Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An auspicious sweet

Hello ladies,

This afternoon I stopped by Good Karma Cafe. There was a counter full of fabulous sweets presided over by the head of Buddha.
There seems to be a hint of the Halloween season. 

Each piece of candy was numbered with an entry to the Painted Halloween Lady contest. For multiple entries, I made sure different types of candy were chosen so each person had an assortment. I let the patrons of the Good Karma Cafe decide the winner by enjoying the treats throughout the day. The number on the last piece of candy remaining in the orange bowl would show the contest winner.  

When I returned shortly before close, I learned that while Hershey Special Dark was not the most popular in this neighborhood, it was simple to empty the bowl in a cafe full of grad students. Let's see how the remaining piece matched the entries on my busy bee stationary. 
The winner is Heather, who comments as hi. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy the bottle of Essie St. Martin Mint and the original painting by artbysarada

Thank you ladies for your entries and enthusiasm! I loved reading all of your stories, thoughts and memories of Halloween celebrations. 


  1. Grats Heather! I am craving kit kats now even tho I don't think those were in the pictures :)

  2. Congratulations, Heather! The cafe looks like a wonderful place :)

  3. Again, very original way to decide on a winner!
    Congratulations Heather!

  4. Congrats Heather, I'm going to go get some chocolates now!

  5. THAT WAS SO CLEVER!!! i loved how you picked a winner :)

  6. That was very cool! Congratulations, heather!

  7. What an adorable way to chose the winner. Congrats to the winner and enjoy your polish.

  8. You ALWAYS have the cutest drawings, Diana! Congratulations to Heather, that artwork is stunning. :)

  9. Ladies, I am so glad you liked the way I did the drawing. I received the most enthusiastic e-mail back from Heather. Sarada had such a great time with the contest. She may be willing to do another painting for us in the spring.

    Kae: Now I can't stop thinking about Kit Kat bars! I loved to eat them layer by layer as a child.

    Mary: The cafe is one of my favorite places to drop in and relax with a book.

    Evil Angel: When I put up Friday's post, you will see how chocolate was on my mind as well!


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