Saturday, August 8, 2009

The mythic blue honeydew

Hello ladies,

The Sally Hansen Salon Spring Collection has finally made it to Philadelphia. My friend Lisa and I have been on a grail quest for this release since March! When I walked past the display in CVS late Thursday night, I swear the entire bottom shelf of the end cap had a holy aura. I could also possibly attribute the glow to florescent lighting or my perception altered by an excess of caffeine. I'll let you decide based on the photographic evidence. Behold, Honeydew! 

My pictures of Honeydew are color accurate. I can't say as much for the name. Perhaps honeydew growing on planet Neptune are blue green with a frosted white shimmer. Maybe my Neptunian theory will account for the time it takes Sally Hansen Salon polishes to be distributed. When intergalactic travel is factored into the release date, five months doesn't seem unforgivable. 

The application of the Sally Hansen Salon line has improved since I last purchased their Fall collection in late November. The dry time has quickened and I had no issues with bubbling using my favorite base and top coats (CND Stickey and Air Dry). I had sheet marks with Stormy Blue, but Honeydew suffered no such injuries. I can't compare the formula to the Winter release since it never arrived locally. I used three coats here, but I feel like two would easily suffice. 

For your amusement, I took the photos at Longwood Gardens. There were many people out with their cameras yesterday documenting the butterflies and blooms. Curious photographers spied on my efforts thinking I was keeping some natural delight for myself.  Their presumptions were correct, though they all seemed confused that I was crouching in front of a patch of orange yellow with a bottle of nail polish and my fingertips as a focal point.  

Here is my contest reminder for new readers: Enter to win a bottle of NYC Nail Glossies in Molten Metal. The contest is open to followers and e-mail subscribers. 

Thanks ladies!


  1. Gorgeous shade and you wear it well! I have yet to ever see these in stores around me, but that is the one color I want the most from that collection.

  2. I have never seen this collection where I live =x This is such a pretty color on you :)

  3. That is such a pretty color! Thank you for sharing this! :)

  4. Beautiful. Haven't found it in my area yet either.

  5. Hi - I'm new to your blog but I am enjoying it! You have fab nails, and I love that color. Longwood Gardens makes for a lovely background for nail shots LOL!! I can't believe I live just outside Philly and have not been to LG yet.

  6. Geez, which CVS? I am in Delaware County and have been looking for these for months! Your nails look great. What a color!

  7. I've certainly never seen a melon that colour. It is utterly beautiful though. I think (sshhh) that I prefer teals to outright greens.

  8. Haha, I haven't either - seen a melon that color, that is. I have finally seen this collection starting to appear in stores, I bought the WnW Craze set last week, and they were all in, but I waited to pick them up this week. What a mistake - they were all sold out of the colors I wanted, including this!
    It's completely gorgeous and it suits you so well. I hope my CVS restocks them soon!

  9. Mary: I hope these polishes come your way! I was really surprised to find them. I never stop at the drugstore on my way home from the train! I wish the display stocked more than two of each color.

    Kae: Thank you! Since they were so late on arrival here, maybe they will reach other localities too.

    gildedangel: I'm so glad you like the color! I have a few more from this collection to share.

    Nosaby: It's like hunting for a unicorn, a pegasus or a hippocampus (horse of the sea). I hope you find a bottle too!

    beautyjudy: Thank you and welcome! Longwood Gardens is incredibly beautiful! I also love to visit the Morris Arboretum.

    Dee: Please e-mail me for the store info. I did return and the display was really picked over. It's nice to see a local checking in. Welcome!

    Helen: If a freshly picked melon this color comes your way, I suggest running in the direction opposite. I love teal as well! Almost anything blue or green brings me delight!

    Nicole: I hope so too! I am still hunting for the Craze colors. Rite Aid seems to stock more Wet and Wild near me than CVS. Fingers crossed for both of us.

  10. Yes we FINALLY got this SPRING collection at the end of summer!! I got the Beet Stain one and it is really nice! I was thinking of doing a funky french with the Beet Stain as the base and white tips. I would call it the Borscht Manicure- hee hee, get it? I think I'll go back and get the orange one if it's still there at the end of the week.

  11. Lisa, we'll have to get together and do matching/coordinating manicures with Beet Stain or Nasturtium. We could do some really pretty Konad designs with Nasturtium if you'd like. :)

  12. Love this shade on you. Looks so beautiful with your long nails. I have the whole collection. My girlfriend found it for me about 3 months ago at a CVS. They just happened to have stocked it in when she came. I couldn't believe it. Just happened to be luck her walking in at that minute.

  13. Lucy: Thanks! What great luck indeed! That was so sweet of her. I didn't purchase every color, but I did buy the majority. I will be showing more of them over the next few weeks.


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