Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sparkling steel

Hello ladies,

Today I have a layered look with NYC New York Color in Steele and Fantasy Makers Magical. I intended this to be a Halloween theme manicure, but the result bespeaks of steampunk to me. It has the quality of industrial metals sparked with the fantastical.  I imagine those Victorian inspired gowns made with parachute material and accented with clock pieces. 

Evil Angel had requested a picture of my ring. Here you go, lady!
It amazes me how within one step from the bright pink blooms was another bush finished flowering and producing rose hips. Roses have such an extended growing season.

The base of the look is NYC New York Color in Steele. This polish is from a recent holiday display with a red and silver theme. They are still in stock in my local CVS and Rite Aid. While I love the color, the frost formula is undesirable to me when worn alone. Brushstrokes are visible on the nail even with careful application. I would only use this polish for layering or as a base for an all over Konad design. I was able to achieve opacity in two coats.

Fantasy Makers by Wet and Wild is currently available in the Halloween aisle. Magical is a notable glitter top coat. It has a combination of coppery orange glitter, gold glitter as well as gold micro glitter in a clear base. I applied two coats over NYC Steele.  I experimented with this as a funky french but I didn't think it had the concentration of glitter to produce enough flash. It's perfect as a topcoat. Magical would be more befitting of the Halloween season over a black creme polish, but I do love to try new styles.

Happy painting, ladies!   


  1. I love the mani, your nails always look gorgeous!
    TY for showing your ring, It is absolutly beautiful!

  2. very pretty,ur nails are just beautiful

  3. Oh Diana! Your hands and nails and rings look absolutely stunning! This mani suits you! Definitely steampunk!! Beautiful... Xx

  4. So Awesome! I definitly see Steampunk as well!

    I imagine it would be awesome matte as well!

  5. This is a great color combination! It does have a steampunk feel to it. I also think it looks a bit like golden sand. I really like how you use the glitter top coats. FYI- I the name of the NYC color collection is called Frankly Scarlet. I knew it had "scarlet" in the name and Googled it to be sure ;)

  6. Evil Angel: Thank you! I am glad you like the layered look and my owl ring. <3

    April and Ashley: Thank you ladies! :)

    Skye: You are so sweet! Thank you.

    gildedangel: Thanks, sweetie. You layer polishes beautifully.

    thriszha: Thanks so much! I wore this look for two days! <3

    Mighty Lambchop: Thank you. I'm glad you like it.

    Danielle: Thank you. I thought of you when I was taking the owl ring picture. I am glad you liked the presentation. <3

    PowerLifterChick: Thanks! I debated making this look matte. I love matte glitter!

    Lisa: Thank you. I could not remember the name of the collection. I think I need to start taking notes in the drugstore!

  7. That's a gorgeous manicure. Love that glitter from WetnWild! I just got Mahoganie in the mail last night and I'm wearing it. I love the base color and all the glitter. I'm sitting here typing and then stopping to admire the glittering colors of my nails. Crazy!

  8. Lucy: Thank you. I am sure Mahoganie looks beautiful on you. That polish is definitely on my wish list. I love looking down at my nails and catching a bit of sparkle.


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