Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Goldie and a plague of frogs

Hello ladies,

Today I have a fanciful manicure for you featuring Zoya Goldie from the Ooh La la collection. I spend the late morning and afternoon with my friend Alicia. I decided to find the silliest Konad stamp imaginable that would entertain us on our shopping errands. That frog definitely looks like he is up to something. Watch out! The weather verged on rain for many hours. I managed to get a partial sun picture taken over the fountain water in Rittenhouse Square. 

The picture above resulted from acts of boldness and hilarity. It also served to illustrate that once in the suburbs, people don't care what you do in a retail environment. I was looking at the Ott lights in Michael's craft store. I wasn't planning on buying a lamp today, but I was curious to see if their reputation for creating natural light indoors would serve my purposes. Alicia and I set to work finding a suitable background for my hand modeling. In the scrapbook supplies area, she discovered a book of papers entitled So Girly. Perfect. She held the green floral paper behind my nails to camouflage the unsightly power strip, littered with plugs to every sample light fixture. When the reality dawned on both of us that we were standing in a craft store taking pictures on the sly of my frog stamped nails, we were giggling uncontrollably.  I am pleased with the quality of the Ott light photo and also the covert activity executed to obtain it.

Zoya Goldie has rich pigmentation for a metallic. I achieved full coverage easily in two coats. Having a thin consistency, Goldie isn't the most forgiving polish. It will show the outline of silk wraps or any major imperfections even over Zoya's ridge filling base coat. This makes sense since the metallic is so glossy and reflective. My skin tone is neutral. This is not the gold for cool toned ladies. It's more of a burnished gold in tone, yet it's still bright. 

Goldie is classy. It's a color suited to complement an evening gown. The fact that I stamped frogs over it and went galavanting to beauty supply stores says a bit about me. Again, I used Coraline plate C05 from kit 1.  Konad special polish in green comprised the stamp. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm not sure if it need be mentioned: Despite the continued use of the word lady in different forms, men are invited to read and comment respectably. I'm not sure how much testosterone could have made it through this post, but guys are indeed welcome. 

I want to thank everyone who has been reading, adding painted Lady fingers to their blogrolls, becoming followers, and commenting. It's been a real treat for me. I will keep the posts coming. 



  1. Very pretty! I like how cute the frog is looks like he is in mid jump :D

  2. Thanks Kae! I positioned him a little higher up on the nail to exaggerate the look of jumping. :)

  3. The frogs look really cute. I need to get a konad stamping kit..soon!

  4. Thanks Princess! You do some really playful and imaginative nail art. I'm sure you would be great with the Konad!

  5. The frogs are so cute! I love the colour combination on this one. Time to take out my Konad kit and experiment with it! : D

  6. Oooh I love that! Very fairy tale.
    It sounds as though you had a fun day out too.

  7. These frogs are SO cute ! This mani turned out just pefect :-)

  8. Wan: Thank you. I am going to order some Konad princess polishes soon. I will have even more color combination possibilities in about a week. Definitely, revisit your Konad! :)

    Helen: I know there is a crown design as well as a shoe! I might go all the way with the theme some day! I really did have a nice outing. Thank you.

    Tuli: Thanks! I am so glad you enjoyed it. :)

  9. I had on Goldie last week. I really liked the shade of gold. There are so many different variations of gold polish. Love the frog. It gave your manicure a very whimiscal look. Helen is right that it looked like a fairy tale. I'm enjoying your blog and writing style.

  10. Lucy, it's amazing how many shades of gold there are! I am so glad you are having a nice experience reading my blog. :)


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