Sunday, September 13, 2009

painted girl fingers and a ladies' brunch

Hello ladies,

Yesterday, I met with Beauty Judy for an afternoon of dining, horticulture and nail polish. We began with coffee and walked across Rittenhouse Square for brunch at the Continental Midtown. We chatted in a second floor booth with a perspective of the city outside and with a view of the giant modern chandelier inside, its spheres of light dangling from the ceiling. It often makes me think of textbook illustrations of chemical compounds. Other days it has a planetary vibe.

The food was as delightful as the atmosphere and the company. I ordered a Big Daddy Mac, the high end vegetarian alternative to a Big Mac. Judy was more up for the breakfast side of the menu with pancakes and fresh fruit. She brought a little gift for me, a bottle of China Glaze Free Love. It's a rusty orange with gold shimmer. I am saving my first wear of this polish to coordinate with autumn leaves. It was a very sweet and much appreciated keepsake of the day.

We ventured across town to the Navy Yard for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society member's event. My friend David gave us his household membership card for the day. I gathered a collection of little rose shaped cacti from various booths. Judy discovered a snaky cactus with lady fingers in the name. That accompanied me home! I am going to arrange these in a container once I purchase some potting soil formulated for desert plants.  I will share photos then. I do wish the sun had been out for us. I did get a picture of my dessert from Sweet Endings, a frozen yogurt establishment. 

After the plants came the nail polish! We returned to center city on a drug store hunting expedition. Judy noticed all the Wet 'n' Wild Crave polishes were stocked at our second Rite Aid of the day. I was so excited to finally behold the collection! The cylindrical bottles are even more adorable in person! I helped her choose some Brucci polishes. At CVS, together we stormed the Milani Black Magic display. We didn't purchase every shade, but the display showed evidence of our zeal when we departed for the register.

It was a pleasant ladies' day out. I thank Judy for her good natured company. I am certain we will be meeting up again soon. 

I decided to create the most girly manicure possible for the afternoon. I am wearing Zoya Emme from the Ooh La La collection with a funky french in Strobe Light from Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. There is a profile of girl with a ponytail along with a ribbon from Konad plate M71. I stamped these designs using white Konad special polish. I thought of her as representing a French girl, but the similarity to the Barbie logo was pointed out to me. That furthers my amusement. 

I am so glad the sun was out today in the garden to highlight my ten girly nails and these two bees. I love how one has open wings and the other bee has snug wings. 
Here is my dessert from Sweet Endings. In my cup, there are two kinds of frozen yogurt: sesame and french vanilla. I topped it with fresh mango pieces, strawberries and whole raspberries. Then I drizzled honey over top. It was healthy and decadent at the same time.

Zoya Emme was a little tricky to apply. I wish I had used Get Even as a base on all ten nails. I noticed the color was far less streaky to apply when painted over a base. My manicure shows three coats. I had some bare patches after the second coat I fixed by adding a heavy third. Brushstrokes appeared when the color was wet, but they lessened as the polish dried. For serious devotees of pink, Emme would be worth a purchase. Though the color has a seashell beauty, I don't think it's wholly original. I do appreciate the trademark Zoya shimmer. 

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Strobe Light didn't boldly read as pink on the nail the way it seemed it would from the appearance of the bottle. I loved the application for a funky french. It was easy to control for a glitter formula. It was neither too runny nor too dry. I think Strobe Light would coordinate well with any blue based polish. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my time out in Philadelphia with Judy. I am going to be showing some colors from the Nubar Royal Gems Collection this week as well as rolling out a new contest. 

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. I was thrilled to read the good news of a delightful day had by you and Judy! :) I love the girly manicure and I love that soft pink and glitter! The mani is very sweet and I am sure that desert tasted the same way. Great post!

  2. sounds like you 2 had a great time,i love your description i felt like i was there hehehe and this is by far my favorite mani soo cute i love it and those 2 bees look like there havin a lovely time on that flower hehehe and yummm that fruit salad looks so yummmy

  3. Ah, you by far captured the many fine details I summarized of our fun outing! Love your post. I had so much fun. That dessert looks as good today as it did Saturday! LOL

  4. Sounds like the two of you had lots of fun! that's awesome!

  5. What fun you two had. I read Judy's account yesterday. My Dad and brother used to work at the Navy Yard. It's really a huge place. Love the flower picture with the two bees. It's a beautiful picture. I can almost hear the bees talking to each other. Love you manicure. That's just the way I'm wearing my hair today. It just looks crappy so it was ponytail time. She does look like Barbie and the ponytail Barbie was my favorite. I also love the glitter on the free edge. Super girly and pretty. Your dessert looks yummy. I love fresh fruit and I'm not looking forward to when my local peaches go away!

  6. Danielle: Thank you! I am sure Judy and I will meet up again soon for more adventures. I went all out making the manicure girly. I am so glad you enjoyed it too! :)

    gildedangel: Thanks sweetie!

    thriszha: Thank you. I was definitely going for pretty and fun.

    krissy: I am so glad you enjoyed the pink creation.

    Skye: I'm glad you liked my recounting the tale of the day. I'll have to do some more girly manicures from time to time since you enjoy them so much. I was surprised those bees would pose for me in unison. It was so hard to take that picture of my frozen yoghurt when I wanted to dig in with my spoon!

    beautyjudy: Thank you. I think between the two of us we gave the ladies a full account. I would like to go back in time and eat that dessert again! :)

    kittyluvscolor: We really did. I wish geography weren't prohibitive for a bigger group to get together. I am sure we will have more stories of days out in the future.

    Lucy: Small world! Are you far from Philadelphia now? The music of the bees is always with me when I take pictures in the garden. Ponytails can be so chic! Just pretend it's a style choice and not dictated by your hair's behaviour. I love fruit and produce this time of year. There's some wonderful frozen yogurt under all that fruit!

  7. Very Nice and the design is sooo cute!!!


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