Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Contest in a teapot! Who's the winner of Molten Metal?

Hello ladies,

In the great spirit of whimsy that possesses this blog and it's creator, I will endeavor to choose a winner. Who will be receiving the bottle of NYC Nail Glossies in Molten Metal? I have a bit of help from one of my favorite representatives of the animal kingdom to convey this message. 

The great owl is feeling contemplative in the garden setting. 
The owl is steeped in thought.

Oh, a missive!

What say you, great owl?

Nivipa is the winner! Congratulations! The bottle will be flying your way later this week. Please e-mail me your mailing information at berkana[at]fastmail[dot]fm. 

Thanks to everyone who entered. I really appreciated reading about your most beloved colors and formulas. It will help me to make certain I feature some of your favorites at painted Lady fingers. 

Please be sure to visit nivipa's nail blog too! I'm going to add nivipa to my blogroll right now. 

Happy painting ladies!


  1. Love the owl! Congratulations Nivipa!

  2. The owl is beautiful! I would love something like that to add to my owl collection! Congratulations Nivipa!! Well done xx

  3. My owl teapot winks wisely at yours and sends congratulations!

  4. Oh, I love how you build things up. That owl teapot is TOO cute and so perfect for this! Congrats to Nivipa, I can't wait for her to swatch it as well.

  5. Congrats to Nivipa. Your owl teapot is adorable.

  6. Squee! Thanks, O Great Owl! What flavor Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop shall I send as a gratitude offering?

    Thanks, too, for the shout-out, and for everyone else's congrats! I will post it ASAP :)


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