sale period at the beginning of the year. I don't feel comfortable doing additional swatch posts until their site is taken down or customer service is reinstated. I really hope they are able to take care of the details.


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