Sunday, August 16, 2009

Inspired whimsy: Paz the polish meets Paz the cat

Hello ladies,

I have more inspired whimsy for you! I was so thrilled when Zoya released Paz since the color shares a name with my friend David's cat. I decided to do a manicure interpreting the essence of the feline Paz utilizing his namesake in polish. My friend Lisa accompanied me on this sweltering day to the physic garden next to the Mutter Museum to capture Paz with yellow flowers. Her assessment that they resemble giant buttercups seems thoroughly appropriate to me!  

I trailed Paz around David's house yesterday with the camera. Paz spends much of his existence in a state of floofy confusion. I typically greet him by picking him up and leaving a lipstick print on one of his white cheeks. He will roam about with evidence of the kiss emblazoned on his face for hours. The first picture shows Paz in contemplation before a Buddhist thangka or painted scroll. His compassion did not last much beyond the kitchen door. The second picture illuminates Paz in the backyard chomping on bamboo leaves. That was his zen moment for the day. Evidence appears in the shape of a shredded leaf protruding from the corner of his mouth. Per usual, you can enlarge my pictures, this time however, to detect Paz's habit. 

I ordered a bottle of Konad princess polish in light gray in anticipation of the homage. The color arrived appearing more like a dusty lavender. Very pretty, but not auspicious to embody Paz. I decided to stamp Konad special polish in white and do a silver funky french to add a grey tone. The tips were painted with Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope. If you are nervous about attempting a french, try using a glitter top coat. It's a more forgiving method of practicing freehand. The only caveat being the clear polish in the base is less viscous than white. It can be runnier. Angling your tips down slightly as you paint will prevent straying polish. The cat design was from Coraline plate C02 from set II. While I really enjoyed the movie in the theatre, my fascination with these two Konad sets is central to the designs. 

Zoya Paz had a decent application. I did three coats over Get Even ridge filling base coat. As with most neons, the dry time is speedy. The polish is sheer and amazingly bright! You'll have to amp the color that appears in front of you to match the fluorescent vests worn by construction workers at night. I find the Zoya La Di Da Collection to be incredibly wearable despite the bright shades. They appear cheerful and fashion forward on the nail, not at all garish. 

Tonight is the last night to enter the NYC Molten Metal contest. It's open to followers and subscribers worldwide! I am currently working on the next contest, which will celebrate the first fifty followers arriving. We are almost there. I will be making an announcement soon!  

Thanks ladies. I hope you enjoyed Paz! Happy painting. 


  1. I love all of the looks you do, but this has to be one of my favorites, not only because of the colors and design, but the interpretation. Paz (the kitty) is stunning, you need a polish to match those eyes.

  2. You have won over the cat lover in me with this beautiful mani! The 3rd picture with the buttercups is my favourite. I would love a ring that looked like that, so pretty. I adore Paz the cat - what a sleepy looking sweetheart! Thanks for sharing him.

  3. I love these nails, and Paz is adorable!

  4. Absolutely delightful!!! Nice work! And Paz The Cat is adorable.

  5. Paz is adorable! Love today's manicure! I ordered the Light Grey Princess Polish as well and was disappointed that it was seemed more lavendar. It's still a pretty color though, I'm sporting it in my Konadicure today :) Have a great Monday!

  6. I love it! the color is pretty, but the stamp and the meaning of it is so cute. Paz is quite the handsome cat :D

  7. Yes it was indeed a sweltering day yesterday! I think the yellow flowers really compliment the orange manicure. Diana and I also found a great prop in the garden. I think you will be seeing it soon in an upcoming post...

  8. I love the pictures of both the Pazes!

  9. Love your manicures. Love the cat Konad and the color of Paz. What a beatiful cat. I've never been to the Mutter Museum. My girlfriend has and said it was an amazing place. I did see a special on TV about it. I would have loved to go there in person. Fascinating.

  10. Paz (the colour) is awesome, and I am so coveting the Coraline sets (both because I loved the book and the movie and because the designs themselves are so great). Paz (the cat) is gorgeous! Love the bamboo-munching.

  11. Mary: I will tell Paz he is stunning repeatedly on your behalf. Maybe I'll kiss him on both cheeks.

    Danielle: Cats make the world better! You can look forward to more kitties and more flower rings. :)

    gildedangel: Thank you. Paz is a sweetie!

    Kathleen: Getting a compliment on my Konad skills from you is a true honor. Paz would agree.

    beautyjudy: Paz appreciates all the love. Good to know it wasn't just my bottle. We'll make it work for us though.

    Lisa: I appreciated your assistance and your fine photographic eye. The future display idea is delightful. I can't wait to make use of it!

    nivipa: Thanks so much!

    Lucy: Thank you. Paz is such a beauty. I've only been inside the museum once. It was very educational and fabulously bizarre. The six foot long colon will be forever ingrained in my memory!

    Selina: You will definitely be seeing more of Coraline around here! I need to read the book! I have read others by Gaiman. I loved Anansi Boys. The Konad sets were my gateway to the story. Loved the movie.

    The door opened and Paz ran straight to the bamboo and chomped away. Such a character.

  12. Kae: Thank you. I take inspiration from all kinds of things. I'm glad the wonderful personality of Paz translated to my fingertips. :)

  13. "Floofy confusion" perfectly describes one of my kitties. I must file away this delightful phrase for future use.


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