Tuesday, July 28, 2009

feathery and ooh la la

Hello Ladies,

Today I have Zoya Midori from the Ooh La La collection. I know I have been showing you a lot of Zoya to start. During a Twitter promotion, I ordered both the Ooh La La and the La Di Da lines. With the weather verging on oppressive in Philadelphia, even under a parasol, I feel compelled to wear bright and fresh colors. I choose polish more by whim than weather, so you may encounter a vampy shade despite the 92 degrees F.

Click the pictures and watch them grow. Delightful!

Application was like a magic trick. Midori went on with brushstrokes, which disappeared after drying. I really love the gold reflection in this aquatic green. It makes me think of lily pads and duckweed, which I renamed lacy algae on one of my many nature excursions. Now with a little research, I discover it's not classified as algae. I am ever the confused naturalist. 

The Konad design is from Coraline plate C05, found in kit 1. It makes me think of stylized feathers. I used Konad special polish in white. Stamping across the area of my nail above the free edge made me a little nervous. I didn't feel entirely comfortable with the sensation of rolling the stamper over that bit of length. I'm accustomed to the more solid feel of pressing the design to the center of my nail. I really do favor the visual of the placement though. I think vanity will win over discomfort in this instance. I hope you enjoyed seeing more from the Coraline set. Some of my favorite Konad designs are in those two kits. I will share them with you over time.

For new visitors to my blog, please let me know in comments if you have a nail blog. I would love to see what you are up to and add you to my blogroll. Look forward to more whimsy tomorrow! 


  1. gorgeous nails!!! I can't wait to see what other designs and color combos you come up with. Any tips on how to keep your nails so long? Mine tend to chip and break rather easily, and I'm trying to grow them out!

  2. Hi Lauren! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the compliments. I need to really do a larger post tutorial on this, but here are some basics. Q-tica makes the best strengthener I know of. It's available through art of beauty, the same company that sells Zoya. I have a link in the sidebar. I also use their polish remover called Zoya Remove +. It's the gentlest remover and still effective. Keeping polish on your nails all the time is key. I sometimes sleep without polish, but that's pretty much it. I wear dish gloves and use natural cleansers for the home. I always wear gloves for heavy duty cleaning. Use a hand cream before bed and throughout the day after hand washing. Diet is another factor too. Protein from various sources is important. I eat tofu, seitan, yogurt, nuts, beans and cheese. Pretty much any protein source you enjoy will keep your nails growing. I hope that helps. :)

  3. Wow, every time I see this color I love it! I especially love the design you put on top of it - it seems to really suit you!

  4. Oh dear! Another excellent Konad stamper! I am green with envy - much like the colour of your nails! :) Which are very pretty. Plus, I NEED to see more of the owl ring! :)

  5. Nicole: Thank you! I am a big fan of green polish in general. I seem to fall in love with most of them! I am pretty excited about the darker greens coming out for fall. I think if I were to, like Prince, change my name into an unpronounceable symbol, it might look a bit like that feather/frond Konad design. ;)

    Danielle: I found my Konad skills increased with the stamper in the Coraline kit. I love the shape of it. When I first started, I would put a quick dry top coat on my nails and practice the stamp I wanted to use. Then I would wipe off the practice stamps and do my full manicure. The next time I wear a duochrome, I will be sure to give the owl ring more camera time. That day won't be far off.

  6. That is a beautiful colour and your Konad looks fantastic.

    I also go by whim not weather, hence the fact that I'm wearing OPI's Ink in nearly-August!

  7. That's pretty fab! I love how clean it looks :-)

  8. Helen: Thank you! I ordered a bunch of Konad plates about a month ago and I have been slowly trying them all out. What you have been seeing are my first attempts with them. I am slowly going through my Konad untrieds. :)

    tsnails: Thanks! I love stamping with white polish. I don't wear white clothing wise, but I love how crisp the Konad designs appear.

  9. I love the Coraline Konad plates. I saw the movie and loved it. I have to get those kits. I love the feathery design you used. I ordered Midori and love it. I haven't worn it yet. I am crazy over greens. The best greens I feel are from BB Couture Polish. I usually buy every green I see.

  10. Since I got Midori I've worn it twice, and since I only change my nails about once a week these days that is saying something. I love how it looks on you! I will remember that it looks good with white on top! :)

  11. Lucy: I loved the movie too! The Coraline kits are amazing. I will be showing more from Kit 2 in the coming weeks. I remember the days when it was challenging to find green polish. I certainly feel strongly compelled to put every available green in my shopping basket. You will see many greens here!

    charaxinae: I can understand wanting to spend 14 days with Midori! It was such a surprise working with the Konad how well the white polish can enhance a manicure. It's lovely over blue as well.


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