Thursday, September 10, 2009

I think you are an awesome...ahem...lady award ;)

So far I have been tagged for this sweet award by beautyjudy, nails-in-aus and nirhida. Thank you ladies! 

The rules are that I have to give 10 random facts about me and select 10 blogs I read regularly. 

For the first part:

1) I love reading literature. My favorite author is D.H. Lawrence. I have an overflowing mahogany bookcase and an entire closet stashed with books. 

2) I imbibe caffeinated beverages with aplomb. I go out for coffee every day. My favorite cup is dark roast coffee with a little steamed soy. I have baskets full of loose leaf tea in my kitchen. I prefer my tea steeped beyond reason.

3) I eat off of fine china as daily practice. I used to work for a major department store. I purchased floor samples of Christian Dior and Lenox place settings in coordinating patterns. I enjoy a bit of cereal each morning out of a fancy teacup. 

4) I took boxing classes for a couple years. I only hit a bag and didn't spar, but I can really throw a punch. 

5) I have one cat right now. Every cat I have ever had I have personally rescued off the street. 

6) I love tactile, luxurious fabrics, especially in the form of scarves.

7) I have a penchant for natural perfumery. I prefer oils over alcohol based scents.

8) I am an empathic intuitive as is my older sister. I have two sisters. By birth order our professions are as follows: intuitive, accountant, intuitive.

9) My favorite Shakespearean play is Othello. 

10) I am allergic to eggplant.

Let's see. There has been a lot of tagging going on. I am going to try to tag some people whose blogs I read and who haven't have had a chance to post yet. I am tempted to tag my entire blogroll, but I will refrain, just barely. If a name repeats here and elsewhere, just consider it love going around. 

lucy: Since you are such a wonderful commenter on so many blogger's posts, I wanted to include you and learn more about you. Please add your list in the comments if you are game. 

I extend my appreciation for your blogging efforts and I look forward to learning a bit more about all those who would enjoy sharing. 

Any readers who would like to share too, please do in the comments. 


  1. yay thanks for the tag! i was wondering if i was going to get in on this fun ;) i love hearing that you eat off fine china daily! so classy!!

  2. I agree about tagging Lucy. She's freaking AWESOME!

  3. 0o0o that was great i enjoyed your facts.. no more boxing for u we dont want those amazing nails of yours to brake hehehe thanx for doing hun tc =D

  4. Great list! I love the idea of eating cereal out of a china tea cup! And thanks for tagging Lucy - she is awesome!

  5. Ooh, you took boxing? That's so interesting! I've always wanted to take that too. Have you ever ordered from BPAL before since you love oils? I've just placed my first order ever from them, but I've been stalking them for a number of years. And now I have a list a mile long I'm interested in.
    Thanks for tagging me! I'm going to do mine this evening. :) I enjoy reading these!

  6. I'm with Nicole! I can't believe you can box and throw a punch! Funny how you imagine people, and then something "random" comes along, like they can sing in front of an audience or love bungy jumping! Lol! I loved reading your facts! Thanks Diana xx

  7. kelliegonzo: Of course! I don't think other ladies would have let this one pass you by either. I guess I have to do something that's classy now and again given that I like to stamp frogs on my nails. ;)

    nihrida: It looks like other ladies did the same after me. I am so glad! I hope she sees our pleas and feels loved.

    Skye: I think my boxing days are over for a good long time. I want to get back into yoga. It's much gentler on the nails. I'm glad you enjoyed my list!

    beautyjudy: It does bring a bit of elegance to inelegant hours. I was happy to tag Lucy. I hope she sees it and shares with us if she wants. :)

    Nicole: I have about 400 bottles of BPAL roughly. I haven't counted them! I haven't purchased any bottles since the Spring. I have been more into nail polish lately, but I do wear what I own and enjoy it all. I am excited for your list too!

    Danielle: It's so funny. Most people can't believe I took classes, let alone had my own gloves and wraps. I dated a former professional boxer this summer for awhile. He thought it made total sense that I had boxed. The only people who seem to believe I boxed were once professional! Despite the nails, the sun dresses, the parasol and my general way of being, there must be something they recognize in me that gives it away.

  8. Thankyou - I will get to this asap!

    I too am a caffeine and cat fiend. As well as being your CAND (chest and nail double!)

  9. Diana you seem like a woman of another gentler century and then I read you boxed! You are a lovely lady and one I'm glad to know more of. My Mother loved fine China and used to buy them when place settings would be on clearance. Unfortunately I couldn't bring them all with me when I moved into another apartment. Now I wish I had gotten rid of my regular dishes and kept all the random place settings. I did learn to appreciate fine chinas and fabrics. Thank you and all the others for tagging me. I will get to it!

  10. Helen: Can't wait to read your list when you have time. I wonder if we will have even more things in common!

    Lucy: Thank you! We all have our little inconsistencies to keep others guessing. I am glad I can surprise you. I hope you can pick up some china at a discount. It is quite fun! Of course we all tagged you. It was a combination of not being able to resist and showing gratitude for your warmth and caring.


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