Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hello ladies,

I decided to do a manicure to correspond with animal energy that has been present in my life this past spring into summer. My friend David and I have been noticing snakes during our walks through gardens and preserves. A garter snake swam across a tiny stream and spiraled up a branch and allowed herself to be pet. I had the chance several months ago to hold a python around my neck as it was preparing to shed. It's eyes were covered in a sheer blue film and it was very still and calm. Her owner commented repeatedly on how much her snake liked me. Good to know! I have kinship with animals in general, both domestic and feral. It's reassuring to me to find rapport with another member of the species. What better way to celebrate animal communication than with Konad stamping! I used the cobra image from plate M28 with Konad special polish in green. The lovely brown shimmer is OPI Charmed by a Snake from the India Collection. 

Today at the store, a wood carver came in and dropped off consignment pieces. He creates snake wands. This is the first time he has ever offered these. I really want my own. My nails were ready! I brought a wooden snake out to the canal and commenced with my typical Thursday professionalism. All of these pictures can be enlarged. Click as you please!  

Charmed by a Snake was very typical of OPI application. It took three thin coats for perfect opacity. I'm really enamored with the shimmer, a myriad of amber particles. I can't imagine a skin tone this wouldn't flatter. It's an earthy medium toned brown that appears neutral against my skin. It doesn't pull out specific cool or warm undertones. This polish has been among my untrieds for many months. I consider it the type of color that can get neglected in a collection containing so many standouts. It's a beautiful neutral shade that can offer versatility in style. Charmed by a Snake would also work well with a gold glitter topcoat. 

A pleasant reminder: The contest to win NYC Molten Metal ends August 16. The giveaway is open to followers and e-mail subscribers. I'm thinking about doing a little something special once I have 50 followers. I have a few ideas in progress. It's not far away either with 44 followers at the moment I am typing! I really do appreciate each person who visits, looks at pictures and reads through my meanderings. The comments have been so inspiring and joyful to read.   

Thanks ladies. Happy painting!


  1. The owl ring makes another appearance. And I am happy! :) The mani is lovely, good choice of polish and very stunning on you. I love how you write your posts and your pictures are always beautiful. Your readers are taken on a journey with your posts. I can't imagine how I would have felt to be told a snake "liked" me! I have always wanted to hold one but fear usually takes over and sends me rigid. Are snakes a good omen in dreams?

  2. That works really well on you. Charmed By A Snake is a weird one as I love it on other people but can't get on with it myself.

    My room-mate at 6th form college had a corn snake and a rainbow boa and I love them. Something very calming about holding them, and they didn't feel slimy at all - dry and warm.

    Also I have a rattlesnake ring from Tiffany in New York and I wear it every day.

  3. I don't know what's better, your beautiful nails or the props! Snakes interest me, but I don't want to get to close to them. Fascinating creatures!

  4. I had that color, and China Glaze Golden Spurs, and they are pretty much dupes. It is a very nice color.

  5. I love Charmed by a Snake and I love the Konad plate on top! Cute! I find your blog to be very different from the other blogs I read. You definitely have a theme going, and an inspiring love of nature :) I really am enjoying your writing as well as your swatching. Keep up the good work and thanks!

  6. Danielle: Maybe I need a snake ring too! I'm glad the enjoyment I experience putting my posts together carries through the screen. Snake dreams can mean different things depending on context. Snakes often come up at times of personal transformation and healing. They embody primal, sensual energy too. I think the messages of a snake appearing in dreams can be positive. Shedding, change...

    gildedangel: We are alike in finding a hand full of cobras cute! :)

    Helen: Sorry to hear the OPI is less than charming on you. You wear so many other colors beautifully I had to take a moment and reconcile myself with the idea. Corn snakes are so colorful! People are surprised how dry and clean their scales are. It makes sense. Otherwise the ground they cover would stick to them most unpleasantly. I enjoyed the experience of holding the python. There's nothing quite like it.

    Your ring sounds wonderful!

    Mary: Hahaha! When I saw the wands, I thought you would be amused. I've been learning about snakes recently. It was helpful to have people there with me introducing me to their habits and communication style. I think it's natural and self-protective to be wary. So few are poisonous around here and many of those live in the mountains, far from me. It was kind of neat to be kissed by a garter snake. I am glad the python was less forthcoming.

    Dee: I haven't tried Golden Spurs, but I was interested in it. Thanks for the heads up!

    beautyjudy: Thank you! I am glad you are enjoying my blog. I just go with what I am feeling that day. I express a lot through my manicures and I have a great time doing so. I love color so getting out in nature is really inspiring to my visual sense especially.

  7. That brown shimmer is really, really gorgeous on you! I was drawn to it immediately. And that prop is perfect! I would be hard put to resist it as well, and I'm not very keen on snakes - respectful of their energies, but not keen.

  8. Diana I would read your blog even if it weren't about nail polish and filled with photos. I like your writing style and the stories as you continue living your life. I find snakes fascinating. I haven't had the good fortune to hold a snake. I used to have a snake ring with the attached bracelet. The piece covering my hand was a snake also. I don't know what happened to it. Amazing how your snake prop just came at the right time. Love the nail polish. I believe I have Golden Spurs. If not I'll have to track dow the OPI. I like that Konad design also.

  9. Nicole: Thank you for the compliments! I understand your feeling about snakes. I've been lucky to have experienced people introduce me to them recently. Otherwise, I imagine the innate self protective tendency would win!

    Lucy: Thank you! I have seen those types of connector bracelets before. Quite visual and dramatic! I do tend to have moments of symbiosis where themes in my life intertwine. It's fun especially when I can relate it back to nail polish.

  10. Ya know, I have this polish and I have yet to try it myself! It just got bumped up the short list for sure. Thanks for the inspiration!


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