Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pink butterflies and white frosting

Hello ladies,

Today I have another Zoya for you, this time from the Ooh-La-La Collection. Behold, Ginessa. I added some Konad butterflies from plate M20 with Konad Special Polish in Psyche Pink. My Virgo self never tires of centering medium size designs or positioning them to my fancy. Little details calm me. You may wonder a bit about my lack of bottles in the photos below.  I simply left them at home. I hope the substitute pink impatients will do. The flowers are a dupe to Psyche Pink. I took these photos in the backyard garden of my favorite coffee shop. I temporarily confounded a barista until he decided it would be really cool if I used his bicycle as a prop for polish photos. If I forget my bottles again, this may indeed happen.  

Click to enlarge. 

Please excuse my hand positioning in the second photo. I was trying to be careful with the petals. Zoya bottles are far sturdier. I did three coats of Ginessa. Two would suffice for most people, but opacity is almost a religion to me. The application of Ginessa was most interesting. It was thick and smooth. It really made me feel like I was brushing white frosting across my nails. There are tiny glitter particles that give the visual sense of texture while the polish remains even. I love the shimmer in this. It would be a very pretty shade for brides or for guests at a wedding. It would be a festive alternative to sheer pinks and nudes. I must praise Ginessa for being incredibly wearable. My skin is quite fair and I didn't feel like a mime. 


  1. Ginessa is lovely, I've not seen this one pictured before. I love your flower prop, I think it's better than a bottle!

  2. Diana-
    It is about time you started your own blog!

    With all you contribute to everyone else's, you deserve your own forum.

    Your words are like poetry, precise and lilting all at once, and your nails are gorgeous!

    I am subscribing immediately and can't wait to see what you have in store! =]

    aka wixbetty

  3. Mary: Ginessa is one of my all time favorite white polishes. Zoya really hit it on this one. I am glad you like the flower. I intend to make more use of props.

    Monica: Thank you so much for the friendly welcome and sweet compliments. I added you to my bloggers list so I can keep up with your developments too. :)

  4. I love your prop. It's so perfect with your Konad. I guess that's why you choose it. A beautiful flower is always preferable to a bottle. I have both Zoya collections but haven't worn them yet. I'm glad to see two of the collection. This is really a nice shade.


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