Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fainting Couch: Overcome at Target

Hello ladies,

I had to languish on the fainting couch today. By the second coat of Milani Totally Cool, I fell into a swoon. Be prepared for rapture when viewing the pictures below. Clicking to enlarge will likely upset the delicate constitution of ladies made excitable by purple. If perchance you are not moved by the photos, please stand by with smelling salts and painted fans to help return the rest of us to our senses. I hope you like my trinket. It's a treated amethyst set in silver. 


I found this liquid gem at Target. When David lingers over golf balls or supplies the cart with endless cereal boxes, I depart to cosmetics for...extended research. Milani Totally Cool was first mentioned to me by my friend Lisa. If a polish is available in drug stores or chains, she is prepared with names, collection information and release dates for shopping ventures. Totally Cool is evidence of what incredible beauty can be discovered for less than four dollars! While I am a devotee of luxury brands like Chanel, I still am open to be awed at Target. 

Totally Cool has juicy pink shimmer suspended in a purple jelly base. It's more pigmented than the average jelly finish, but it maintains that glassy transparency. The bright pink shimmer seems almost edible. The color could be the content of a faceted candy dish from a dream: scrumptious, otherworldly jelly beans.

Application was simple. The first coat seemed sheer, but the color built respectably. The dry time was a little slower than usual, but it's difficult to discern if local humidity was not contributing to or the source of the issue. 

I had fun placing rhinestones to highlight the shimmer. I like having a bit of flash where the moons of my nails are obscured by polish. At the coffee shop today, the barista asked me if the pink sparkles did anything. I countered that pushing different ones would open doorways to other dimensions. Try this at home for a bit of whimsy. 

Happy painting, ladies.


  1. I am exactly the same as you when it comes to my man lingering over things in Target. I take off at any opportunity! Sigh, this colour is gorgeous on you. You are so lucky you suit purple and the pink sparkles are mystical.I would love it if they opened doorways to other dimensions! Another gorgeous flower ring too - thank you :)

  2. Whooooooooooa! Wish we got these in our Targets in Oz. Truly spectacular :)

  3. That polish is gorgeous! It looks perfect for fall!

  4. That is really a beautiful color on you. Looks like a jellied raspberry candy. I think the Barista was from another dimension! Love the pink sparkles in the polish. Also like where you applied your jewels. I'd love a flower ring like that. Your treated amethyst is really an interesting looking stone.

  5. I love the color and I'm thinking I should give Milani another shot (I had a bad experience). Gorgeous nail art, as well, and I love your answer to the Barista! LOL!!Your treated amethyst is gorgeous.

  6. Lovely! I keep seeing great posts about this polish and I keep passing it up when I find it. Next time I WILL BUy it!
    Thanks for the post!

  7. Totally Cool is the ultimate fainting couch polish! It really shines in bright sunlight too. It's one of those colors that you can get lost in if that makes sense. When I wear it, I can't stop gazing at my nails. I bet if Prince wore those rhinestones, it really WOULD open doors to another dimension ;) FYI readers- I have noticed that it's not in available in all stores that sell Milani. I'm not sure why. It's one of their regular colors but at some CVSs there isn't even a slot for it in the display. I got mine at KMart. I think it's worth seeking out.

  8. I am with Lisa - I've searched every single store in my area that carries Milani, and the only place I was able to find it was at KMart. So, being a tad worried about it, I thought it best to pick up two. You never know when I'll go into a panic attack over a purple polish.
    Of course, this looks fantastic on your fingers - most especially with the tiny gems at the base!

  9. Hello Diana, It's very nice to meet you. What a lovely blog you have. Your nails are the epitome of perfection! I shall add your blog to my blog roll. I have a few Milani bottles. But none in this beautiful shade of purple. Just gorgeous! See you on-line.

  10. Danielle: David and I are good friends, but the yin/yang element in Target is especially amusing. I run away to cosmetics and he enjoys championing the shopping cart. I do love purple so very much! I feel a bit like a faery queen with a flower ring.

    Nixxy: I'm glad you feel the same as I do looking at the color.

    gildedangel: I think I may be unconsciously gearing some of my manicures towards fall. I'm glad you like the color. :)

    Lucy: I think you might be on to something about the barista! My amethyst came from the Renaissance Faire several years ago. A really sweet woman there makes jewelry and I buy a piece from her every year. I'm so glad you liked the look I created, ring and all.

    beautyjudy: I have a fair amount of Milani polishes and have been pleased with them. A bad bottle might have snuck in. I say all kinds of fanciful things. ;) Glad you liked my rhinestones and my pendant.

    Nessa: It's so much better on the nail! It's one of my all time favorite purples.

    Lisa: Prince would have the magical purple rhinestones! I'm sure he could open doors to a lot of things. Thanks for the update about Totally Cool!

    Nicole: It's true. Lisa knows her stuff! I'm happy you found a bottle and a back up. I'm glad you like the finished look. Thanks so much!

    Velvet: So glad you stopped by. Thanks so much for the kind compliments. I think you were follower #50 too. You got my contest rolling. Woo! :)

  11. That is gorgeous - very OPI Ink-y.

    I'm loving the fainting couch. Can I do the Preciousss Slink whilst reclining there?

  12. LOL about opening alternative dimensions! Maybe you should wear them with a Coraline Konad, next!

    Love your trinket, too - very unique and captivating :)

  13. Helen: Slinking artfully while fainting could work too! The series is fun because I never know what will appear until the color is on my nails. I do have suspicions though!

    nivipa: That might be a dangerous combination! ;) I'm glad you like my pendant too.


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