Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Inspired whimsy: The Black Apple

Hi ladies,

Today, I am bringing you inspired whimsy. This series will showcase the result of channeling a point of interest into a finished manicure. This look began with my friend David telling me a letter was waiting for me at the coffee shop. I have pen friends abroad and in the US. Most of my personal mail gets sent to the shop lest it be crammed into the old metal mailbox in the hallway of my building. I treasure my letters. I don't fancy them crumpled! In my stationary drawer, I have flora and fauna postcards from the black apple on etsy. I adore her aesthetic.  

I chose Zoya America from the La di da collection. I honestly didn't believe this was a true neon until I viewed the pictures. Here, the color leans more towards pink then the retro style red it appears on my nails. I understand why bloggers so often become vexed when photographing neons. I esteem the imagination of readers to handle adjusting the color and amplifying the brightness to a truer form than any camera can capture. I can't even begin to express how glassy this polish is when top coat is added. These photos were taken close to 6:30 p.m. They were shot in sunlight, but nothing compared to the brightness of mid afternoon rays. 

The application of this polish was fair and workable. The consistency seemed a little thicker to me than other Zoyas. It wanted to run towards the side of my nails. I had to be feisty with my brush to keep the polish behaving! I am more accustomed to their shimmers, glitters and metallics, which I find easier to apply. 

The Konad apples are found on the fruit plate M55. The strip of lace is from M71. It was my first time attempting a design that follows a straight line across. I am pleased with it and I want to try others. I used the Princess polish in Gold Black for stamping. I love this color over red! It's a little more subtle with the gold metallic than special polish in black. That bit of sparkle offsets the red creme finish nicely. Try clicking on the photos to see the shimmer. 

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I hope you enjoyed the black apple manicure and had a chance to visit it's place of inspiration. 


  1. These nails are gorgeous, I can't wait to see the next installments in the series!

  2. I am all transport with this image, truly you have won my esteem!

  3. I love the black apple, adorable! That lace pattern made it a little extra special :D

  4. amazing colour and i loveeee the konad and u have such gorjuz nailz

  5. gildedangel: I'm so glad you like it! To foreshadow a bit, there will be an upcoming post in the series involving a cat.

    art by sarada: I imagine there will be a halloween inspired manicure with your name on it.

    The Princess: Perhaps we can think of them as poison apples to add even more fairy tale splendor. :)

    Kae: Thanks so much! I was nervous attempting the lace pattern. I'm so glad I went for it!

    Skye: Thank you! The color is even prettier in person, I promise. It's now one of my favorite reds.

  6. Very interesting concept with your Konad. I really am enjoying your writing style as well as your manicures. Lovely shade.

  7. Lucy, I had a great time putting this look together. I'm glad my blog is providing amusement on different levels. I do enjoy writing and I am glad it comes across. :)


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