Thursday, August 6, 2009

Earthy sparkle

Hello ladies,

Today I have a color exhumed from my untried polishes: L'Oreal Bijou Crystals B. Gutsy. The Bijou line was appearing at Dollar Tree stores earlier in the year. The bottle you are viewing came from the haunts of ebay. Below you will see the tiny 6ml bottle of B. Gutsy as well as an agate point with lots of quartz crystallization. Both elements contain earth tones and sparkle.   

This color is unusual. I have nothing comparable to B. Gutsy in my collection. In the bottle, the polish appears to be a cosmos of holographic sparkle. Once applied, the base color takes on a greater dominance. I was surprised at the dimensions of B. Gutsy. There is a chocolate brown base with sheen of silver and a concentration of holographic glitter. If all the components didn't blend so favorably, I would have renamed it B. Busy. 

The application was comfortable. For people who enjoy holding the bottle during polishing, the design is perfect. Otherwise, it's necessary to be careful the narrow bottle doesn't tip. The consistency is thin, but pigmented. It isn't the best formula to conceal patches or wraps, but the sparkle should distract from any other issues. B. Gutsy is a color to wear on a sun filled day. Indoors, the holographic glitter looks sandy on the nail. This polish needs light to thrive. 

I hope you like the look. As you can probably surmise as we become acquainted, I have a penchant for glitter as well as all things Konad. I have a product review coming this weekend and an exciting drug store find. 

I'll leave you with my contest reminder: Enter to win NYC Glossies in Molten Metal. The contest is open to followers and e-mail subscribers. 

Thanks ladies!



  1. I love this color, and the comparison to the agate; you have appealed to the rock lover in me! :)

  2. That is beautiful - looks fantastic on you. And you know I love a good holo!

  3. This is a unique color!! I've never seen one quite like it before. It almost reminds me of caramel candies or burnt sugar. Lovely!

  4. Oh wow, I've never seen these before! That's completely different from anything I'd ever seen before. Looks fantastic on you! And that agate is a great prop with this color, pretty!

  5. Princess: Thanks so much!

    gildedangel: You are in for many treats! Between my crystal collection at home and what I find at the store for props, I could make a mountain of rocks, or at least a fine hill. ;)

    Helen: Thank you! I have a box of fine holos I need to showcase here. :)

    Lisa: That's a great description! I think I need to wear my brown polishes to the Chocolate Cafe and model with confections.

    Nicole: Thank you! I love playing with props. I can't believe I was wearing a brown holo. So unusual!

  6. Looking forward to seeing your rock collection. The agate is beautiful like the polish. I've never seen that one before. It is an amazing color. Very different.

  7. Lucy: Thank you. It is a rock collection indeed! I have more of the Bijou polishes in my untrieds. This is the first I have worn of them. I am looking forward wearing the others!


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