Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A celebratory contest welcoming the first 50 followers and beyond!

Hello ladies,

It's time for the second contest! On this occasion, we are celebrating the first 50 followers and more who have joined painted Lady fingers. I want to thank everyone who has been visiting. Your comments and positivity are such a delight to me. You all know how I adore Konad stamping and am particularly fond of the Coraline sets. I have partnered with Kathleen from OC Nail Art to offer you a chance to win your own Coraline kit A! So you can experiment, a plastic scraper will be included as well. The set comes with a metal scraper.

Let's examine the components. All pictures can be enlarged. You will see the reflection of my purple sundress in the image plates, but the designs will be easy to discern. The pictures you are viewing are of my own kit repackaged for display. Kathleen will be shipping a new kit and plastic scraper directly to the winner.  

Kit A includes image plates C01 and C05. I will include links to the posts containing manicures with the Coraline designs. I will be featuring more designs from Kit A during the contest period.

~gazing in thought
~cat with a curly tail
~looking over her shoulder

~cranky with arms and legs crossed
~with a messenger bag

The three mini special polishes are Blue Pearl, Psyche Pink and Yellow.

The metal scraper and the stamper are both embellished with butterflies. Pretty! I find the stamper in the Coraline kit the most ergonomic. It rolls fluidly and the stem is the perfect length for precision maneuvering. I use it for all my Konad stamping. 

Ah, my beloved plastic scraper! There are varied opinions favoring metal or plastic for scraping polish from the plate. I find I can scrape more quickly with the plastic. It doesn't scratch the design plates either. Kathleen and I want you to be able to try both to find your fancy.

More exciting news: I now have a discount code at OC Nail Art. Use "paintedladyfingers" for 20% off your total purchase. If the total after the code amounts to $20 or more, you will receive free shipping on your order, even internationally. Thank you, Kathleen, for the discount code and for sponsoring the Coraline contest! 

Here are the rules and ways to enter. I've seen variations of this procedure on other blogs. I figure we can try it out together! You can choose from any of the entry options or enter in as many ways as you like from the following choices: 

1) become a follower or e-mail subscriber (1 entry). Please tell me which way you are keeping up with painted Lady fingers. If you have already joined, you still receive the entry point. Since this contest is a celebration of followers and subscribers, it's essential to be one or the other to enter. 

2) create a post on your blog with a link to the contest. Please add the link in the comment. (2 entries)

3) add painted Lady fingers to your blogroll. (2 entries) If that has already occurred, mention it to me and you will still receive the two entries. Please provide a link unless I have already visited and commented on your blog.

4) tell me whether or not you have tried Konad stamping and what you think of it. (1 entry)

You are welcome to leave as many comments as you like to get your entries in. If it's easier to leave one comment with all the information, that's fine. If you prefer to leave separate comments for separate entries, go for it. I'm a Virgo. I can sort out the entries with ease. I was born for this sort of thing! Please leave me your e-mail in one of your comments so perhaps I can contact you with good news.  

The contest will run through September 4th and is open to followers and e-mail subscribers worldwide. Best of luck! I hope you have fun with it! I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on Konad stamping. 



  1. hi!
    1.i am a followerer!
    2. i did an entry
    3. you are on my blogroll
    4. I've had my konad for a while and ...I LOVE MY KONAD!!
    total: 6 entries!

  2. Ok here goes:
    1. I am a follower already.
    2. Here's the link to my blog post:
    3. You're already in my blogroll.
    4. I've never had Konad and have been scoping it out online trying to make the plunge. I'm a little afraid I'll be starting a new obsession!

  3. hey hunni
    ur on my blog,im a follower
    i loveeeeeee konad its amazing im not great at it but im trying hehehe,so many amazing patterns i love them all,and it saves so much money.

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  5. 4. I looove the way konad looks, I just wish I was faster at doing it :)

    runamok86 at yahoo dot com

  6. I am a follower of your blog!

    and I have never tried Konad but I cant wait to! This is an amazing prize!! thanks for the oppertunity!

  7. hi! i've been a follower of your blog for a little while now. love the information you give on here! i have not yet tried konad, but have been thinking about purchasing a set with the new discount being offered. and i love the coraline movie! thanks again


  8. I am subbed via email:

    Seen lots of blogs about Konads (Hi PLF!), but seemed they kind of hard to use despite their gorgeousness!

