Friday, August 14, 2009

Down the rabbit hole with a crystal skull...

Hello ladies,

Today I will present to you another side of the oddities category. Wearing button and cross bone embellished nails certainly qualifies, yet there is more...I thought Misa Bojangles, a pink with orange duochrome would be lovely in sunset lighting. I took a walk to a walled community garden near the river. It was about 6:30 and I had arrived with a cup of coffee, a camera, a bottle of nail polish and a rhodonite crystal skull. I saw about five people when I entered. They were busy tending to individual raised beds that compose the garden. I haven't ever visited the interior before, but I have looked through the tall wrought iron fencing. I was interested in catching the last sunbeams as they touched the flowers. Searching for a bit of yellow or pink flora, I saw a rabbit! He didn't run from me, instead hopped slowly and turned back to see if I was indeed in pursuit. He led me to the flowers you see in the photos below, then disappeared behind a corner.

Click to enlarge if you'd like.

I took pictures for about ten minutes. When I headed towards the exit, I realized the gates were locked with a padlock and chain. I walked the walled perimeter and ascertained quickly that I was locked in. Outside the high fence, there is a dog park adjacent. I called to a couple walking by and asked if either had a cell phone. I did a quick search and found a bulletin board with an emergency number for the Fairmount Park Commission. The man on the free side of the fence called for me and left a message on their answering machine. He was so irritated on my behalf I couldn't help but laugh. Ever pragmatic, I went off to look for a ladder. There were ladders a plently! Sadly they were all padlocked in a gated storage area. I found a plastic bucket chair for a short boost and prepared to scale the fence. I decided to try the ornamental gate at the front entrance. It's decorative bronze with a floral design. It proved to be sturdy and offer safe foothold. It also lacked the unforgiving metal spikes in the structure of the side gate. 

My attire for this venture of athleticism was a long patchwork sun dress and flip flops! I handed my purse and my coffee through the gate to the woman, while the man stood by telling me he hadn't climbed a gate since the seventh grade and didn't know what advice to give. I didn't say, but considered, he would be just the right size to fall on safely if I made an unfortunate climbing maneuver. I wasn't trusting his ability to catch me, but he seemed chivalrous enough to make some attempt. 

I met with success and I stood on the preferred side with the couple and thanked them for their neighborly assistance. As we were walking away, the man called my name and pointed. I gazed through the wrought iron to spy official looking people walking through searching for the person left behind. They must have just entered through the side gate and missed my epic climb. All that was remaining in evidence was the bucket chair. Very simply, it was time to go. 

Let us return to the manicure. I thought a rose colored crystal skull would be appropriate to offset the button and crossbones. The design from Konad plate C01 is featured in Coraline kit I. I used black special polish for stamping.   

The application for Misa Bojangles was made complicated by the thin consistency of the polish. Several drops remain in my sink awaiting a swipe of acetone. I really had to be careful to keep the amount of polish on the brush at minimum. The first coat went on very sheer. I only painted one nail and decided to begin again, with an under layer of Zoya Get Even over my Creative Nail Design Stickey base coat. Still, it took three coats of Bojangles to reach opacity. This is an older Misa polish, one of their beloved duochromes. I really want Misa to put out a new collection of them as their ability to produce gorgeous duochromes is nothing short of masterful. 

Almost the end of the contest time: Enter to win NYC Molten Metal by the end of the day August 16th. The contest is open to followers and e-mail subscribers. 

Thank you ladies for accompanying me on this journey. Happy, and perhaps adventurous, painting! 


  1. Diana you had an amazing little adventure today. Sort of Alice in Wonderland. I love the Coraline Konad. I recognized it immediately from the movie. Your nails look amazing in that beautiful color. Also love your prop of the skull. Good thing you were able to scale the fence. Waiting for "official" people takes forever. I'm suprised there was someone to answer the phone. You had a good ending to your story.

  2. Oh Diana! You make me laugh, even though it wouldn't have been a laughing matter - at all! I would have panicked and then perhaps calmed down and got ready for a long wait! I love Misa Bojangles on you - that's beautiful and I love the photographs with the skull. Unfortunately dear Coraline and her buttons have been haunting my dreams so I am not so fond of her of late! ;) xx

  3. I think that is remarkably resourceful of you. My images of you scaling a gate in sundress and flip flops, clutching a skull and a bottle of nail polish are wonderful! Hilarious. Thankyou for sharing.

    Oh and I know nothing about Coraline but I do love that colour on you.

  4. I know nothing of Coraline, although I did spy an ad for her on my facebook, it was just a brief one, of course. Seemed intriguing. I love the crossbones, and the skull prop - and although it gave you trouble when applying, it came out beautifully - it's a gorgeous color!
    Well, that was an adventure. In flip flops and a dress scaling a fence! I'm glad you didn't wind up falling, and good thinking on using the man as a cushion if you had. ;)

  5. You have simply gorgeous nails! I love what you did, from the color to the Konad, to the prop. And what intriguing writing! I could so easily imagine all you did - lol!

  6. Lucy: Lewis Carroll certainly could have written a version of my day! ;) I'm glad the manicure brought delight too! I was surprised they got the message and arrived, even if I had already taken care of my own escape.

    Danielle: Thank you! I was standing in the locked garden thinking of how you were going to blame the whole episode on Coraline! ;)

    Helen: I do tend to get myself into adventures! Thankfully I emerge from them with a full cup of coffee and various accoutrements. I love duochromes.

    Nicole: I actually was interested in the Coraline sets before the movie! I loved the designs. I'm glad you liked the manicure and the skull prop. When in peril, always consider all the options. ;)

    nivipa: Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed my adventure.


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