Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rockstar tips and a jaunty butterfly

Hello ladies,

Another overcast day in Philadelphia, but I still meandered to the community garden with a hot cafe au lait to replace the energy of the reclusive sun. I am wearing MAC For Fun, a dusty purple creme from the Jin Soon collection for fall. I painted on glitter tips with Sally Hansen X-treme Wear in Rock Star Pink. Please squint and add sunbeams. 

These pictures are clickable. They do grow. 

The brown butterfly above turned towards the camera and moved her front leg forward jauntily. While sipping nectar through her proboscis, she posed.

MAC For Fun is a beautiful purple shade with violet leanings. I selected For Fun because of my compulsion for purple. I wasn't expecting to be so charmed by it. Three coats made it slightly darker than bottle color. I don't believe I have a purple quite like For Fun in my collection. I was anticipating the shade to instantaneously conjure a list of duplicates once I had it on my nails. While a purple creme isn't likely to map new territory, I will call this a worthy retread. 

The formula was a little challenging, but typical for MAC. It took three coats for evenness. The brush seemed to drag the polish instead of distributing it smoothly across the surface of the nail. For a company that produces stellar make up brushes, I wish MAC could fit a brush into a polish bottle that would paint gracefully. I love the color too much to give up my bottle. This typifies my relationship with MAC lacquer.

Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Rockstar Pink is a wonder of multihued glitter. Hot pink, blue, red and silver glitter float together in a clear base. While the color inside is a fabulous cosmos, they need to fire the person who came up with the tacky label design. Compare the sleek appearance of the MAC bottle to the busy textbook that is X-treme Wear. Application was gloppy, but I am pleased with it for a funky french. I was able to cover the nail without worrying about needing to build the color.

I hope you enjoyed this look. Happy painting, ladies!




  1. That is a gorgeous purple, and you catch such great pictures of insects!

  2. LOVE IT!! I'm all about the glitter...i almost picked that Sally Hansen color up today at Target but didn't..thinking i might just need it now

  3. Love this shade, I think it looks pretty in the overcast photos. The mani has enough glorious sparkle on its own. Beautiful polishing again Diana! x

  4. I love purple, all time fav np color this is no exception

  5. "Please squint and add sunbeams." I think I may have just died laughing.

  6. WOW! That is a gorgeous purple!! I'll have to check those new Mac polishes out. I like the glitter tips too- it kind of looks like candy sprinkles.

  7. Love the purple but the glitter tips are rockin'! Beautiful pictures.

  8. great nail polish swatch!

    er, but you know your 'brown butterfly' is a moth right?
    like this one?

  9. just gorjuzzzz i love this i love the glitter and i can honestly say ive never seen flowers so beautiful there so different and colourful i love them and the butterfly is gorjuz...
    oh btw you have been tagged =D

  10. That purple is lovely on you, the glitter tips are awesome!

  11. Love your long, strong nails, love the color, love your pictures! This mani is simply ''glitterific''! :)

    P.S.: I tagged you!

  12. That glitter is one of my favorites for doing the glitter tips. I like For Fun. I think it looks nice in the overcast skies as I'm sure it looks beautiful in the sun!

  13. gildedangel: Thank you! I love taking pictures of insects. It's so cute when they pose for me!

    Mama Jen: Thanks! Rock Star Pink is a wonder. It would be a great addition to your collection.

    Madeleine Bouquet: Thank you. It's hard to go wrong with purple. :)

    Danielle: Thanks so much. I took many photos trying to get what little light there was available to work with me. So glad it translated. I had a great time putting this look together. :)

    enamoredenamel: Great name! Purple is one of my beloveds! I want the purple out of almost every collection.

    danielle: I give you full credit for squinting/sunbeam making superpowers. ;)

    Lisa: I've been wearing this look for two days. I love it too! The glitter is like a confection.

    Mighty Lambchop: Thank you! I adore creating glitter funky frenches. You will see many more here!

    firepail: Thanks! I searched images on 'brown butterfly' and did see our little friend there. Ah, it seems there are other confused and whimsical naturalists in the word. I did i.d. the polishes perfectly. ;)

    Skye: Thank you. The garden is incredibly thick with flowers right now. I am enjoying capturing those last blooms of the season. I am glad I can show you some lovely specimens that aren't readily blooming on your continent.

    Kae: Thank you! I love doing funky frenches with glitter. Then I only have to remove glitter from a third of the nail. hahaha!

    nirhida: Thank you for all the love. I had fun with your tag. :)

    beautyjudy: Thank you. It may be awhile before I get to see this one in the sun. I love the color though. I am sure I will bring it back as a base for a Konad look. :)

    Nosaby: Thanks sweetie!

    Ezra: Thanks so much! :)

  14. Just a beautiful and glittery manicure. I love the purple and Rockstar pink. I own the Sally Hansen and have worn it by itself. Gorgeous amount of glitter. Love the moth or butterfly posing. I actually saw a praying mantis on my living room screen yesterday. I was so thrilled to see it. I haven't seen one in years. I believe they are also protected by law so no smacking at them.

  15. Lucy: Thanks so much! I bet Rockstar Pink looked beautiful covering your tips with sparkle. I am so glad a praying mantis visited you and I was able to do a little foreshadowing. I love my insect friends. I do treat them tenderly unless they are mosquitoes! Then I smack away. Mosquitoes mostly like eating my friend David, so I am not too bothered if he is around as a decoy.

  16. The Confused Naturalist must chime in here and note that your butterfly does indeed appear to be a butterfly of the skipper variety, which closely resemble moths and are often mistaken for them.

    Let us gaze upon a variety of them with explanatory text!

    There are varieties with such charming names as Confused Cloudywing and Dreamy Duskywing, which makes me die with pleasure!

    And also, love the polish! :)

  17. It's like you have hundreds and thousands on your nails - how do you not get tempted to eat them?!? ;)

  18. artbysarada: Thank you for sharing your butterfly prowess. :)

    LiseyDuck: The glitter is a bit like sprinkles! ;)


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