Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Apothecary: My favorite all natural hand cream

Hello ladies,

Today I am going to share news of my favorite hand cream. It's produced at an apiary by a small family run company, The Bee Folks. I purchase their hand cream every year at a shop within the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. This season I brought home two four ounce jars, one each in Lavender and Scottish Heather.   

The other varieties available are Citrus, Peppermint and Sensual Vanilla. The scents are created with a blend of fragrance and essential oils. The Scottish Heather hand cream contains lilac perfume along with heather. It's a gorgeous floral bouquet! The Lavender hand cream contains only lavender essential oil as the perfume element. All of the varieties have an undertone of honey intermingled with the chosen fragrance. The resulting aromas are ambrosial.


The consistency of the hand cream is on the thicker side. I use it every night before bedtime. Some ladies might prefer to do a heavy application before putting on cotton gloves as a moisturizing treatment. I find massaging a small amount perfect to maintain moisture levels in my skin and nails during the colder weather. 

The ingredients are all natural and healing. Apricot, avocado and jojoba oils combine with honey, beeswax, chamomile extract and vitamin E. All components are vegetarian. Since using hand cream from The Bee Folks, I have had no problem with peeling nails or winter dryness of my hands and cuticles. This hand cream could easily be transferred into a smaller container and carried in your purse for moisturizing cuticles throughout the day. While I prefer an absorbent lotion for daytime moisturizing of my hands, cuticles could benefit from the thickness of the cream for localized application. 

The Bee Folks hand creams are available in both four ounce and eight ounce sizes at the They do ship internationally as well. It's worth checking out their honey and beeswax candles while visiting the site. Enjoy!


  1. That sounds like delicious hand creme. I would go on their web site right now if I didn't have so many products. Nice to know where to go to get some heavenly creations. It looks so thick and rich. I also love lavender and Scottish Heather fragrances. My cuticles are getting very dry and I'm not even outdoors. I guess its the heat being on. A new look to your blog. I like it. I'm very behind in reading blogs.

  2. wow...this is great for it has a natural healing ingredients...btw, Diana thanks for comment u post on my blog.. oh yeah i know how much u love cats..the fact that every time im seeing a cat u always came into my mind and made me smile.. coz i know how much u love them...

  3. I agree with Lucy! That handcreme looks so divine that I may not be able to keep away from that website for too long :) love all the ingredients, bet they smell heavenly. Thanks for the link x

  4. Sounds great! My hands are all dry and starting to crack now that winter's around the corner =[

  5. Lucy: I think the air quality affects our cuticles indoors or out this time of year. It's definitely worth bookmarking the Bee Folks for when you are ready to do some restocking. I am so glad you are enjoying the new look of the blog. Thank you so much. xoxo!

    thriszha: The quality of their ingredients is wonderful. I read all your posts. That's so sweet that you think of me when you see kitties. They do make me so very happy. >^..^<

    Danielle: The hand creme is very thick and luxurious. If you love honey products, it's a must have. The scent is quite tempting. <3

    ~Lisa: Their hand cream would definitely help heal your skin from the effects of the increasing cold. :)


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