Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blue nails and a drowsy bee

Hello ladies,

Today was awash with grey skies. Undaunted, I decided paint my nails and walk to the community garden: camera, polish bottle and decorative wooden egg at the ready. My favorite gardener, a man with a pipe and mischievous eyes, let me know a few minutes after my arrival that he was going to be locking up. From past adventures, you can quickly comprehend why I particularly appreciate his eyesight and trust him with a set of keys. He is a man of few words and a bounty of tomatoes. Securing the padlock, he said: "Come back when there's sun." I will, of course, but I am still up for experimentation. 

I believe blues photograph with the most color accuracy in low light. Below we have Sparkling Blue, another shade from the Milani Welcome Back Color collection. The holographic glitter pieces and bar glitter are set in a blue creme background. I was expecting all of the glitter polishes to have shimmer bases, but there is variance in the formulas. I will ask you ladies to use your imagination to fashion some rainbows where the glitter appears silver. Despite the cloud cover, my nails have been creating subtle rainbows. The camera captured the look best on the bottle, but the vibrant nature of the blue translated well on my nails. Enjoy. You can click to enlarge the photos if you like.  

I tend to be drawn to the same flowers as bees. They are very hospitable to me as I lean my hands in to take close ups. 

Lisa asked me in the comments about difficulty of removal. I used white felt cut into squares and an OPI acetone based remover. While I didn't struggle very much, I don't think I would experience the same ease with cotton. I find the toughest glitter polishes to remove contain a high concentration of glitter in a clear or jelly base. The glitter polishes from Welcome Back Color are worth a little extra effort in removal.

The weather here is supposed to be overcast for the rest of the week. If the forecast holds, I'll see what I have in my untried polishes that would still look nice in low light. I will have a Konad post soon too. Happy painting, ladies.


  1. That is a very pretty mani; I love the picture of the bee!

  2. That's so pretty, clouds or no clouds. I love the egg, it's a perfect match!

  3. What a beautiful picture of the flower and the bee. Thank you, I really enjoy the flower pictures. Beautiful nails holding a beautiful egg. I've never used Milani brand. I will have to look for this shade. It's really lovely on you. Please don't get locked in the garden again! This weather is terrible. I've had enough of this overcast sky!

  4. I love this colour,i adore blue's im not sure why I think maybe cause my name is Skye lol I always love your special pics of your garden its just gorjuz...I hope the weather cheers up for you s0on... =D

  5. You take such wonderful nature pictures! I love this blue - I thought it would be lighter and less opaque than it is but it's gorgeous.

  6. This is a lovely blue! I love how it looks with your egg prop. Thanks for the info about glitter removal. Also to clarify, the blue polish I was talking about is actually from Milani's other limited edition collection "Black Magic". The color is called "Fairy Tale" and is a drop dead gorgeous teal blue glitter in a sheer black base. Readers it's worth seeking out that collection too.

  7. I am wearing this shade as well and I love it! It looks amazing with a matte topcoat over it as well. I got several compliments on it.

    Love the blog! We need to get together soon. I shall e-mail...

  8. I just picked this one up! It's so gorgeous on your long nails, and you've got the perfect prop. What a beautiful flower, and a lovely shot with the bee. Neat tip about photographing blues, thank you!

  9. gildedangel: Thank you sweetie. The bee did pose nicely.

    Mary: Thank you. You should see me walking around my apartment eyeing prop possibilities. ;)

    Lucy: It seems we are sharing the same weather. I'm glad you like all the elements of today's post. I think one garden adventure such as the last is enough for me! I'm glad the man with the pipe is on my side. Do try Milani! They put out some interesting shades!

    Skye: My manicure definitely matched your name! I will certainly be enjoying as much of the garden as I can before the end of the season. Then I will take pictures of trees!

    beautyjudy: Thank you. The opacity and the creme formula really surprised me too!

    Lisa: Thank you for the compliments and for directing readers to the other Milani collection out right now. I hope to be wearing those glitters too! I look forward to seeing them on your nails. :)

    Keslynn: So great to hear from you. Nail twins! I haven't tried the matte topcoat yet, but it does sound like an amazing combination. We have to get together for fun before our October reading event.

    Nicole: I look forward to seeing it on you! I'm sure over time I'll have brought many of the small trinkets in my apartment to local parks and gardens. The bee was a good model.


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