Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Roses and sparkle

Hello ladies,

Today I have the adorably named Essie Chinchilly. I added roses with a flourish from Konad plate M54. Psyche Pink polish from Coraline set B forms the stamp. I couldn't resist adding a photo of the decorative glass bottle. 

I have a rosebud ring and an owl ring. 

The weather in Philadelphia was mutable. It was beautifully sunny and then there was a pressure change that summoned cloud cover. I think the shift caused some bubbling in my manicure. Essie Chinchilly dried smoothly with the first coat of CND Air Dry. The problem seemed to occur after the Konad special topcoat was added. Thankfully, it's not visible on the nail unless I position my hand directly next to a light bulb. I was surprised to see bubbling when I began cropping pictures.

Chinchilly is likely to be my favorite from the Essie Fall Color collection. Since I still have the pink and orange neon polishes to try, I may alter my opinion. Chinchilly is grey with a slightly green undertone. It's different from my other grey polishes in that it doesn't lean towards pink, which gives grey a cool tone. Inside the cafe, my friend David thought my polish coordinated with my mint green scarf. As I was being complimented, I decided not to make a point about color vs. undertone. I said, "Thank you."   

Psyche pink has a bright foil shimmer that I enjoyed pairing with a creme base color. Psyche pink can also be purchased under the Princess polish category. I made a birthday order of some new Konad plates. I will be showing designs from M13, M14, M15, and M21. 

A reminder that the Painted Halloween Lady contest ends October 1: Please visit the contest post for a chance to win the discontinued Essie St. Martin Mint and an original Halloween painting from artbysarada. I will have more Halloween festivities in store! 

Happy painting, ladies.    


  1. What a pretty color! It is perfect to wear during the fall!

  2. Those are your natural nails? Gosh I wish!

  3. i am not sure if this polish would look nice on me as it does on you :)

  4. What a lovely ladylike manicure. Looks Victorian if there was nail polish available during that period. This is the other shade I like from the Essie collection. The rosebud ring was a perfect touch.

  5. This is so cool and it compliments you nicely. I love that owl ring.

  6. It's a completely unusual shade of gray and that makes me want it, I love all types of gray polish, and that is really cool!

  7. gildedangel: Thank you. I would wear Chinchilly in the Spring too. <3

    thriszha: Thanks so much. :)

    danielle: Thanks! I love my owl ring. I wear it every day.

    Natalie: Those are my natural nails. In the section "apothecary" I started reviewing all the products I use regularly and tips for use. My nails have been different lengths. I think product has made the difference for me.

    AllYouDesire: The grey has so much green in it. I really think it would be worth a try for you. You could always do some stamping over it too. <3

    Lucy: Thank you so much. I love the elegance of grey and pink together. The flower was so accommodating. As I positioned my hand, it transformed into a ring of its own accord.

    Mighty Lambchop: Thank you. Roses and owls are among my favorite things.

    Nicole: Chinchilly is a must have for you, Nicole. It's a unique grey. :)


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