Monday, July 27, 2009

A Sun Goddess and a game of chance to win a Konad set B

Hello ladies,

Today I have for you N.Y.C. New York Color in a Minute in Sun Goddess. I purchased this yesterday at the local Rite Aid. It's from their new collection: Golden Girl. There was one other polish called Bronze Goddess. I like a little more adventure than the other choice could afford, so I left with only the one pictured below. Sun Goddess is heralded on the bottle to be a Quick Dry Nail Polish with Minerals. The presence of the minerals is what kept the bottle in my hand all the way to the register. There are tiny particles of gold shimmer in a salmon base. I was very pleased to see the shimmer appeared so boldly on the nail. The color is an odd medley. The base is work appropriate. The shimmer adds enough spark to give it personality. I imagine this would appeal to a wide range of people. The first picture is taken in natural light with my parasol as a background. It is the most color accurate. The following two taken in direct sunlight allow for the gold shimmer to beam from my nails. 

Click the photos to make them bigger. You don't even need to consume a beverage labeled Drink Me

Now that you have viewed the color, let's discuss the formula and application. First, I will inform you that I am in a reasonable geographic proximity to New York City. I can take a train and be there in a little over an hour. I feel confident that I understand what color in a New York minute should entail. While waiting for the polish to dry, I checked the bottle to see where it was created. It just said "Made in the U.S.A." This is curious. I have to say there must be some regional discrepancy to account for what I understand to be a New York minute and how slow this polish actually dries. What is favorable here is I added CND Air Dry and had no bubbling or other issues that must be endured by people impatient enough to add a quick dry topcoat to a quick dry polish. Sun Goddess acted like regular polish in terms of dry time. The brush applied the color well, but I had to get used to having less polish on the brush than I would normally use. The brush seemed to sponge up the polish from the depths. It's easily remedied by emptying a bit before applying your first stroke. Otherwise, you won't be polishing your nails, you will be playing paint ball.

On to the Konad! I stamped a delicate floral pattern from plate M8. I used Konad special polish in yellow.  This manicure was done specially for fellow nail blogger KonAddict. Right now she has a contest in progress to win a Konad B kit. There are ways for bloggers and readers alike to enter. I personally enjoy reading her blog. She does some involved and very fetching nail art utilizing the Konad. She treats every post like a mini tutorial to help you achieve the look she is presenting. She is very excited about her contest and I am happy to help promote it. The Konad is indeed habit forming. I love being able to achieve detailed designs at home without the awkward application of having to draw with tiny brushes with my unskilled left hand. I hope you enjoyed my showcase manicure with Konad plate M8. 

I want to thank everyone for stopping by and reading my blog as I get started. Please leave a comment for me if you have a nail blog and would like me to add your link to my sidebar. I would be pleased to do so and to learn a bit more about your place in the nail community. 


  1. I have a couple of these in my untried pile, I bought them last week. I am not surprised to hear that they weren't as quick drying as advertised though. However, the color is just lovely on you! I like that little bit of extra pizazz!
    As to blogging, I think if you click on my name it will take you to my profile, where my blog is linked up. If not, it's at

  2. That's very pretty. I wasn't aware they had a new collection out. Sigh. Guess I have to go hunting.......

  3. Nicole: Oh, the vast lands of the untrieds! One of the reasons I started this blog is to share my meanderings through the untried territory. The color would really work for early fall too, so if you don't get to it right away, all is not lost. You are present on my blogroll now. :)

    Nosaby: The collection seems very new. The display here was barely touched. There are only 4 spots total for polishes, 2 for Sun Goddess.

  4. Hi! Wow - your nails look awesome. Loving your Konad too.

  5. Thanks so much, Helen. It's nice to have another long nailed lady around. :)

  6. Love this shade on you. I had to enlarge the photo to see the gold shimmer in it. Very pretty. I like the flower in yellow.

  7. Thanks Lucy! My hair is a darker shade of auburn. Orange, peach, copper and gold are colors I am drawn to since they coordinate. It was nice to have them all in one bottle!

  8. wow.. its like a magic.. I dont have that at all.

  9. Sherry, a bit of shimmer polish and a Konad kit and you will be making magic of your own. :)


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