Friday, November 13, 2009

Chocolate swirl

Hello ladies,

Today I have another luscious confection from the Nubar Chocolate Truffles collection. Milk Chocolate Creme is a warm brown that is evocative of licking icing atop a cupcake or breaking off a square from a chocolate bar. 

I drew swirls with Migi Nail Art pens in gold and orange, then added rhinestones. This is my first attempt using nail art pens for freehand designs. I hope you enjoy it! 

I thought you might like to see the design on my thumb nail. 

Here is another lovely butterfly from my visit to the Museum of Natural Sciences. 

Working with Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme really seemed more like decorating holiday cookies than painting my nails! The color looked distractingly delicious. I am glad Nubar sent Milk Chocolate Creme to me for review. Two coats brought perfect opacity. Painting with the Nubar formula always feels so different than with polishes from other big three companies. Nubar's polishes seem drier and thinner. I always approach big three free formulas by painting very thin coats and keeping the volume of polish on the brush light. With Nubar, application is best with a medium amount of polish on the brush. Those who paint thicker coats normally will not have to make any adjustment. I guarantee you will find the formula very easy to control. The Chocolate Truffle Collection is available for purchase at

I had a great time experimenting with Migi Nail Art pens. I adore swirls. I was inspired by a piece of fabric in a patchwork dress. I sketched my idea for the design on the train last night. Preparing an outline in advance was very useful. Having a sense of surety when gliding the pen tip across the nail allows for cleaner lines. I noticed the colors on my right hand are a little brighter. I think using the pen agitated the paint inside and allowed for better mixing. Next time I will shake gently before use! 

I noticed when switching between the pens, any paint left at the tip would harden. On occasion, I would have to remove the dried residue to allow the paint to flow again. While Migi includes a cleaning needle in each kit for this purpose, I was able to brush it off the outside without any internal obstruction. These pens are part of the Gold Kit, which was sent to me for review. Pen and brush sets are available at

The gold and orange pens from Migi Nail Art are part of the current contest running through November 20th. If you haven't had a chance yet, you can enter here.

What do you think of my freehand design? Would you like to see more hand painted looks?

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. Good job with the swirls, they look really nice! I really want to pick up some of the Nubar chocolate polishes

  2. I think you did a great job! I love the copper shade of the art pen.

  3. I love the swirls and colors of this mani, it is truly lovely!

  4. 0oo0o0 this colour looks good enough to eat it reminds me of chocolate so much

    and those swirls are just adorable

  5. I absolutely love it! I've heard a little rumour that this collection is en route to me so expect a few "inspired by Diana" manicures popping up on Nice Things over the next couple of weeks!

  6. that's another gorgeous chocolate-y shade (looks very yummy actually ^^)
    if this is your first try at freehand design with the migi pens, you really did a great job!

  7. Your nail painting today reminded me of the film Chocolat with the decadent colours and swirls. Simply gorgeous but I've got a craving for chocolate now :) And your man bakes Cornbread too Diana!! He's flown from heaven ;) xx <3

  8. Aurora's Nails: Thank you! I had a great time creating the swirls. The Nubar Chocolate Truffles are lovely. I have a few more to share! :)

    Mary: Thanks so much! I appreciate it! The copper color is such a pretty metallic. I don't know why they named it "orange". ;)

    thriszha: You are so sweet! Thank you!

    gildedangel: Thanks so much! I was thinking of fall colors and bakery cases. I'm glad that's good inspiration for nail art. ;)

    Camy: Thank you. *curtseys*

    Skye: Thanks! It seems like this color may be the most true to life chocolate shade. I still have to wear Swiss Chocolate for comparison. I'll let you decide. :)

    Helen: Hooray! The Chocolate Truffle collection will look beautiful on you! I am so excited to see the colors on your nails. <3

    chocaddict: Thank you! I used the pens previously to create a half Moon manicure and dot color on a Konad design. These were useful applications of the product, but it was nice to go further. This is my first full design. It was fun!

    Leeyah: Thanks sweetie! :)

    Danielle: Thanks so much! I haven't watched Chocolate in an age. Hmmm...I'm not sure if he boarded the plane from heaven unless they let him in for cornbread baking and evicted him for what's on his mind. ;)

  9. It looks great! You have a really steady hand! I would've made some huge mess with the pens..XD

  10. Charming Nails: Thank you so much! It is a tempting look.

    ~Lisa: Thank you! Even if you had trouble drawing lines, you could still use the pens for making dots. :)

  11. I adore this collection. They all look so delicious. Your freehand nail art is wonderful. Please feel free to do more. The swirs are very graceful. Another lovely butterfly. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Lucy: I still have three more Chocolate Truffles to share! I've been spacing them out since I love the treat of a chocolate brown. I have other ideas for freehand designs, some elegant, some wild. I am glad you enjoyed the manicure. There are a few butterfly pictures left too. I will make sure to post them all. :)


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