  9. I haven't tried Konad, got a plate but don't know where or how to start.

    I'm a follower

  10. 1. followed ^^
    4. sadly havent tried konad yet as im scared to spend money on anything but uni fee's >.<;; yucky ! i adore how they look on nails though, and even more adore coraline (as does my sister)

  11. Hey there, I'm a follower of your blog :)

    I've been coveting the Coraline Konads, especially since I saw the movie, they're so cute. My boyfriend brought me a Konad set when he was in America a couple of years ago, and my daughter and I played around with it back then, and then forgot about it for a while until I started following blogs like yours and got inspired all over again. Reading blogs about Konadding has made me a lot more confident using it, and my daughter and I are starting to experiment a bit with it now!

  12. I have been "watching" your blog since I fell in love, again, with my nails! My DH should NEVER go out of town!

    I just became a follower (1 entry)

    I ADORE Konad - and I love Kathleen from OC nailart -- I've never seen customer service like hers. I spend WAY too much time on my nails! (1 entry!)

    have a great day

    jmkblair@gmail dot com

    (sorry -- I deleted my post and reposted it since I forgot my email!)

  13. I am a follower of your blog.
    Here is a post about your contest.
    I added you to my blogroll. Can you add me to yours?
    I have tried Konad and I love it. I do get very nervous when I start to stamp. I always think I am going to mess it up. So I stamp really fast and it's not always even. I need to keep practicing.

    Great contest!

  14. I am a follower

    added to blogroll

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  15. Hi! I'm a new blog follower.
    I haven't tried Konad but I'm very curious about it and would love the chance to try it!

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  16. hiho! i'm a blog follower. i've never tried konad as it's always been a touch out of reach in terms of price for me :P i've always been very interested in it and an opportunity to try it would be great!

  17. im a new follower

    i posted your giveaway HERE

    i added you to my blogroll already..

    i haven't tried konad yet, so most of my nail arts are just done by me

    thiamere_brea at yahoo dot com

  18. 1)I am A follower already.
    2)I did a post::
    3)You are added to blogroll
    4)I love my Konad!! I tried it amonth or two ago and just adore it!! I'm saving up for more plates, but so far only have the starter kit. D=

  19. OK, so I guess I'll sign up as an official follower for this. You have been in my favourites for a few weeks now and I check out your blog on a daily basis and although I am not much of a commenter but I'll gladly make an exception. ;)
    That's entry No. 1 out of the way.

    On to No.4. I found out today my little niece is a nail polish junkie as well. Finally! Someone to share the obsession with!
    She had never heard of Konad but loved it on my nails so I would like to give her this set.
    I think it is fabulous for everyone but particularly for young girls.

    We already set a date for a polish and pyjama party a few weeks from now and I would love to be able to surprise her with her very own kit.

  20. 1. I am a follower
    2. I don't have a blog
    3. I don't have a blog
    4. I have not tried Konad yet, but I would love to!!

  21. Oh, I forgot my emailadres...

  22. As I was the lucky selectee of the adorable owl teapot, I didn't think it was quite cricket of me to enter again (though it is Coraline!), but I wanted to let you know I added you to my blogroll. Totally My Bad that I didn't do it before - only an oversight, I assure you! :)

  23. I'm a follower and I *LOVE* using Konad. It's so simple and awesome looking xD

  24. 1)I am new A follower
    2)I blogged
    3)You are added to blogroll
    4)Konad, save time and money best of all it is easy to use!

    sherrgyo at hotmail dot com

  25. How sweet of you to have another contest. I became a follower the first time I saw your blog. You've quickly become one of my favorites to read. I love the Coraline Konad kit. The colors are wonderful. I really love all the images on the plate. I haven't used my Konad kit yet. Shame on me. I do love looking at all the Konad art work. I'm amazed at the beautiful nails people come up with. There are so many talented people who blog. Thanks.
    2 enteries

  26. 1) Im a follower :)
    3) Added you to blogroll
    4) Never tried Konad :( would really like to, but im in a shopping stop atm so cant buy it :(

    So guess thats 4 entries :) And great blog ;D

  27. 1 - Became a follower.
    3 - Added you to my blogroll.
    4 - I've never tried Konad before; I would've if I could buy stuff online but at the moment I can't, and I can't say I was really interested in it before but since discovering blogs like yours that are dedicated to Konad designs I became smitten!

