Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mirrors and masks

Hello ladies,

Today I have Nubar Platinum from the Royal Gems Collection. It's a whitened silver metallic with fine silver glitter pieces and multi hued micro glitter. Although I showed the majority of this collection with rhinestones and sparkle, I thought masks were more befitting of the Halloween season.

With Platinum, I thought it would be lovely to add some gold touches. I'll let the leaves complete the task.

Nubar Platinum was easy to apply. There was some appearance of brushstrokes, but these minimized as the polish dried. I ended up painting three coats. Two would have sufficed, but I used the third to help anchor the fimo masks. I applied two coats of Platinum over Nubar Foundation base coat. I painted the third coat and added a fimo circle, working nail by nail. I sealed the look with Diamont topcoat. Using this method gave the fullest adhesion and didn't require nail glue.  

I was saving Nubar Platinum for a sunlit day. The finish almost appears molten. It makes me think of hot metal swirling in a kettle, like antique silver being melted down. 

Happy painting, ladies.


  1. That is so cute, I love that color!

  2. This is such a cool mani :-) And I love this shade of silver !

  3. It sure does look like molten metal. I like the little mask also. What a beautiful picture of the trees. Nothing more pretty than the changing leaves.

  4. Understated Halloween, I love it.
    I wonder how long the fimo thingy will stay in place. I have some at home but I haven't tried them yet because of the fear of losing them in no time.
    Which, of course, is kind of silly because keeping them in the jar doesn't do them justice either.

  5. What a fun and unique Halloween mani! I love it!

  6. What a pretty color, I love the masks! It looks like you had such a gorgeous day there, very jealous :)

  7. Nice colour! It looks like liquid metal. And your nails are sooo long!!

  8. gildedangel: Thanks so much! I love the cuteness factor of fimo. <3

    tuli: Thank you. Platinum is a unique metallic. :)

    Lucy: Thanks! I had to leave this manicure on an extra day! I love fall. There are still some flowers and the leaves are glorious. I will take more tree pictures for you. :)

    Kirsten: I am so glad you like it! As long as you apply the fimo the moment after you paint each nail and work singly over all ten, they will adhere beautifully. I have had the manicure on for two days and the fimo pieces
    are behaving.

    Evil Angel: Thanks so much! I am loving the fimo pieces too.

    Kae: Thank you. We are having rain for a couple days here and then back to the beauty of autumn come Sunday. I am excited for more pretty days!

    Lisa: Thank you. I love metallics too. My nails have been even a little longer than this. ;)

  9. I really like the mask look! But I'm always having problems with rhinestones and such, because of the thickness. It bothers me to have a thick nail. :S But it looks great on you!


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