Monday, October 19, 2009

Apothecary: Madagascar Vanilla Hand Moisturizer

Hello ladies,

For those of us approaching fall weather, it's an auspicious time to consider preparing our skin for the effects of cooler temperatures. I have been using the Madagascar Vanilla Hand Moisturizer from Max Brenner over the the past few weeks. This came to me as part of a sweet birthday present from my friends Lisa and Cassandra. 

This hand moisturizer offers a true vanilla fragrance. It doesn't exude the off putting chemical scent that seems to be pervasive in products claiming to smell like vanilla. It reminds me of spooning pure vanilla extract into a bowl of cake batter created from scratch. It smells decadent and simultaneously wholesome.  

The consistency is like applying a thicker lotion or a lightweight creme. I rubbed a couple of pea sized drops over my hands before typing. The moisturizer absorbs reasonably quick and leaves my hands feeling supple to the touch. After a few minutes, there is softness without residue. I began using this moisturizer at night, but as the temperature cools, I will keep it by my bathroom sink for daytime application. 

The ingredients list includes natural emollients: sunflower oil, olive oil, orange oil, evening primrose oil, peach kernel oil, cocoa butter, aloe gel and calendula oil. The formula also features chamomile extract and ginseng. Methylparaben and propylparaben are used as preservatives. I will be reviewing a natural hand cream from an apiary in a couple weeks for those who prefer paraben free products. 

Max Brenner is a chocolate theme restaurant. I was really delighted with the quality of their Madagascar Vanilla Hand Moisturizer. I am looking forward to returning for brunch. I definitely will be trying more of their Spa Collection. They do sell wondrous chocolate on their website. For those not geographically blessed enough to live within walking or driving distance of a Max Brenner location, there is always the help of the post office to bring treats and spa products to your door.  


  1. Oh goodness, this sounds delicious and dangerous! Thank you for sharing this, I'm putting this on my wish list!

  2. Mighty Lambchop: Their chocolate scented spa products are equally delectable. Enjoy! <3

  3. I love a nice vanilla scent that is like pure vanilla extract and not cookies. I didn't use any vanilla products when they were very popular awhile back. There were too many people using it and it was making me nauseous. This sounds like a nice scent.

  4. Lucy: It sounds like we are of like minds when it comes to preferred vanilla scents, as in many other things. <3


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