    And that's 4 entries! :)

  28. 1)I am a follower via google
    2) I blogged about this:
    3)You are on my blogroll:
    4) I have never tried Konad before, I have never even heard of it, but would love to try it.

  29. I am a follower with the blogger dashboard (love it!)
    I would love to try Konad, been thinking about getting the franch kit for the longest!

    Not to mention it would make a great birthday present =P

  30. plz enter me ^^
    i'm a follower, i've never tried konad though, but i would love to ;D

  31. 1) I am a follower! yay!
    4) I have not tried Konad but being obsessed with nail polish I was actually planning on getting some Konad and the Coraline set was actually on my wishlist :)

  32. dear,

    1. i am a follower
    2. i did an entry please do check:

    3. you're on my blogroll
    4. I haven't tried KONAD

    love lots,

    my email add:

  33. I'm a new follower =)

  34. I haven't tried KONAD yet, but would love to tr =)

  35. Beatriz: Thank you. I love my Konad too!

    Nosaby: Konad can easily become an obsession. The good thing is I end up getting more wear (but not much!) out of some of the polishes I already own because they provide good base colors for nail art.

    Skye: Lady, you do great with the Konad!

    MoLo: I keep getting faster with the Konad, but I am still working on my speed. I hear you on that!

    Aquaheart: I am so glad you are excited! You really should give the Konad a try. It's an easy way to amaze strangers in public.

    nirfreak03: Thanks so much. It's definitely a good time to pick up a kit. I started with the Salon Kit A and I love it! White special polishes is the easiest for practice.

    hi: I'm planning on doing a tutorial. It's one of those things that gets easier with time and practice.

    Halifax: I'm planning on doing a tutorial post in September. Hopefully, that will help get you going forward with it. :)

    abbyland: I remember those uni days! Best of luck to you!

    Selina: I am glad to be part of the inspiration for mother/daughter Konad fun. That's wonderful!

  36. Myrna: It's a wonderful love affair to renew. Kathleen is quite remarkable! Nail care time is great self care. Have fun with it!

    Nessa: Thank you so much for putting up the post so quickly! You have been on my blogroll since the beginning. I saw your site first from Mary's Body and Soul and was hooked. It's a great concept. When you stamp, try to aim the center of the design to the center of your nail. It's kinda like making a basket. While I am not proficient at basketball, I can get trash in the waste bin.

    throuthehaze: Thanks so much!

    Nina: Welcome! It's a fun practice once the you get over the learning curve. Before that, it can be a humorous practice. I'll be posting a tutorial soon.

    stylt: Thank you for entering. I'm sure Kathleen and I will partner up again in the future too. Pretty much all you need is one plate you like, the stamper and scraper, white special polish (it's the easiest to manage) and Konad special topcoat. It's not too pricey, if you go for the basics.

    thiamere: Thank you! I checked out your blogs. You are fabulous with rhinestones. I think you would take to the Konad easily.

    annabelle: Thanks! The kits are a great start. You will be amazed how your plate collection will expand over time.

  37. Hi! I enjoy your blog very much, especially the Fainting Couch posts! I am an email subscriber.
    danaenfi at yahoo dot com

  38. -I'm following your blog.
    -You are on my Blog List
    -I've not tried Konad Stamping kits as yet.
    -Here's my post link
    -My email is ksdkemp (at) gmail (dot) com

  39. I'm both a folllower and an e-mail subscriber, so i never miss out on a word you write ;-)

    You're on my blog roll!

    I've tried Konad once but didn't get it to work, the polish didn't stick on my nails. I got frustrated and packed it away, I'll have to give it another chance.

  40. I love your blog! I don't have a wordpress blogspot account, but I do have you on my favorites bar and I read everyday!

    I've never tried an official konad. I had something called a Nail Diva that I bought at Meijers, but it failed miserably, so I would love to try a real one.

