Sunday, October 11, 2009

Winsome skulls

Hello ladies,

I have another Halloween manicure for you today. I wore this to the event with my sister and my friend Kelly last night. My clients were really delighted by the pink skulls and multi-hued glitter tips. I absolutely adore the Konad skull design from plate M13! Looking at the image of a cute skull with eyelashes brings me joy. Psyche Pink Princess polish was chosen for stamping. Taboo from the Color Club Master of Disguise Mini Kit makes a shimmery purple base. The unnamed Borghese glitter mini polish from the Serena collection created the funky french. 

At the time the pictures were taken, the clouds moved across the sun for a few moments. The last photo shows the skull manicure in lower light. I hope you enjoy the skull bouquet pendant I used for a prop.

I was out with Judy from beautyjudy today. I will share a little more about that tomorrow. We had a rejuvenating afternoon of brunch and shopping. She accompanied me to Rittenhouse Square to take nail polish photos. Judy had reviewed Taboo recently and pointed out that it is a dupe of Color Club's Electronica from the Dance to the Musique Collection. I don't own Electronica to do a comparison, but Judy's post can be referenced here

Taboo is a lovely jewel tone purple. Pink micro glitter and blue shimmer flash on the nail. The formula is easy to apply. I found opacity in two coats.  The brush performs far better than those standard in most mini bottles. I really felt like I was working with a full sized polish, while still enjoying the cuteness factor of the mini size.  

Very similar to Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Rockstar Pink, the Borghese mini has a combination of pink, red, blue and silver glitter pieces in a clear base. The application on this polish was far better than Rockstar Pink. The latter is a nearly opaque and the Serena mini is best as a glitter topcoat. It painted on smoothly and I had no concern about the french becoming too thick. I also noticed a slight increase in the concentration of red glitter over pink. If you were looking for Rockstar Pink and missed it, the Borghese mini is a quality stand in.

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. 0o0oo skulls veryy halloweenish

  2. Absolutly beautiful and I really have to get that plate, it's adorable!

  3. Sounds like you have a very enjoyable day. What a wonderful manicure. I'm loving that skull Konad plate. Very cute with the glitter Frenchie. I have Rockstar Pink but I'm on the lookout for the Borghese polish sets. No luck so far. That's an unusual pendant. I like it.

  4. WOAH - those are some SERIOUS nails!! Love it.

  5. I love your nails...(sigh)! Very cool and chic!

  6. Love your manicures.

    In case you missed it - I tagged you for “7 Choses” Tag. :)

  7. Skye: Thanks sweetie! I have more upcoming Halloween nail art. It's so much fun.

    awesomevegan: Thanks so much! <3

    Evil Angel: Thank you! Konad plate M13 was made for you! You could do wonders with it!

    Kae: Thanks! Those eyelashes on the skull make it cute. :)

    Lucy: Thank you. I love doing glitter french tips. I've noticed that some Rite Aid stores have the Borghese sets in stock and others don't. Judy and I had a wonderful day out. It was so nice and relaxing after working late at the festival the night before. I have another pendant by the same artist. I will be using it to accent a fauxnad stamp. :)

    Fashion Minute: Thank you! I have a great time with nail decoration.

    PowerLifterChick: Thank you! You could rock this look!

    Velvet: You make me laugh. Thank you. I am glad my nails and their embellishments are pleasing to you. <3

    Maestra: Thanks so much! I so appreciate your including me. I have been enjoying everyone's posts and seeing what each blogger chose for items and colors. October is such a busy month for me. I will do my best to participate this round. I feel like the month is getting away from me, but I will try. :)

  8. That glitter makes for a fantastic french :o !


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