Monday, August 24, 2009

A cosmos in miniature

Hello ladies,

I found a tiny cosmos in a bottle for you today in the form of Sephora Blue Sapphire. It's a Sephora store brand mini polish in a 5 ml bottle. You could fit the contents of three bottles into a full size 15 ml OPI. The bottles are adorable, though not wholly practical. Since the polish has a planetary vibe, I set my deep blue sodalite sphere into orbit. 

What makes Blue Sapphire remarkable is it remains color accurate to it's name in almost every light. It doesn't venture into the almost black woods. It stays blue. The glitter is a combination of blue and silver pieces with finer shimmer stirred in. The jelly finish suspends the glitter without obscuring it. The formula managed to be opaque in two coats. 

The application was easy, excepting the bottle. I was apparently overly aggressive with my brush wand. My open bottle toppled and clattered around the sink. Thankfully not a molecule of polish was wasted. Watch out for those Sephora minis! Dastardly rapscallions! 

I think this is a color for which I am justified in purchasing a back up bottle. I may be resurrecting Blue Sapphire for a midwinter manicure with silver Konad snowflakes. So nice to consider in August!

I will be creating more looks from Coraline Kit A in the next couple days. 

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. I love this color - & your prop. You always have such great chunks of gemstones & stuff =)

  2. gorjuz gorjuz gorjuz i loveeeeeeeeee ur nails and all the colours u choose so pretty

  3. Your nails are giving me a whole different opinion about blue polish! For some reason a beauitful painting by John William Waterhouse called "The Tempest" is vivid in my mind due to your mani today. It's almost like Miranda has conjured up the storm with blue polish and her sodalite sphere! Beautiful - and thanks for reminding me about that picture.

  4. If I could actually spell, it would help! I get way too excited about your posts and they are beautiful, not beauitful ;) Sorry!

  5. I would absolutely agree with you that this is backup-bottle worthy -- especially if it doesn't tiptoe to that "almost black" territory! This makes me think of another longtime lemming of mine, Starry Starry Night, though there is an obvious difference.

  6. This blue shade is just amazing ! Perfect on your nails ^^

  7. I love these tiny glitter polishes on a back background. I have one of these polishes (different shade) and yes, they are so small! But the color you're showing looks just beautiful.

  8. I have this color and I really like it. You're right about it not venturing into the 'dark side' lol. However, I did not like the application. I can't remember why though. I think it dragged too much?

  9. i've been contemplating this shade since i hate sephora's formula but now I must have it!

  10. I love this color! Your swatch really catches how gorgeous this color is. I think it will look fantastic with Konad snowflakes!!
    I had a really hard time getting this color off my nails when I first used it, because of the glitter. But now I'm armed with the tip of using a felt piece to remove glitter polishes so I will have to revisit it!

  11. WOW. This is a stunning color and your swatch pictures are impeccable! I love this. I also love the prop you used. I like that the glitter is not obscured, you can really see it well.

  12. Colette: Thank you. I love hunting for little coordinating treasures.

    gildedangel: Thanks sweetie!

    Skye: Thank you! I am glad you are happy with this shade. I love it too!

    Danielle: Perhaps The Tempest is in your mind since it's in my apartment! It's home is adjacent to where the sodalite is placed. Ah, the collective nail polish related unconscious!

    nivipa: I don't have Starry Starry Night yet. This one will tide me over meanwhile!

    Celine: Thank you! I love dark blue shades.

    Mary: I saw a black with lots of silver sparkle at Sephora! I may have to go back for that one and pick up an extra Blue Sapphire when I'm there.

    Nessa: I wonder if they changed the formula due to the complaints. Either that or I have an extraordinary bottle! I just bought it two weeks ago.

    Lacquer Laine: I didn't have the application issues others reported. My bottle is fairly new. I either got lucky or Sephora improved the formula. I did wrap the tips when I applied it. I used CND Super Shiney topcoat. I'm not sure what made for the easy application, but I am happy! I hope it works as well for you too!

    beautyjudy: Thank you! My only problem with removal was the color getting on my skin. I used white felt squares and the glitter slid off with minor scrubbing. Try holding the saturated felt down for 20 seconds first. That will help with dissolving the binds of the glitter.

    Nicole: Thank you! I wish it was a standard that glitter in vampy shades would be placed in jelly formulas. I love that sphere too. It was fun walking around with it in the pocket of my dress. How often do you get to pull a crystal sphere out of your pocket? Quite magical!

  13. You paint such a beautiful picture. I can just picture you with your parasol and the sodalite in your pocket. What a lovely picture you must make. That is a beautiful polish. I can see looking into the dark blue night with thousands of stars shimmering.


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