Friday, October 9, 2009

Au chocolat

Hello ladies,

I have a Halloween manicure for you today. My head was filled with visions of sweets. I decided to use props from the store candy dish. Only the wrappers were returned.

Revlon Mad About Mango forms the base for the cupcake Konad design from plate M14. Princess Polish in brown was chosen for stamping to create the look of chocolate. The funky french was painted with the mini polish Abracadabra from Color Club's Master of Disguise kit. 

I couldn't resist pairing the polish bottles with a peanut butter cup!

Mad About Mango is from the Revlon Fruitful Temptations collection of scented polishes. I had mango chutney with my Indian lunch on Wednesday. The remembrance of the taste occupied me as I searched though my untried tray. I used three coats. I would recommend wearing it over a ridge filling base coat. The application is befitting of the fussy diva category. I had to be careful painting each coat to level out streakiness. The polish was viscous. I felt like I was smearing it across the nail rather than painting. Who cares about these issues? It smells like mango candy! I could begin and conclude the review there. I really wish some of the salon brands would come out with lines of scented polishes. That would be amazing for spring or summer to scent pastels or brights.

Color Club's Abracadabra has an easy to work with jelly formula. The round glitter pieces coordinated with the sprinkles on the Konad cupcake design. This look seemed to bring cheer where ever my nails flashed. It delighted children in the store, amused a young woman selling me cat food and prompted just about everyone to confess their love of cupcakes. It's definitely a joyful manicure.

Happy painting, ladies!



  1. I love your Mani today Diana! I found Revlon's Make Mine Mango polish to be the same as yours in application! Not so nice to apply. Reece's peanut butter cups - one of life's special treats - they are delicious!! Xx

  2. CUPCAKES!!! I LOVE the glittery tips. I surprisingly have not used those cupcakes yet even tho I have that image plate. :-P

  3. I love this theme! What could possibly be better than nail polish and chocolate?

  4. That is so cute! I love that theme!

  5. That is super cute, quite delicious looking!

  6. 0oo0o0 soo cutee i lovee cupcakes and those sweets look yummy

  7. Um, YUM! That's a great idea :) I will have to do my first 2009 Halloween Mani for tomorrow :)

  8. Hahaha, Diana, that has to be the cutest mani ever, no wonder you had so many compliments on it! I utterly love it!

  9. Danielle: Thank you! I'm not the biggest sweets person in the world, but when the Halloween season is here, Reese's peanut butter cups are an especially festive indulgence. They even sell a pumpkin shaped version!

    awesomevegan: Thanks sweetie! I do understand the feeling of having wonderful Konad designs waiting to be tried. :)

    Evil Angel: So true! I'm glad you enjoyed the combination of beloved elements.

    gildedangel: Thanks, dear one. <3

    Kae: Thank you. I definitely was inspired to eat chocolate that day!

    Skye: With your love of chocolate, you need to do a sweets manicure too. So much fun!

    Charming nails: Thanks so much! Yummy indeed!

    Mighty Lambchop: Thank you! I didn't want to remove this manicure. I had to do another cute one in it's place!

    beautyjudy: Thank you. Your manicure was adorable! I'll have to do blood drops too! I am going to try the Konad design from plate M13. :)

    Nicole: Thanks so much sweetie! I'm glad it brought you joy too. :)

  10. That is adorable! Doesn't take much for everyone to feel like a child again. Just show some cupcakes, even stamped ones. I have a pumpkin Reese cup sitting in my desk drawer. My girlfriend had to buy two. Her favorite candy is Reese Cups. I love the Abracadabra polish. I bought that mini kit and would rather two bottles of the glitter than the back and white. I wish companies would use other shades.

  11. Lucy: Thank you! Cupcakes make me happy. I am craving the red velvet cupcakes from the bakery around the corner. I hope you enjoy that pumpkin Reese's candy. I agree. I love the glitter polishes in the Halloween collections. The black and white do seem like filler in comparison.

  12. Oh! It`s so pretty! I love sweets too.


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