Saturday, August 22, 2009

Seafoam and Fortune

Hello ladies,

I have a layered look to offer today. The combination of New York Color Big Money Frost and Claire's Sparkle produces a sea foam confection. I envision glittering tulle in an underwater ballet attended by a Sea Queen. This manicure has an undeniably fey quality. It makes me want to read faery tales by lamp and candlelight. At the close of the picture book my flame point Balinese, Fortune, shows his version of happily ever after.  

Fortune is awakening from a nap in his favored sleeping position. His blue eyes are partially open and his belly is an extravaganza of curly floof. If you ever see a white or peach cat hair in one of my photos, think of all the ones I kept away!

NYC Big Money Frost was tricky. The thin consistency required three coats for opacity. The formula could qualify for the brushstroke olympics! Still, I really loved the color. I found Claire's Sparkle to be sheer. It has a green tint that doesn't appear entirely clear on the nail. It's more like a watercolor filled with glitter. I think shorter nails would be a better canvas for the wash of color and and glitter Sparkle provides on it's own. Because the glitter is suitably packed in the base, I only required one coat over Big Money Frost. Claire's creates some of my favorite glitter polishes. Their polish display contains a wonderland of icy sparkle. 

I wanted to thank everyone who has entered the Coraline Nail Art Contest. I am going return to the post tomorrow and reply to the comments.

Happy painting, ladies. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  


  1. This is so pretty! I'm such a sucker for shimmer and glitter, especially of the blue and green variety!! I agree with you about Claire's. They also have holographic polishes in blue, pink and green that I absolutely adore.
    Thank you for adding me to your blogroll, as well!

  2. ur nails are AMAZING and i love that colour,in australia we dont have claire's i wish we did.

  3. That's a lovely combination and the Claire's takes away any flaws of the NYC. NYC Big Money Frost is a nice shade, but I always have a hard time with the finish on that one. Love the kitty belly!

  4. ps that cat is adorableeee i want one hehehehe

  5. That turned out so pretty, I love that color! That cat is so cute too!

  6. Beautiful shade. Does make me think of mermaids in an underwater kingdom. I love fairy tales. I grew up reading them and still love them. I have a large book of them my Mother bought me when I was little. I always read them to three of my cousins. For years they looked in bookstores to try and find this book. It was out of print. A few years or more ago when on an insane hunt for Beanie Babies I went to the Children's Place. I found the book there. Only one copy. I gave it to my two girl cousins. Later they found another. I was really suprised that my male cousin wanted one also. After all he's grown with children of his own. I didn't think he paid that much attention to my reading. I was really touched that he did and wanted the book for himself and not his kids. That was long winded! You really jog my memory. Your nails look beautiful. I love glimmer and shimmers.

  7. Love the fluffy curly kitty tummy. Makes me want to bury my nose in there. Except if he's anything like my cats that's just likely to result in claws in my head!

  8. beautyjudy: Thank you! I really want to go back to Claire's soon for their scented polish mini set! I saw it the last time I was there and I keep thinking about it.

    Skye: Thank you sweetie! I'm glad you like the mani. I'm going to put up a Nfu-Oh look tonight. I know you can get those on your continent. :) Kitty waves a paw.

    Mary: Thank you. I hear you about the finish. It was nice enough after the third coat to wear alone, but I so love paving my nails with glitter. I'll give Fortune a tummy rub for you.

    gildedangel: Fortune and I thank you.

    Lucy: Your stories are always welcome.I'm glad my manicure was evocative of such pleasant times. When I go to the Renaissance Faire every year, I always return with a book of faery tales.

    Selina: Fortune and I have a deal. I pet his head for awhile and I am allowed to kiss his belly and still keep my face. :)

  9. Um! May I PLEASE have a cuddle of Fortune? I really wish it was possible. He is one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen. Is he a persian? My cat sleeps like that all the time - I wonder how they can find it comfortable! How many cats do you have? You are one lucky lady!

  10. Danielle: Fortune is shy around strangers, but he loves ladies. He's a flame point Balinese. He had a sad transition before becoming settled with me. I rescued him myself off the street in Philadelphia. He was filthy, starving and had severe anemia from flea bites. His owners tossed him on the street. He's been with me about a year and a half. He's probably about seven, but I'm not entirely sure. He gets organic cat food, belly rubs and kisses every day. He's a happy boy. I only have Fortune right now but I am looking to adopt a female black kitten.

  11. I am so glad that Fortune has found you Diana. I now understand why you called him that as you are worth your weight in gold for saving him. Poor little darling; I can not believe someone would leave a treasure like that behind :( He certainly is a beautiful boy and I love that he is loved and so much happier. I am off to google Flame point Balineses' now - my hubby won't be as happy about that ;) xx

  12. What a lovely description; "an underwater ballet attended by a Sea Queen." That's a gorgeous cat you have, too! Mine's nowhere near as cute, but she loves to lay on her back, too. But despite appearances, it is most definitely *not* an invitation to "pat the belly," as it were. . . .


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