Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chocolate and birds of paradise

Hello ladies,

Yesterday my friend David and I ventured to Longwood Gardens to view the final days of the Chrysanthemum festival. We walked through the meadow where the remnants of the wildflowers had dried to the color of hay and the sky was a watery blue. We spotted many songbirds and one golden butterfly before heading to the conservatory.

I wore Nubar's Raspberry Truffle, a lovely vampy brown with deep fushia shimmer pieces. While the base color is a dark brown, the glowing shimmer makes this shade read as purple in some lights. With two polishes remaining to try, I believe this will be my favorite of the Chocolate Truffle collection. 

The photos above were taken along the edge of the meadow as the sun emerged from behind the soft white of the clouds. Seen below, the sunlight coming through the domed glass ceiling in the conservatory was more brightly illuminating. 

David's man hand returns to painted Lady Fingers for more interpretive modeling. 

The chrysanthemums were cultivated into the shape of parasols! The flowers were trained to grow to fit a wire framework. Two different varieties were grafted to a single growing plant to create the tri-color arrangement of blooms. Such artistry!

Nubar Chocolate Raspberry was perfectly opaque in two coats and dried easily with Diamont topcoat. I kept this on my nails for two days and were there not so many other lovelies beckoning to be worn, I would leave it on longer still. The color is beautiful! Ladies who wanted OPI Black Cherry Chutney to be brighter on the nail in all lights would find satisfaction in Nubar Chocolate Raspberry. I am happy Nubar sent me this polish to review. 

The Chocolate Truffle collection is available at

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. There truly is no color that doesn't look amazing on you!

  2. I agree with Evil Angel! That colour is stunning especially against the backdrop. I love Birds of Paradise and David's interpretation ;) xx

  3. That color is stunning on you! I also love the pictures of the chrysanthemums, they are so pretty!

  4. ur nails are very stunning.. no matter what color polish u put on ur nails..

  5. Evil Angel is absolutely right, You look fabulous in everything :)

  6. Very pretty! This whole collection looks great on you

  7. Wow ! This polish is amazing ! The glowing shimmer is so beautiful !!
    And I love all the flowers :-)

  8. Evil Angel: Thank you so much! I had a Sicilian grandmother and a Scottish grandfather on my mother's side and Hungarian heritage from my father's side. I ended up with a neutral skin tone from the blended ancestry. It does make it easier to explore lots of different colors. :)

    Kirsten: Thank you! You are lovely! <3

    Danielle: Thanks so much! I enjoy wearing vampy shades on occasion. David is hilarious! He actually took the bottle from me and tried to emulate my hand positioning. I'm sure the two of us were a sight taking pictures of our nails in front of the Bird of Paradise. ;)

    gildedangel: Thank you! The shimmer is amazing in Raspberry Truffle. I try to go to the chrysanthemum festival every year. It's such a delight for both visual and olfactory senses.

    thriszha: Thanks! You are so sweet! I have one more polish from the Chocolate Truffle collection left and it's a shimmer. I am excited to wear it!

    AllYouDesire: Thank you! How dear you are! <3

    Jessica: Thank you, sweetie! I am loving this collection.

    Tuli: Thank you so much! The shimmer is even better in person. It glows in almost every light. I will certainly share more flowers with you. I love photographing them.

  9. I just love the Bird of Paradise flowers. So sculptural. That is a beautiful shade on you. I have to buy this collection sometime. The chrysanthemum parasol is lovely! Amazing what the artistic gardners can come up wiht.


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