Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eye of the beholder

Hello ladies,

I had a really wonderful reunion today with a man from my past. I realize I promised Halloween nail art, but I hope you will forgive my choosing something a little more subtle for my impromptu date. I actually took the photos in Logan Square on our walk to lunch. He held the pink roses he brought for me and my long green scarf that was creating trails of shade as the wind repositioned it. You may be seeing other man hands at painted Lady fingers. My friend David hasn't relinquished his modeling duties, however. Fear not. 

I wore a mini polish from the Borghese Serena collection. The four polishes in the grouping are nameless. The color has a deep grey base with green and purple shimmer. The polish often looked green on the nail. All of these photos can be clicked to view full size. It will display the color variance and the concentration of shimmer. 

I am wearing the second polish in the collection above. Look at the duochrome eye pattern of shimmer!

I was amazed to unscrew the cap and find a full size brush! I wish this were a standard with all mini polishes. I end up using most of my mini bottles for pedicures. 

I absolutely love the color. To me, it was worth the purchase of the set for this bottle alone. I am interested in trying the other three shades and will share them with you.

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. The whole collection looks really nice! Still haven´t seen a polish that wouldn´t look nice on you:)

  2. This one is made for you! Beautiful as always.

  3. I saw these in Rite Aid last week and almost bought them but I wasn't sure about the brush type. Good to know they're full-sized. Your nails look lovely, as always :)

  4. A date? Oo la la! This is a pretty color on you!

  5. I love this color, it really looks beautiful on you :)

  6. I haven't seen these polishes yet. I'll have to look for them. This color is very similar to an old L'Oreal one I have called "Lights Out". That's good to know that the brush is full sized.

  7. What a gorgeous color and it is perfect against your skin tone!

  8. How pretty your nails look! I want to get both collections. My girlfriend Linda looks for drugstore polishes for me. She found the collection of Milani with the black & glitter today. She hasn't found the Borghese polishes. I'm glad to know about the brush. Have a good time with your sister.

  9. AllYouDesire: You are so sweet. Thank you. <3

    nihrida: That's so nice. Thanks, love.

    Mary: They are certainly worth a purchase! I adore Borghese. I am going back for the other kit. Thanks so much for the lovely compliment. :)

    gildedangel: Oh la la indeed! ;) I am glad you like the color.

    Kae: Thank you. It would look so pretty on your nails!

    Lisa: I found them at Rite Aid. I don't remember "Lights Out". Maybe you could wear it if you wanted or bring the bottle and we could compare them. :)

    Evil Angel: Thank you so much. <3

    Lucy: Thank you, dear one. I want to go back for the other collection. I have several of the Milani Black Magic polishes. I will be wearing those soon. I am excited to work with Claire again. We always have a great time at the festival. :)

    awesomevegan: Your hope came true. My date was amazing!

  10. LOVE this one from the collection. I am posting my reviews next week. I really hope they make this polish in a regular sized bottle. Did you end up getting the Allegra collection, too? The red and black are gorgeous in that one, but I think Serena is my fav!

  11. beautyjudy: I can't wait to see the polishes on you. I'm glad I was able to pick up the Allegra set today. :)


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