  41. Hey

    I have to say, i really love your blog :)

    1) i'm a follower with my
    sadly to 2&3 i don't have a blog

    4) I love konad stamping- i just got one plate from another giveaway and i'm in love with it. I don't have any good stamping polishes now but with this giveaway I'm sure this will be a perfect opportunity to win one :D. I've also got a set called "Essence nail art stampy set" but the results aren't as satisfying as my konad plate.

  42. I subscribe via email

    my e-mail is


  44. heres where i shared about this great giveaway

  45. I have not tried Konad stamping but i think it is really cool

  46. Alright,
    1/ I'm a follower

    2/ here a link to my post about you contest

    3/you're on my blogroll

    4/ I have tried and love Konad, i just can't get enough!

    My email is

  47. follow blog via friend connect

  48. On my blog roll entry #1

  49. On my blog roll entry #2

  50. I have tried konad and I love it! Im totally addicted!

  51. Thanks a lot for the giveaway. I`m a follower.

  52. I haven`t tried Konad. I have other brands nail stamping sets. I would like to try Konad because the plates are so beautiful.

  53. 1. I am keeping up with Pianted Lady Fingers by joining as a follower.

  54. 3) I have added Painted Lady fingers to my blogroll @

  55. 4. I have tried Konad Stamping before and I absolutely love it! I even blogged about it countless number of time! It allows me to create my own nail art without expensive visits to the manicure or pedicure shops but still manage to obtain envy stares from everyone who sees my nails. :)

    *p/s: im separating the comments hoping to make it easier for you. :)

    my email:

  56. 1. I just subcribed to your blog.

    4. I've never tried Konad, so this would be good way to start.

    Haven't seen the movie yet (the images for the Konad are really cute though), but I loved the original book... so creepy.

  57. 1. I am already a subscriber so I would like to enter! I can't figure out how to make a blog roll yet so please just count me in for one entry right now -- if I manage to figure out how to do any of the other things I will comment again! :)

  58. 1. I'm a follower

    4. Haven't used Konad before but have wanted to since seeing amazing designs on blogs

  59. 1. Hi there! I am a follower.
    2. I blogged about you here:

    3. You're on my blogroll too!
    4. I've never tried any Konad products (I haven't seen it in stores around me), but I'm dying to. It looks wonderful!

    my email is

    Thank you!

  60. I am a follower

    I haven't tried Konad yet, but I really really want to, it looks so cute and a bit fun!

    My email is heyhazelhazel [at] gmail [dot] com

  61. I follow your blog religiously.
    I don't have a b log, but I did I would def have you in my blog roll, and I would have linked to your contest so everyone would have a chance to win (does THAT count =P )
    Although I don't own Konad I would LOVE to try it!

  62. oh, i forgot to mention my e-mail adress in the first post, so here it is: roryleighgilmore-at-gmail-dot-com

  63. I am your follower!~ (Just joined heh) I used to check back a couple of days apart.

    Here's the link showing you I've blogged about the giveaway:

    Oh yeah, here's my email address:

    Also added you to my blogroll. Can't wait to see more lovely creations.

    I've tried Konad and it's really fun but most of the time, my creations are rather blah!~

  64. Whew, Diana I don't think I've entered for this and I'd love to, so here goes!
    1. I'm following your blog! ;)
    2. I just created a little post here - - in case anyone hasn't seen it yet.
    3. You're already on my blogroll :)
    4. I just got my very first Stamp & Scraper and two plates today - one has Halloween stuff on it, so of course I want to experiment & learn before the holiday - I'll try it out tomorrow. It looks like SO much fun.
    Thank you Diana! You're lovely.

  65. oooh I'm a little late...

    thanks for this great giveaway!
    I was following your blog mostly by choosing it from other's blog rolls :P now I had the chance to become a true follower so I did! :-)
    I didn't try konad so far - tried out some other stamping product and it was no good. I'm longing for my own konad set - thanks again for the chance of wining it!
    my e-mail:
    and I also added you to my blog roll :-)

  66. Hi :)
    1. I am your follower
    4. I haven´t tried Konad yet, but I have a parcel somewhere between the US and Czech Republic.

