Sunday, November 8, 2009

Caramel Mocha

Hello ladies,

I am wearing Chocolate Caramel from the Nubar Chocolate Truffles Collection. Positioned to the side are flower rhinestones. I added them with the thought of how a woman would adorn herself with a flower behind her ear. A bit of whimsy for you.

My friend Lisa and I met at the Naked Chocolate Cafe in center city.  I captured her decadent mocha with stylized chocolate and foam. I too found a delectable prop in the form of a chocolate crown with gold accents.   

The flavor of my treat is chocolate ganache. 
Look how this color shines indoors, in low light! 

Nubar Chocolate Caramel is likely to be one of my favorites from the Chocolate Truffle collection. Gold shimmer and micro glitter is concentrated in a rich brown base. Nubar did an amazing job in carrying the look of the gold onto the nail. I have so many medium to dark brown shimmers in my collection. The majority show a swirl of metallic in the bottle but read as a creme finish once painted. Chocolate Caramel is a true shimmer. The gold flashes, enchanting the eye, in almost every light.

The application was simple. Two coats brought perfect opacity. Diamont topcoat sealed the look and helped adhere the flower rhinestones! 

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. What a gorgeous color! Beautiful!

  2. That looks stunning! I might need this collection after all.

  3. I really enjoy your nails and the color of the varnish.
    too great.

  4. The color of this is so unique. At first sight it looked to me like a weird color, but in the second sight I was very excied from this one, and the coffee looks good too :-)

  5. Loved the color! It brings a "nibble me" thought to my mind...

    And tht coffee sure looks oh so yummy!

  6. it's a gorgeous color, and the props used for the pictures look positively delicious ^^

  7. That is so beautiful. I love the indoor shot. And the drink looks scrummy as well - just what I want on a dingy and dark winter's evening!

    I can't wait to try this Nubar range - have loved every single one of them so far.

  8. This color was really stunning in the full sunlight. Indoors, it has an almost green tinge to it. I got to take a look at all of the bottles in person and the collection is really nice overall. Anybody who's a fan of browns will like these. And yes Helen- the mocha was amazing- one of the best I've had in a long time. If any of you readers are ever in Philadelphia, you've GOT to go to Naked Chocolate. There's three locations now :D

  9. Everything looks yummy, nails, chocolate and drink! This is one collection I'll have to buy. I love all of the brown shades.

  10. Mmmm. Chocolate.
    I love the flowers you added to this. Just gorgeous.

  11. Cool that you found a chocolate to match!

  12. Gorgeous! It reminds me of chocolate so much that I can eat the nails! (EW) LOL The flowers are very beautiful too! ^.^

  13. gildedangel: Thanks so much, sweet lady. <3

    Jessica: Thank you! There are two colors coming up with raspberry shimmer that are equally breathtaking.

    ethnimad: Thank you for the lovely compliments! I still have four more colors from the Chocolate Truffles collection to share.

    Tuli: Thanks! I would say the coffee and the polish are in good company for quality and enjoyment. :)

    Lumin0us: Thanks! I know what you mean. My polish was like camouflage next to the chocolate display. ;)

    chocaddict: Thank you! I hope to return soon for more props.

    Helen: I wish I could reach those chocolate goodies though the screen to share with you. When I first saw this collection, I knew it had a few beauties that would be preciousss slink worthy. I have four more left to tempt you with. ;)

    Lisa: Thanks for accompanying me on the chocolate and polish mission. I'll be sure to wear another polish from the Chocolate Truffle Collection when we meet up again. :)

    Lucy: Thanks so much! I have never been so excited about brown polish since this collection was released. It's so evocative! I do enjoy earthy shades, but the Chocolate Truffles brought it to a different level for me. <3

    Dana Cerise: Thank you! I only wanted to give the slightest accent since Chocolate Caramel is so lovely on it's own. <3

    LiseyDuck: Thanks! I knew they sold gold dusted chocolates. I had my nails ready!

    ~Lisa: Thank you! I understand the compulsion. The color is confusing to one's natural instincts. I'm glad you liked the addition of the flowers. :)


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