Friday, July 24, 2009

Oddities: wee beetles

Hello ladies,

Welcome to painted Lady fingers. For my first post, I am going to show you Zoya Ki with Konad special polish in green. I have the little pincer beetle from Coraline plate C01. I am charmed by both Coraline kits. The beetle is from Kit A. I am reminded a bit of Common Stag Beetle when I look down at my nails. I took some liberties here with color as this particular beetle is dark red or brown in nature. For those who find beetle embellished nails a bit startling, I can assure you these beetles dine on sap. The mandibles on the male are generally reserved for male on male fighting when it comes time to woo a female Stag Beetle. I consider myself wooed. 

I will warn you ladies this is the first occasion I have ever used a digital camera other than the times when a tourist will hand me their camera with a smile and a plea. These were test shots I took while on a walk with my friend David along the Wissahickon today. David stood by bemused both at the fact that I was taking photos of my nails and also being privy to the negligible skill a man was demonstrating while tossing a frisbee to his dog in the water. The man had a back up frisbee. I thought at first this spoke of the dog's catching abilities, but no. I give him credit for the foresight to bring two frisbees. Let us now focus on my troubles on the wooden bridge and not his below. The sun was bright on the bridge and I had some difficulty seeing the screen for practice shots. Here is my first attempt at photography since I had my last camera, which loaded film. 

Please click to view full size.

Above is a shot of my left hand. The ring I am wearing is a silver owl. It occasionally gets mistaken for a fish or a pineapple. The picture will give you another view of the green duochrome in the purple shimmer wonderland that is Ki. My silver band, which is unfortunately turned a bit, reads lumen, which is latin for light

I hope you enjoyed my first post. I have a sea of untried polishes to photograph, lots of Konad to enchant you and as always a bit of whimsy. 


  1. cant wait fo rthe konad!!! dear member...why no entry? you gotta try to win a b kit? oh so, perhaps other members will see your entry & click your link, see YOUR blog. I'm new too @ blogging.

  2. Welcome to the nail blogging! It's such fun :) I found you via Mary of Body and Soul, and I already love your blog :)
    On to the polish, very pretty but that beetle just really does the trick, it's terribly cute! I had to click and get an up close look at him.
    Your rings are adorable! I love both of them. I'm quite into silver and unusual rings.

  3. konADDICT: I am planning on doing a special manicure for your contest within the week. I will add you to my blog list too. We can be new together!

    Nicole: Thank you. I love reading Mary's blog too. I laughed because I picked such a challenging polish to photograph for my first try. I am glad the beetles enchanted you as well. Hopefully, I will have some other angles to show the owl ring in a less pineapple state. ;)

  4. Love this manicure. I had to enlarge to see the detail. The beetle is amazing. I used to have a beetle enclosed in lucite or some kind of hard plastic. I bought it when I was really young. I carried it around with me always. The beetle had such gorgeous colors in it. Unfortunately I lost it. Your camera skills are just fine.

  5. Lucy: Thank you! I really do love the range of designs offered with the Konad. A beetle landed on my friend David's head as he was out in his front yard watering his plants. He left it there and had a whole conversation with his neighbor, who didn't know how to react. The beetle was left unmentioned. I put the manicure together, based on that story, to wear out on our woodland stroll. I love those types of pendants. You should definitely get another! Thank you for the encouragement on my photography. I have almost no experience, so the pictures are all an experiment. I'm glad it's working out.


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