Saturday, August 1, 2009

Steampunk manicure and a chance to win Molten Metal

Hello ladies,

First I will speak of the manicure, then talk of the contest will follow. Today I have for you N.Y.C. Metallic Nail Glossies in Molten Metal. Tiny silver glitter particles are suspended in a pale brown base. Molten Metal really does make me think of gear shifts and clockwork pieces. I can easily equate the color with the Victorian fantasy genre of Steampunk that is pervading literature, fashion and perfume of late. There is something about Molten Metal that is both industrial and fantastical. 

I added the scrolling pattern from Konad plate M07 in black special polish. The design reminds me of ironwork in grates, fences and doorways. It took all manner of restraint not to walk up the steps of a brownstone in my neighborhood and pose my hand before a grand door. Instead, I walked to Rittenhouse Square Park and commandeered a bit of fence. 

The first two photos are of Molten Metal taken with a piece of pyrite, also known as fool's gold. All of these pictures can be enlarged to full size by clicking on them. 

Onward to the contest! Between now and August 16, 2009, you can enter to win a new bottle of N.Y.C. Molten Metal. I purchased the bottle in December 2009. Molten Metal is no longer available in stores. A beloved color to me, I am offering my back up bottle as a thank you for such a personable welcome into the blogging community. I have been enjoying reading everyone's comments and seeing new followers appear on my blog. It's been such a delight for me!

To enter, become a follower or subscribe to painted Lady fingers e-mail subscription. Leave me a comment on this post and tell me about your favorite polish colors (pick any color of the rainbow!) and formulas (shimmer, creme, glitter, frost, matte, pearl, metallic). I will enter you to win Molten Metal.  If are subscribing via e-mail, please let me know in the comments so I am sure to be able to match your entry. Also, please add your e-mail address if you don't have a blog or would prefer to be notified privately. I will gladly ship the bottle to any location worldwide. If you already have Molten Metal, please consider entering the contest to give the bottle to a friend, relative or swap partner who would enjoy it as much as you do! 

Thanks so much! I hope you like the Steampunk manicure and my first contest. 


  1. I like that design! My favorite polish color is red its classic!

  2. Love your Koni and Molten Metal is amazing! I've never seen it before but I guess now I know why (x_x)

    I love all vampies, purple and pink! My favorite finish is creme (not my favorite to apply tho) and I would perish withou glitter, aaaaah.

  3. Wow! That's gorgeous. I wish I had been in a nail polish frenzy at that time as I am now, I missed out on a lot of great finds, drugstore brands included. I really like everything but frosts, I favor bright bold colors, vampy colors, glitter, and I do love creams. I don't have a lot of soft colors, actually I have very few of those. But I love grays and khakis. Kind of strange and eclectic taste!
    This looks great on you and I would have loved to see a shot at a grand door! But the pyrite was a wonderful prop.

  4. seriously gorgeous color and you've got some mad konad skills! i'm such a koni-reject :( haha! i love me some creme's but i think my all time favorite polishes are lit from within dark colors like barielle's recent lava rock and opi's yoga-ta get this blue.

  5. Holographic- any color, any size shimmer, glitter, or flake. I just love having rainbows I can command with the flick of my wrist!=D

  6. I love the steampunk manicure. I think it looks very medieval and romantic.

    I adore creme polishes especially reds - I think my favourite polish would have to be OPI's Paint My Moji-toes Red. Boring for some but a classic for me, I always head to it if I am going out at night and I'm wearing black. Vampies are a close second!

  7. A beautiful look! I remember late last summer when the MM craze hit and I looked everywhere for it. I finally found it about 40 miles away and I was so thrilled! It's such a beautiful shade and looks very nice on you.

  8. Your nails are stunning!!! I love dark, shimmer colors and glitter!! I guess it is the rocker in me coming out as I have now become an "older" woman. My nails are my way of expressing my days gone by!! Thanks for sharing your lovely nails with us!


  9. so far my favorite colors are grays and purples. i have quite a few in my collection. I also love the way cremes polishes look - so flawless!!

  10. Natalie: Thanks. I am glad you like it. You can never go wrong with a retro red!

    Kae: There was major hunting for Molten Metal when it was available in stores. It was on almost every polish lover's wish list at the time. I can't begin to imagine life without glitter. Let us never think of it again! :)

    Nicole: Thankfully, polish companies are putting things out round the clock to keep us entertained! We miss one train, we take another. However, if I ever had a time machine, nail polish hunting would be involved. I understand appreciating and enjoying a range of colors and formulas. I'm glad you liked the manicure and the pyrite!

    kelligonzo: Feel free to ask me any Konad questions. I had a learning curve with it. I still haven't ventured into French tip plates and I am working on perfecting the all over designs. It's definitely a process! You'll see lots of dark colors and vampy shades on my nails starting in about a month, unless of course, I feel possessed to start early!

    wixology: I love having rainbow making powers too! The forecast is for rain here over the next few days. After that, I will try my photo skills at holos!