  67. Hi!

    1. I'm a follower :)

    I did try other fauxnad products so I don't think it can count as Konad lol but it was fun. Only the polish isn't that awesome some of the prints hard to transfer onto nails :C Hopefully I get to win this set so I can experience the true beauty of the art of konading :D

  68. I'm a virgo too and we are the best at organisation ;)

    I would love to enter this. I follow you, you're on my blogroll and I have blogged about this here -

    I have tried konad and I absolutely love it. There are a few posts of me using it on my blog. I plan to make another order very soon!

  69. 1. I am a Follower!!!

    2. I am COMPLETELY addicted to my Konad!!! Can't imagine life without it! LOL

    I've been lemming this Coraline kit since it was avalable for pre-order, and just have not had the funds to buy it, so this is perfect! Thank you so much!


  70. im am a follower of your blog..
    I added you to my blogroll. Can you add me to yours?
    I love konad..i live coraline stamp kit so much coz my daughter love's the coraline movie at some point i tried to make a nail art on the theme of coraline "eye buttons" & when i read ur blog about giving away coraline stamp kit.. im so happy & hopefully i would win.. coz coraline is only available in US... im here in abu dhabi theres no konad store here.. i bought all my konad plates when i was in the Philippines..

    until then,

  71. hi!

    1) I am a follower
    2) I blogged this contest:

    3) You are on my blogroll at

    4) I have a konad kit and love it!!!

  72. Hey I am a follower.
    I havent tried konad yet. But I would love to try it.I've always wanted to try it.I have seen many nail bloggers use it and it looks amazing.

  73. hi im a follwer! and i love konad its so awesome!

  74. I am a follower

    here is the link to my blog post about your giveaway

    i really want to try konad just haven't had the opportunity yet.

  75. 4 entries.
    I am a follower.
    Here is a link to our blog directing people to your contest.
    I love Konad! I can't wait to get more plates.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  76. I just started following you. Such fun! I've never tried Konad, but I'd like to.:) I like Coraline.

    madeleinebouquet (@) gmail (.) com


  77. 1. I am already an e-mail subscriber. I love the way you link nature to nail polish!

    4. I have not tried Konad yet, but I would love to because it looks like a lot of fun!

  78. 1. I am a follower thru google

    4. I have tried Konad and I love it!

  79. I am a follower using Blogger's follow option.

    I posted a link on my blog. Here is my blog

    I added your blog to the links in my sidebar. I don't know what the blogroll is. I couldn't find it. It is under "My Links" on the left column of my blog. :)

    I am new to Konad and I like it so far. I just tried it for the first time yesterday. I need much more practice. I used plate m55 :)
    I want to try the Coraline kit because I just finished the book and enjoyed it and the Kitty was awesome. I also love cats. Love the new kitty nails you posted. :) Hope my comment isn't too late.

  80. Diana, I am so glad you bumped/reminded me to enter this! I've been so busy, and can't believe it is 9/4 already. Scary!

    Anyway... I have posted about your blog on MY blog on MySpace. I hope that counts. :P Here is the link:

    I've also, obviously, joined your site as a viewer and I am subscribed to the email updates (YAY!). Email updates are the best, because I have a hard time keeping track of so many sites... if I get the email, I am certain to be up to date!

    As for the Konad... I have not gotten into it yet. But have, of course, viewed it's splendor many a time through you! I have to admit it is a bit intimidating, but this Coraline kit is just so adorable that it has me really hoping to get to try it out sometime soon! if only my nails would grow longer... LOL.

    AND... I have put a link to your site up on my Rachael Yamagata fansite. I do not have a "blog roll". So I'm not sure if it counts... but I did it anyway! I put the link at the bottom, under "Affiliates". Then also in the Links section (and in the main page update!).


  81. Hi!
    I joined as a follower.
    You are on my blogroll:
    And I have used Konad and I love it but don't have much time for it lately!

  82. I forgot to post my email address! Its My entry post is 3 above this one.

  83. Hello!
    1)I'm a subscriber and a follower!
    2)And I posted about ur giveawayy! here is the url>>
    3)ANd I have never used KONAD and I really like to have one... So I always do my nail art works by own dedication and patience!! haha

    And by the way my email is

    c ya!


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