Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chocolate heavens

Hello ladies,

I am so looking forward to greeting the sun tomorrow after a stretch of overcast days! I went to the garden late this afternoon and photographed the unnamed brown glitter mini polish from the Borghese Serena collection. This color is unique and lovely. A candy brown base holds a starry cosmos of glitter in red, gold and silver. I do wish this shade were available full size.  

I found this tiny trellis charming!

The Borghese brown mini has a jelly formula. I began with CND Stickey base coat and added two coats of Zoya Get Even to promote opacity. Without a quality ridge filling base coat, the brown glitter polish would be sheer on the nail. I wore this for two days. As with most jelly formulas, I experienced tip wear. I added a third coat before taking pictures. I did carefully cap the nail with color when I initially did the manicure and had to repeat the process. Because jelly formulas contain less pigmentation than traditional cremes or shimmers, tip wear is a common issue. The result seemed worth the extra attention. 

I will be doing more Halloween manicures this week. I thought vampy nails for a date might be better than creepy dolls or zombies. 

Happy painting ladies!


  1. Wow everything looks so beautiful on you! But you must do me one favor? Post a picture that shows your ring. From what I can see it looks very unique!

  2. That is a nice color, it seems like a very wearable brown.

  3. Wow, I love it! The glitter makes it so pretty and unique. It totally looks good enough to eat. Reminds me of those gourmet chocolate truffles! Yummm...:D
    Too bad they don't sell any Borghese here in Vancouver. :(

  4. i like this colour,its a great colour for all ages

  5. I've never seen a brown like that. I love the glitter in it, so pretty!

  6. So pretty! I agree, it should come full size and it needs a name! That is such a pretty little vine too.

  7. This is a nice color! I need to take a closer look at those Borghese minis. I'd call this one Galactic Root Beer :D

  8. Evil Angel: Thank you! My owl ring has made a few appearances. I can certainly make sure there will be more. Here's a view from an older post:

    gildedangel: Thank you. I know what you mean. This brown doesn't have any of the obvious issues. ;)

    Wan: Thanks! There's this amazing local chocolate cafe that sells dark chocolate buddhas with decorative gold dust. The polish does have that gourmet chocolate vibe. :)

    Skye: Thank you, sweetie! <3

    Mary: Thanks! If between both of our collections,there is nothing comparable I think it's fair to call this glittery brown unique. ;)

    Liz: Ah, you too were susceptible to the charm of the vine! So cute! Aren't beautiful limited edition minis maddening? I love them too much to wish them away, but I want them to come in bigger packages.

    Lisa: Thank you! We need to get you a new job as a namer of polishes.

  9. Aww, this is SUCH a pretty brown polish, Diana! I look forward to your adorable Halloween manis. I've tried to do a few myself, but failed. I'm about to start using my nail art stickers. Total failure at Konad, I will keep practicing though. I want to pick up this mini set :)

  10. That's a beautiful shade of brown and glitter. Your nails always look so lovely. I really enjoy looking at them with the beautiful colors of polish on them. I also can't forget your floral rings! Most enjoyable.

  11. Nicole: Thank you! I still have a few designs left on Konad plate M13 to try. I do best using Konad over a fresh topcoat. Drop me an e-mail if there is a specific problem you are having with Konad and maybe I can help troubleshoot. Nail stickers are lots of fun. :)

    Lucy: Thanks so much. You are such a dear one. I love wearing glitter polishes. I don't often feel the need to embellish them further. Sometimes it's nice to enjoy the color as is, perhaps adding a flower ring as a touch. ;)


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