Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dangerous red

Hello ladies,

The rain overnight marked the sky with clouds. I walked to a small park in the Art Museum area. There I found a coniferous tree and winter berries to highlight the red Borghese polish from the Allegra collection. My boyfriend decided this unnamed mini polish should be called dangerous red. I will leave you ladies to conspire as to what he could possibly mean by such a pronouncement. 

The Borghese mini has beautifully reflective red glitter in a jelly base. I carefully applied three coats. The two polishes I have worn from the Allegra set have slightly smaller brushes than those with the Serena mini collection. While I prefer the Serena brushes, the application was very precise. I did no cleanup around my cuticle area after polishing. With the heavy concentration of glitter, the formula seemed stickier or drier than usual. Keeping the layers thin, I had no trouble with application. 

The mini polish reminds me of China Glaze Ruby Pumps, but it's not a twin. It's a comely sister. I wish the sun had been present to really awaken the glitter, but the color is luminous even beneath cloud cover. 

I am excited about a little surprise I am planning for next week. I am just waiting for the mail to arrive and the sun to return. 

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. That is a good name for this polish. Very pretty on you. I wish I could find these. I'm sure they'll turn up someday. Beautiful.

  2. Such a stunning red! Jelly and glitter in one it certainly is a Dangerous red!

  3. That is a gorgeous red! I love the name too!

  4. Beautiful!
    I love your nature pics. That bottle of polish looks like it belongs on that branch.
    I wish I had a polish tree... *dreams*

  5. It definitely is a very fitting name, I showed my man your pics and he came out with something very similar hehe :D It looks fabulous on your nails!

  6. very pretty
    i love jelly's
    and this red looks smokiin
    hot on y0u

  7. Lucy: Thank you so much! I will let him know he should start naming polishes. I will check the display for you at Rite Aid. I bought them back in October, but you never know...

    Evil Angel: Thank you, sweetie. Glitter suspended in a jelly polish is often striking. The red makes it glamorous. You would wear this one quite well. <3

    gildedangel: Thank you! I will let him know his polish naming prowess is appreciated.

    thriszha: Thanks so much! I do love reds on occasion.

    Kirsten: Thank you! I wish I had a polish tree too. How delightful!

    Small Town Gal: Thanks to both of you. While I am not a geneticist, I theorize that men are hardwired to love red nail polish.

    Skye: Thank you sweetie! I think I need to wear reds more often. ;)


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