Thursday, October 1, 2009

Texture and blunted stars

Hello ladies,

Today I am wearing Nubar Amethyst from the Royal Gems Collection. The base color is a deep, sumptuous purple shimmer. Mixed in is blue and violet purple micro glitter. These particles are like the proverbial bad seeds, strewn in miniature. Amethyst brings unwanted texture to the nail and offers only sparse visible glitter. The formula is too pigmented to let the glitter show at the surface. In place of sparkle, there are tiny bumps.

Above is a low light picture. The look of my middle and pointer fingers show the most accurate representation of how the polish appeared on my nails. The camera definitely magnifies the textural problems in Amethyst, especially in intense sun.  

I chose a turquoise strand to coordinate with the micro glitter and amethyst to compare with the polish. The Earth does create darker specimens of amethyst. I do love the base color even if it's not quite a match to its inspiration.

I really do wish I had the look of the bottle on my nails at the moment. The formula of Amethyst needs to be reworked. I did use Nubar Foundation base coat and Diamont top coat. I searched for other swatches and I found similar issues with texture on other ladies' nails. Having long nails can create a lovely canvas to showcase color. If there are problems with the paint, there's simply more surface area to identify it. I did get compliments on my nails today. You have to be searching for texture to discover it and a partly cloudy day was auspicious for enjoying the majestic purple of Amethyst.

Even my rhinestones were a little vexing. I ordered flowers and ended up with star shapes with rounded edges. They are not quite floral and not quite starry, but they got me through.

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. That is a stunning blue! Great mani!

  2. This is the first polish I've seen that I would call "indigo". You definitely suit blue and purple and I love this visually stunning mani. xx

  3. this is so pretty i love the colour it reminds me of a dark choppy ocean in the night i love it ...

  4. Danielle hasthe shade right. Looks lovely on you. I'm not thrilled with the bumpy texture. That's really a shame because it's so pretty.

  5. Too Bad about the texture, but the color really looks lovely on you!

  6. the color is gorgeous it's ashame about the texture! :(


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