Monday, September 14, 2009

Emerald Garden

Hello ladies,

Today I am presenting Emerald from the Nubar Royal Gems Collection. The upcoming release date for these polishes is September 15 at Below is a royal portrait showing Ruby, Tiger's Eye, 24K, Platinum, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst and Tiara. The last polish is a glitter topping meant to crown the assemblage. 

Of course, I had to begin the festivities with green! I added square rhinestones to accentuate the jeweled effect of the polish. 

This purple daisy like flower was among the first opened of it's kind. My hand was surrounded by shier buds. I am excited for all of these to greet the sun.
One of the gardeners created a koi pond. It's verdant after many overcast days bringing rain. This tiny zen garden was fashioned inside a rectangular raised bed. The remainder of the area is devoted to plants. I love the flair residents demonstrate with small city spaces. It illustrates how you don't need much room to make an oasis. I believe the Buddha statue has some thoughts on this too. 

In every oasis, there is room for a bottle of nail polish. 

I really love the base color of Emerald. It's a reflective shimmer than leans towards a frost. The application of Emerald was wonderful. This is my first Nubar polish and it changed my perception of what big three free can do. The color is highly pigmented. It was almost entirely opaque in one coat, even on my long nails. I painted two coats for even coverage, but ladies with more active length nails would likely be satisfied with one. If you have experienced application issues with other big three free polishes, like chasing runny formulas with the brush or trying to smooth a viscous layer of color over your nails, Nubar can give you a far more pleasant experience. I'm looking forward to wearing the rest of the collection.

I do have some issues with Emerald. The green microglitter does two things: 1) It creates an effervescent sparkle. 2) It appears bumpy. From an arm's distance, the color is stunning. On a close up, you can see texture that looks like bubbles. I didn't find it bothersome, but wanted to note it. Slightly larger glitter would have been big enough to pop through the base. Here, I think the base color would have most benefitted from a glitter extraction. I would also have loved to see microglitter in a green jelly base. 

I did receive a pretty fun compliment today. Sarah at the coffee shop told me my nails looked like money. Well, emeralds and money are certainly welcome on my hands in many forms.

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. That is a gorgeous teal/green! I love that! Can't wait for swatches of the others!

  2. I just love all those lovely bottle of polish lined up in the garden. Your nails look beautiful in the Emerald. I also love the square jewel at the base. I've always wanted a square cut emerald. Wish we could mix the two and have a lovely jewel. Love the Koi pond it's very peaceful to look at. I'm sure Buddah is enjoying the lovely polish as much as I am. The lavender colored flower is beautiful. Do you know the name of it?

  3. This polish looks great, can´t wait to see the others. I love the way you take pictures of polish!

  4. waw, beautiful colour of the polish, love this green

  5. beautiful as usual i love the added square jewl very cute and those nubar polishes look gorjuz,cant wait to see some swatches.And i just love your amazing garden

  6. Hello, I love the purple daisy! Beautiful emerald green polish too. It does look like money on your nails,and we can all use a little of!

  7. What a great review of this polish! It's a lovely green and I like the rhinestone touch. Buddah looked pleased with Emerald as well :) Can't wait to see the rest of the collection on you! I think I'm going to have to buy the set *sigh*

  8. gildedangel: Thank you! I will be showing Ruby this week too. I'll be breaking from the collection to launch a contest and for my birthday manicure on Saturday. I will make sure you get to see 24K and Tiger's Eye soon though.

    Lucy: I love the look of square cut emeralds. If we can't have that at the moment, we can have the polish. My friend David and I are going to Longwood Gardens this weekend for my birthday. We will be on the lookout for these purple flowers for you. Anything that grows locally in season tends to be there with a name tag.

    AllYouDesire: Thanks! The flowers really do all the work of the photography. I just stand there and bend my fingers. ;)

    KONADomania: Thanks lady! I am a green lover too.

    Skye: I am glad you liked the jewels. I think I added as many to the bathroom floor as I did to my nails! The squares were tricky for some reason! I am really pleased with the Royal Gems collection so far too.

    Velvet: It would be nice if one of the many positive qualities of Nubar Emerald would be as a money attractant. ;)

    beautyjudy: Thank you! If a polish pleases Buddha, you must own it. ;)


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