    Danielle: Thanks so much! Reds are a classic for a reason! Even if we are used to seeing them, they are worth viewing again. I will definitely be featuring reds here.

    Mary: I'm glad you found a bottle! A 40 mile excursion seems worth the effort. Thanks for the compliment!

    Susan: Thank you! I think you be a rocker at any age! You go with your glitter! Woo!

    Beatriz: I love purple. I have been getting more into grey recently too. I adore how cremes look as a canvas for Konad. They are of course classy on their own.

  11. I love this color on you! Your nail are gorgeous, I'm working on growing mine out longer.

    My favorite colors are dark vampy reds, weather they are creme, shimmer ot glitter, I love them all. :)

  12. Thanks for the giveaway! I really love a classic red for those special occasions. You can never go wrong with red nails. I also find myself gravitating towards shades of blue from the cutest teal, to the baby blues and to the dark navy ones. I only like these colors in cremes, because I think they look more polished that way. If the color is dark I wouldn't mind a bit of shimmer or glitter. I hate frost but I do love a good metallic polish!

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  13. Kerriberri: Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like the look. I'll be posting product reviews and nail care tips over time. Hopefully these will assist you in your goal. Dark vampy reds are sultry and beautiful. You will see some here.

    Nina: Thanks for entering. I love blues and teal. It's been nice seeing so many responses in favor of classic red too. I have a long time favorite that's still available I want to share with everyone.

  14. I tend to stick to dark burgendy/maroons/reds like revlon vixen and am trying to break away from that.

  15. Great contest! I drove all over Oklahoma City trying to locate a bottle of this when it came out.

    I of course love glitters and neons!

  16. I love so many nail colors - thanks way too much to all these blogs! I have about 40. Nothing like the 800 these bloggers have *sigh* I rlly like teals and vampy glitters turned matte. I am dying for molten metal!! Subbed via email.

  17. I love holographic polish in any colour! And duocromes, especially in lighter hues. I seldom were pink or red on my hands, but there is use for those on my toes. Lovely colour, this Molten Metal!

  18. That is such a perfect polish. Lemming ahoy!

    And as you know, my favourite colour for polish is taupe / mushroom / grey (all the variations!)

  19. Your Nais look fabulous!! How can you get them to stay that long??

    My favorite colors right now are neons. Especally a good lime grren or electric blue. I also love mattes and am (un)patiently waiting for my Nubar V For Men Topcoat to arrive!!


  20. Right now I'm all about the holos - any color will do!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. shimmery green and pink!
    subscribed! & follower!

  22. I love yellow and orange/coral shades. Shimmer finish would be ideal. Thanks

  23. Love that shade of polish. The Konad design does look like ironwork. It's really a beautiful design. I really enjoy looking at ironwork fences and grilles. My favorite polish colors are greens. My favorite shade of polish is Poison Ivy by BB Couture Polish. It's a creme formula. Although I really prefer glitters. I just love polish and all colors fiercely. Thanks for the giveaway. I am a follower of your blog and really enjoy it.

  24. I sure do LOVE your frog manicure!

    This is April from the blog Concrete and Nail Polish.
    My current favorites is China Glaze OMG. Thought I was going to have a wreck because I couldn't stop staring at my nails. I like matte & flakies, just weird finishes in general.

    Molten metal has been sitting in my "colors I want" file for quite some time.

    Thanks for all of the lovely pictures & the giveaway!

  25. I've been shy about commenting, but I guess I have to comment if I want to get Molten Metal! :)

    I love purples and now I've leaned more into wearing oranges. I like cremes more often than other finishes but recently I've had holo lemmings.

    My email is

    Keep up the good work! :)

  26. I am enjoying your blog, so I just signed up as an e-mail subscriber. (Plus, I'd love to win the Molten Metal color!) I like how you correlate nail polish with nature.

    I have always loved shimmers, metallics, holos, duochromes, and glitters. I am now enjoying cremes as well. I am pretty versatile in terms of colors. I love most colors. If I had to pick a favorite, I would choose turquoise or magenta.

    I want to thank you for your recent post on the Sally Hansen Salon color Honeydew. I have been looking for the Spring 09 Tracy Reese Collection all summer long! I had pretty much given up. I took your tip and checked out my local CVS and can you believe I found the whole collection! My favorites are Night Hydrangea and Honeydew. Thanks again.

  27. I have too many nail polishes that I absolutely LOVE but currently I am obsessed with Don't You Lilac It? by OPI. Cremes are my favorite polishes followed closely by shimmer. My email is :)

  28. Right now I'm all over the brownish earth tones, but that can change at almost any time! And I'm also really into cremes right now; goodness knows why!


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