Monday, August 3, 2009

Fainting Couch: Golden Cat and Glitter

Hello ladies,

Today I am introducing the Fainting Couch, a series of polishes that are so beautiful I can't believe they exist. Qualifying polishes will appear on occasion and without warning. When you see the title, position yourself by a deeply cushioned sofa. Swooning is optional. 

I walked to a tiny nearby park, Fitler Square, with a bottle of Creative Nail Design VIP Status and a statue of Bast, the Egyptian Cat Goddess. What else would I bring to the park? En route, I talked briefly to several people in the neighborhood and no one seemed the least thrown off that I was walking around carrying a gilded cat statue! I suppose nothing is surprising after the parasol. I chose the statue to help showcase the polish because the gold exterior is of similar luster found in collections of Egyptian art. I received the reproduction Bast as a holiday gift when I was still in high school. It's from the Metropolitan Museum of Art catalog. While the gold is still bright, there is a slight patina not found in relics from royal tombs. I will begin and end with bottle photos. Please click on these photos.     

In the picture where Bast is facing the camera, my nails are in full, intense sun. It was like trying to capture the light refracted from a disco ball. The bottle picture in the final photo shows a settling of the round holographic glitter pieces towards the center of the logo. The shimmer surrounding it is composed of micro spheres of gold.   

VIP Status is an older, discontinued polish from CND. I found mine on ebay. While not plentiful, there are still bottles to be gathered. I used Creative Stickey as a base and two coats of Creative Air Dry for the top coat. Even layered between CND treatments, VIP Status was lackadaisical about drying. I finished the manicure, made an attempt at clean up with a brush and 100% acetone. That translated to making sure there were no holographic sparkles anywhere but on the nail. The gold particles were not to be contained! Usually at this time, my polish is dry to the touch. I carefully checked e-mail, read blogs, had a granola bar...the polish was dry, but could still be dented. I added another coat of Air Dry since the glitter felt textural when gently rubbed. With a second coat, there is a little bumpiness, yet nothing that could catch or pull. It feels like high grade embossed paper.  

VIP Status would make an incredible evening out accessory as long as you start dressing in the late afternoon. I love this polish! I am willing to work with it in regards to dry time. I am sure were it available during the reign of Egyptian royalty, many a queen would have sparkled along the Nile for its presence.

Here's my daily contest reminder for new visitors: Enter here to win a bottle of N.Y.C. Nail Glossies in Molten Metal. The contest runs through August 16 and is open to followers and e-mail subscribers. 

I hope you enjoyed today's glitter! 


  1. I, too, would be compelled to walk everywhere with a golden cat statue if I was wearing something that magnificent on my hands! *faints dead away*

  2. You are killing me with these props, but in a good way! I'm picturing you walking down the street and no one even saying anything about it. They were probably too awestruck by the lovliness that's on your nails...beautiful!

  3. Great name for a post - had me intrigued immediately! I agree with Mary - that's hilarious! Love the nails - they are awesome!

    Danielle @ The Diva's Polish

  4. I love this nail polish color and all of its sparkliness! I thought that the title was funny too!

  5. Danica: Thanks! I agree it's nice for this time of year, but I would find any excuse to wear it no matter the season. :)

    Sarada: *revives you with smelling salts*

    Mary: Thanks Mary! I knew you would be entertained! I went out for coffee afterwards and sat Bast on the table in front of me while I read a book. :)

    Danielle: You have not heard the last of the fainting couch! I live my life by my own fancy. If that means, I walk around town with a golden cat statue on a Monday afternoon, so be it! ;) I am going to add you to my blogroll. Thanks for letting me know.

    gildedangel: The polish goes with your name too! I'm glad you liked the title. Whimsy can strike at any moment.

  6. Wow - this polish is amazing & Your pictures are excellent.

  7. Deez: VIP Status is a find, isn't it? I'm glad you like my pictures. I have really been trying to learn how to operate a camera this past week and a half. I'm glad my attempts are favorable!

    Nessa:You can't go wrong with glitter!

    Brooke: I felt like a superhero of bling!

  8. Thank for the warning, I made sure I was near the couch. Very beautiful polish. I am so enjoying your props. Bast I'm sure was enjoying the outing. I would love to live in the city. Must be wonderful in the warm months.

  9. Lucy, I'm glad you prepared yourself before viewing the photos. There is no end to my props, so there will be more to delight your eyes. The downside of the city in summer is the heat is intensified. The positive side is there is so much to do without the same foot traffic as spring or autumn. It tends to be quieter.


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