Monday, September 7, 2009

Glitter and Kittle

Hello ladies,

I have another new Milani polish for you from the Welcome Back Color collection. The display holds a combination of bright cremes and shimmer polishes with holographic glitter pieces and bar glitter. Below is Glittering Coral. Please click to enlarge the polish photos for the full prismatic beauty of the sparkle.

I can't resist taking bottle pictures to showcase the holographic glitter! 
Kittle monitored me from the window as I took pictures with the flowers in my friend David's front garden. She usually prefers to model in profile, but today she put her quizzical face directly into the view of the camera. How sweet! She is sporting a wisp of Paz's floof. Oh, Miss Kittle! I can relate. 

The formula of Glittering Coral was a tad runny and not quite as thick as Gleaming Green. I needed three coats for opacity, but it was undeniably worth painting the extra layer. I absolutely adore these polishes! Glittering Coral is bright and reflective in almost all light. The bar glitter emits a starry refraction even by the light of my laptop. These polishes are a wonder! I found Milani Welcome Back Color also contains Flashy Orange. I hope to add that to my glitter family portrait.  

Happy painting ladies!


  1. Ahh, what a beautiful coral shade. We are heading into spring now and that's a perfect shade for Spring wear! Gorgeous on you Diana. If Kittle ever needs a cuddle, send her in my direction! Love that nose :) and no outfit is complete without cat floof! <3

  2. very pretty color. I like the mix of bar and small glitter!

  3. I love this color! And thank you for putting me in your blogroll! :)

  4. These new Milani polishes are gorgeous! Readers- there's a drop dead gorgeous dark blue one with silver glitter in it. I can't remember the name of it but it's worth seeking out. I'll probably pick one or two up this weekend. Diana- do you find that it's hard to remove these because of the bar glitter pieces?

  5. Opps- I forgot to sign my post above. That's me!

  6. adorable colourr i loveee ur cat soo cute

  7. I just found this and took it home from my CVS! They were sold out of the orange with glitter, so I picked out the creme instead. I also picked up the sky blue with glitter. I was inspired to look for these because of your post! This is just as lovely as it looks in the bottle.
    Isn't Kittle so gorgeous?

  8. Danielle: Thank you! I won't forget you ladies below the equator. I'll be showing some brights and fresh shades even entering into fall here. David has a prominent nose too. When Kittle goes right up to his face, they each make a strong profile. I wear cat floof everywhere I go.

    Kae: Thank you. The mix of glitter does make this collection intriguing.

    gildedangel: Thanks sweetie! I am happy to add you so I can check in on what you are up to. :)

    thriszha: This is definitely one of my favorite corals.

    Lisa: Thanks for the heads about about the other Milani polish! For everyone checking in, there is another collection of black polishes with glitter bases in addition to the brights I am showing here. Milani is really putting out some beautiful colors! I decided to answer your question about removal in my newest post about Sparkling Blue.

    kittyluvscolor: I put another one up for you today, dear! :)

    Skye: Thanks sweetie. Kittle waves a paw!

    Nicole: Oh, I am glad I got you shopping for a change. heehee! That elusive orange! I wore the blue today. I can't wait to see it on you! I love it! Kittle is such a petite beauty. She has so many shades in her fur. It's black with brown and grey.

  9. What a beautiful cat. I miss having cats. I've never seen a glittery coral before. It's gorgeous on you. I also love that it has bar glitter in it. Is this the first time your holding a bottle of polish instead of an object d'art or flower?

  10. I'm a bit behind on my blog reading. This is a very pretty coral as well as a nice holo glitter! I am excited that I found these at CVS and score six of them (including this one!) because I'm intrigured with the creme-looking bases vs. jelly.

  11. Lucy: I snapped these quickly in the only bit of sun available that day. I was at my friend's house. He has some Buddha statues, but a man's house really isn't a prop utopia. You made me smile because I was wondering if anyone would remark on the absence of props or flower rings! Thank you for the compliment! I will share your feelings with Kittle when I see her next. :)

    beautyjudy: Thank you! I hope you end up loving yours as much as I do mine!


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