Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reflection with a green egg

Hello ladies,

I am very much besotted with today's manicure. The title comes from the combination of Nfu Oh #50, Borghese Campanula Bellflower and a swirly malachite egg. I would advise clicking on any picture to get a close up of the iridescent flakies in the Nfu Oh polish. Enlarging the flower ring photo will reveal a green hitchhiker!  

Like the majority of the flakie polishes, Nfu-Oh #50 is sheer. One of my favorite ways to layer is to recreate the bottle color on the nail. I enjoy attempting to match the base of the glitter polish with an opaque color in the same family. Borghese's Campanula Bellflower achieved the look I wanted. Two coats of Nfu-Oh #50 were painted over three layers of Campanula Bellflower. I used Creative Nail Design Super Shiney as a top coat with OPI Drip Dry drops to harden all those layers. I did have some minor bubbling. Weather wise, the air was festooned with pre-thunderstorm humidity. Were I to do this manicure again, I would add a quick dry topcoat over Campanula Bellflower, allow the polish to set and then apply two coats of Nfu Oh #50 and seal with a final topcoat. I wasn't expecting to be creating a layer cake of color when I began! 

Despite the large flakie glitter, Nfu Oh polishes are simple to apply. The flakies are thin and diaphanous. They mold to the shape of the nail easily with little texture when the polish is dried. They won't pop up or rise off the nail bed. Nfu Oh flakies have the brightest moon glow affect in low, natural lighting. They blur a little in the photos when not in direct sunlight. These can be purchased from Fabulous Street. See the shopping link at the sidebar. 

Borghese Campanula Bellflower is so pretty singly I had trouble painting over it! Were the Nfu Oh not such a worthy layering note, I would have abandoned the idea. For those not familar, Borghese polish is a drugstore brand that travelled over from department store make up counters. They offer the best wide style brush of every brand I have tried. I find Borghese brushes more consistent than OPI prowide. They direct the polish over the nail. They don't mop it on. Campanula Bellflower was from the spring line: Borghese Gardens. I saw it recently at Ulta. You may find a bottle tucked into a wall unit display at the drugstore. The leftover bottles from the seasonal collections tend to be mixed in with their regular line as the limited edition displays empty. It's a lovely pale purple filled with rainbow micro shimmer. 

I am currently waiting on an order from Victoria Nail Supply, which includes a bottle of my beloved CND Air Dry. I will be doing more Coraline manicures from Kit A to showcase the designs for the giveaway. I just need more quick dry top coat beforehand. If I get impatient, I may empty an OPI mini over ten nails. We'll see if I can hold out. Their customer service so far has been wonderful. I'm sure the order will be shipped quickly.  

Happy painting, ladies. I hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. I love purples, this is awesome! all of the nfu oh flakies I've seen look awesome! These 2 look like they were made for each other (^^*)

  2. What a lovely color combination you've come up with! Nfu's are so unique, you just never know how they will transform when you use them.

  3. I adore the Nfu-oh flakies. I would love to try them but unfortunately they are a little too expensive for my liking to have them shipped to me. I really love your mani today. Thank you for yet another flower ring! Love them too xx

  4. Oh! Don´t do this to me. I really need to get myself a Nfu Oh! I have 51 on my way, but want all of them :) Looks really nice on you

  5. I love how flakies can make a mani prettier ^^

  6. Very cool! Your nails look like dinosaur eggs. I hope that didn't sound weird, I mean it as a compliment :D I still can only think of F*ck You when I see the brand Nfu.

  7. Thanks for letting us know where you can buy Nfu Oh, I'vebeen wanting to try their polish because I've seen beautiful flakies, including this one!!!! And Borghese, I have to give that a shot. I can't believe I haven't tried it yet, especially since I worked at Ulta for several months and had access to it with a discount! Thanks for the swatches - beautiful egg and flower ring, as well.

  8. Oooh,I spied your traveler - it's a little glowy thing, too. Haha, that was cute! I was reading the comments and Lisa's about the dinosaur egg completely made sense to me, I can really see that. I think these two match up wonderfully, and I would have a hard time concentrating with that lovely combo on my nails!

  9. Kae: Thank you. I love layering colors especially purple. I haven't met a Nfu Oh flakie I didn't find agreeable.

    Mary: Thank you! I love the mutable nature of Nfu Oh polishes. So many possibilities for layered looks.

    rhaindropz: Thanks so much!

    Danielle: I have a few more Nfu Oh polishes. I will continue to tempt you. I will have to try on more flower rings.

    AllYouDesire: I think I have 4 Nfu Oh polishes so far. They really are delightful. I hope #51 treats you well.

    Celine: I love flakies too! They can dress up almost any polish.

    Lisa: Thank you. Dinosaur eggs! Yes! Maybe I'll pick up Bullish on OPI just so you can reform the title. ;)

    beautyjudy: I had great service from fabulous street! Makes it even better. Do try Borghese! They don't get a lot of exposure on blogs, but the quality is wonderful.

    mad munky: Thanks so much!

    Nicole: My little insect friend did his best to coordinate! I couldn't stop showing people my nails all day yesterday. I caused distraction everywhere I went. Love Nfu Oh polishes!

  10. This manicure reminds me of an opal. There are black opal so how about purple! I keep scrolling back to look at your nails. They are fascinating to see. The malachite is also beautiful.


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