Saturday, September 26, 2009

Evening sky with Virgo

Hello ladies,

Today brought clouds and rainfall to Philadelphia. I spent some time in the garden, enjoying picture taking, despite the sun remaining bashful behind a grey screen. I'm wearing Essie Midnight Cami from the Fall Color collection. I will ask you to use your imagination and add some fine blue shimmer to the navy base. That's far more enchanting and true, were the sun out today. While I have your creativity awakened, go forth and add some sunlight to the visuals below. 

This flower looks a bit like a squishy brain. Perhaps I spent too much time in the Halloween aisle at Walgreens today!

The petals are still unfurling. The pattern of string behind my hand was woven for plant support.

I am helping the flower hold her head up.

What an adorable and patient little friend! I had the lens so close, yet he remained still.

Essie Midnight Cami is a pretty navy. There is visible blue micro shimmer on the nail that isn't as apparent in low light. I can see it quite clearly by lamplight as I type. The color reminds me of a dark blue sapphire. It makes an auspicious base for the astrological Virgo design from Konad plate M34. The face of the Virgin was stamped in silver special polish.

The funky french was painted with Orly Shine on Crazy Diamond, a holographic glitter topcoat. Creating the french was challenging because the glitter content is so sparse in the clear base. I would paint the smile line and only the bottom portion would contain glitter on some nails. I had to go over each nail twice and dab in extra glitter for moderate coverage. If you are willing to work with the formula, it's a way to create a striking french that doesn't obscure the base polish. 

Midnight Cami was almost completely opaque in one coat. Though I used two, I think ladies with shorter nails would be satisfied with a single coat. I am really pleased with the application of Midnight Cami. While I do have other navy shimmers, this polish is useful as a quick base for nail art or a one coat manicure. It will definitely be a go to navy shimmer for me. I can appreciate this color as a fashionable classic that Essie did well. 

Ladies, I got locked in the garden again today! There were two elderly gardeners who I greeted when I arrived. I managed another climb to escape over the front gate. There happened to be a film crew nearby working on a small project. My blase attitude about scaling the fence in a dress brought some humor to their workday. All for the love of nail polish!

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. That is amazing!! And I am sorry you got locked in again! I am going to have to get you a special levitating Mary Poppins parasol that will lift you right out!

  2. ohh no locked in hehehehe thank you for taking such risk's to show us some lovely polishes lol once again a gorjuz mani =D

  3. Glitters are pretty on this navy base, great mani ;)

  4. This mani is gorgeous! Love the glitters :)

  5. Wow, that's one of my faves of yours! I love the Virgin, she's a great addition and appears surrounded by stars.
    Oooh, again? You definitely need a Mary Poppins parasol!

  6. That's a terrific idea about the Mary Poppins parasol. You just night the Mary magic in your own parasol. You've been lucky each time you've been locked in. This is a beautiful manicure. I love the design of it. I also love the "brain" flower. That and I believe the cockscomb are two favorite fall flowers. I especially love the color, a nice vampy shade. Your little friend has the same colors of the flowers on it's body. Very interesting. Thanks for always sharing your beautiful garden photos.

  7. your photos are beautiful as ever, and full of atmosphere :-) the mani looks magical...

  8. Love this mani! I want to try this.
    (I'm a Virgo too!)

  9. Sarada: I thought you would like this design. Her long hair reminds me of you a bit. :) I would accept Wonder Woman's steel bending powers too!

    Skye: I never realized the adventures I would have with a nail blog! I'm happy you like the mani. :)

    gildedangel: Yay! Thank you. <3

    Celine: Thank you! I love navy and silver together too.

    Charming Nails: Thanks so much. Glitter can do anything!

    Nicole: The Virgo stamp is my favorite of all Konad designs. It reminds me of Mucha. I was keeping such an attentive eye on the gate, but the gardener snuck out without me...again. Such tomfoolery!

    Lucy: My parasol seems magical, but it could benefit from the additional power of flight. I am happy to see chrysanthemums as well this time of year. I love how flowers seem to come with coordinating insects. It's like Nature's embellishment. :)

    Inbal: Thank you. I love finding a bit of magic in each day. :)

    DanaCerise: Thank you! You must try it! Virgos unite!

  10. Ah, This is one of my favourite mani's Diana! I love everything about it - so mystical and dreamlike. Gorgeous photos too. Thank you xx

  11. Danielle: Thank you! I'm so glad you like the manicure. The Virgo design makes me happy whenever I wear it. It has a certain celestial beauty. <3

  12. I love this mani. It looks magical.


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