Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moonlit journey

Hello ladies,

Since the full Moon is Friday and it's also the last opportunity to enter the Coraline contest, I decided to combine both elements in today's look. I used a Swarovski crystal in black diamond to represent the full Moon. The design shows Coraline with her satchel ready to embark on a quest. I imagine her walking in the moonlight. This takes a bit of creative addition as she has no feet in the design! Perhaps she is strolling through a misty forest at twilight. There, I feel better about the missing parts. She need not be a ghostly hoverer. We'll let the shimmer in CQ Silver Taupe act as light fog. Certainly! What does she encounter during her exploration? Giant dahlias and a city of faery mushrooms. 

Coraline and her messenger bag are from plate C05. I used Konad special polish in black for stamping. 

CQ Silver Taupe can be found at Rite Aid. The polish is on the sheer side, but not unforgivably so. I painted three thin coats over Zoya Get Even. I think most people would be comfortable with the pigmentation at three coats over a standard clear base or two coats over a ridge filler. Since I take bright light photos, I am particular about opacity. Silver Taupe is my favorite mushroom color. The profusion of shimmer adds magic and festivity to my fingertips. I prefer this shade to colors like OPI You Don't Know Jacques and Sephora Metro Chic. Silver Taupe fits with the trend, but the shimmer really is enlivening. It even captivates the eye in low light the way a mushroom in the wild does. 

I hope you enjoyed Coraline's journey today. We will be seeing more of her before Friday's end. Happy painting, ladies!   


  1. that stamp is so cute! I do like that you picked a shimmery taupe to go with it, lovely :D

  2. Kae: Thank you! I have been really into mushroom colors this week especially. It must be the changing weather here. :)

    gildedangel: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :)

  3. Love your nails with that fabulous Coraline stamp and the rhinestone. You even found an awesome collection of mushrooms to go with your polish. Love it! Such beautiful blooms. I always enjoy your flowers.

  4. Silver Taupe works well with this theme :) I love how nature just pulls together your manicures! :) I tried a matte top coat over Silver Taupe a couple months ago and blah. I didn't care for it. I shall try Konading over it instead! :)

  5. mad munky: So glad you like the mani!

    Lucy: Thank you! I took the mushroom picture a few weeks ago at Silver Lake Park. I had it saved up for a mushroom color polish. I have several others too I will bring out when they coordinate with my nails. The community garden at the end of my street is so incredibly lush right now. I love to share what I experience there.

    beautyjudy: I could see how Silver Taupe wouldn't do well with a matte finish. I'm all for experimenting though! Some of the shimmers translate beautifully with a matte topcoat. This one is definitely for the Konad! From my photos, one wouldn't realize I live in a city. I find the flowers wherever they are!


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