Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rhinestone flower girl

Hello ladies,

Today I have pinwheel flowers from Coraline Kit A. I added pink rhinestones to the center of the larger blooms and gave two fingers and my thumb on each hand a rhinestone beauty mark. The base for this invention is the neon Zoya Dita from the La Di Da collection. I added two flower ring pictures to better illustrate the placement of jewels and stamping. In the last photo, my elusive right hand makes it's debut. 

Clicking to enlarge will make the design more crisp. Neons are tricky! 

The pinwheel flowers are from Coraline plate C01. I used Konad special polish in black. After the smaller flower migrated during stamping four times between two hands, I decided to work it into the design element. I applied a clear rhinestone with a rainbow reflection to form a triad. I love to include flower rings because they are fun to wear, but also holding them shows the centering of the stamping more accurately. Bending fingers over a polish bottle can alter the visual of my nail length and cause the designs to appear like they are shifting off center. 

I had some trials with rhinestone application. Applying nail glue directly against special polish will cause your design to dissolve into a sticky Rorschach inkblot. A better method is to apply your rhinestones a few minutes after using Konad top coat. Gently press them into the top coat. Skip the glue. Seal the look with your favorite quick dry treatment.

Zoya Dita, along with America, is among my favorites from the La Di Da collection. It's a hip, bright take on all the berry cremes we have been seeing. It's eye catching and classic at once. Dita could be worn to recreate the look of an old time movie starlet. I wish neon polishes photographed true to life, as this color is stunning in person. It's worth an add on to a Zoya order. I think this shade could work well into the fall.   

I hope you like today's creation. Happy painting, ladies!   


  1. That's beautiful. Do you have Sally Hansen Azalea? I was wondering if they are similar.

  2. I do love today's creation! Such glorious pictures to compliment your beautiful mani. Would you please let me know what the first flower is - it's so exquisite!

  3. That Zoya color is so pretty, your mani looks great! Love the flowers too.

  4. sooo pretty,i love the flowers and those added rhinestones are so pretty

  5. Very nice! I love the color too. It doesn't look too crazy bright. I wonder if it was named after Dita von Teese? I love her style!

  6. Ah, this is a very classy, feminine pretty Konadicure! You have skills! I like the rhinestone touches and of course, the flower rings. Hope you're having a great day.

  7. Nosaby: Thank you! I saw Azalea in CVS a few weeks back. I double checked swatches to be sure of my memory. Dita is more of a berry and Azalea leans more towards bright pink. I don't think they are close. With Dita being a neon, the formula is going to be different. Azalea will look better in pictures, but I prefer Dita in person. Azalea is definitely pretty, but Dita is a unique color.

    Danielle: I'm so glad you like the mani. The purple and white flower is a dahlia. There were so many in the garden. We would have needed to import a fainting couch for you.

    gildedangel: Thank you! :)

    Kae: You never know what I am going to find in my untrieds! I'm going to spend Friday around lots of flowers. I'll have to be sure my nails are ready to coordinate!

    Skye: Thank you! I think rhinestones are going to be my new favorite addition to nail art.

    Lisa: It doesn't seem like a neon especially compared to the day I was wearing Paz. I wondered the same thing about the name Dita. She's certainly iconic and she has great nails too.

    beautyjudy: I actually wore the manicure for two days. I didn't want to take it off. Thanks so much for the compliments. :)

  8. That is one lovely manicure. I have this shade also. It is beautiful. You found the perfect dahlia to compliment it. Glad to know about the glue. Wouldn't want all of that work to dissolve away. Love the design also.


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