Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cranky manicure

Hello ladies,

I usually keep a bright attitude and my parasol up, but today was challenging. What's a lady to do on such occasions? The cranky manicure! Please note the other fine ladies before me with the angry manicure and the rageful manicure. I had some assistance from Coraline with arms and legs crossed from plate C05. She is stamped in Konad special polish in white and black respectively. 

Please click to enlarge. My crankiness is extraordinarily sparkly. 

The color and proportions of the dahlia above demonstrates a riled temper. I did calm myself first with my garden photo session. Then, I sat in the back patio area of the cafe with a strong coffee and a toasted wheat bagel loaded with extra garlicky hummus. I took the concept of being unapproachable to new levels today.  My friend David spoke kindly to me from the safety of the door frame, both feet inside. He smartly blamed it on the hummus. 

Let's talk polish! Emblazoning my middle finger is China Glaze Ruby Pumps. I used three coats. The rest are painted in Chanel Feu de Russie, one of my most beloved polish shades.  What I adore about Feu de Russie is the blackened base still reflects subtle red shimmer in low light. It's vampy, but it doesn't become one of the un-dead without bright sun to illuminate it. I used two coats. The formula is so opaque one coat would likely work for shorter nails. Chanel Feu de Russie is from the discontinued Moscou Collection and my favorite of the three polishes in the grouping.

I hope my cranky manicure brought amusement to you. Only a couple days left before the Coraline contest ends Friday! Please enter if you haven't had the chance. 

Happy painting ladies, but it you have to paint crankily, angrily, or ragefully that's what red and black are for! xoxo! 


  1. Even Coraline looks cranky today! You were right not to trust me ;)! Chanel Feu de Russie looks gorgeous with Ruby Pumps. If I had a riled up temper I'd love it to look like the dahlia flower ring! Such exotic flowers. I hope our comments will settle the crankies - thinking of you and hope all is well now.

  2. aawwwww even though ur upset and Coraline looks upset u put a big SMILE on my face...Ur gorjuz nailz always make me happy.. hope ur ok mwahh =D

  3. Sorry, I just had to laugh at you Miss Cranky! Surrounded by all that beauty should be making you get into a better mood. I adore all your floral rings! Love the cranky Konadicure. Ruby Pumps is a favorite polish, one of them anyway. The Chanel polish is gorgeous. I don't own any of them. I just haven't seen any I was in love with. Also I never searched them out. Maybe in the future. It's killing me not having a bank card! I can't shop at all. Is it possible for you to post a picture of yourself with your parasol? I'd love to see you and the parasol.

  4. That's a beautiful, cranky manicure :) Sorry you were feeling cranky! I agree wiht all that beauty supporting a good mood. LOVE the red middle finger - that's my favorite red. :)

  5. gildedangel: Thanks, love!

    Danielle: I am feeling so much better now. Thank you! Yes, I was off in the garden in search of fiery red, letting my Ruby Pumps laden fingers point the way. Any excuse to wear Feu de Russie! Dahlias aren't the most exotic here, but they are planted by people who are avid gardeners. I love them too!

    Skye: Thank you sweetie! I was only upset for a little bit. I'm glad my cheeky manicure made you smile.

    Lucy: Ruby Pumps is a classic, isn't it? It's definitely in my top 20 favorites. You are in your full rights to laugh at my crankiness. I was giving myself an emotive manicure to cheer myself up. I will consider your request for a parasol photo. :) Have you used paypal? They have a "plug in" feature that generates a temporary credit card number to use on-line. It's fabulous!

    beautyjudy: Thank you! In cranky times, I do try to cheer myself up with nail polish. It's the universal elixer.


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