Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Exquisite jam

Hello ladies,

Today I am wearing Rubies and Diamonds, a jelly polish stirred with red and gold shimmer pieces. Diamond Cosmetics has created a beautiful Holiday collection. 

There are two types of reds that truly captivate me: retro pin-up red cremes that are classic and glamorous and shimmering jelly reds that look like exquisite jam. Wearing this polish makes me think of the heroine in faery tales who has to undergo the trial of sitting at an otherworldly banquet of enticing and ambrosial foods without tasting a bite. I also think of Lizzie and Laura tempted by enchanted orchard fruits in Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market.  

A view of the inner branches of a large berry bush at the Morris Arboretum. I love how the branches are forming archs as they dip with the weight of the tiny red fruits. 

Rubies and Diamonds achieves better opacity than many other jelly formulas. While I painted three coats, I feel that most ladies would feel comfortable with two. I was concerned with how the polish would appear on long nails, in full sun and under magnification. I had the same issue with slightly longer than usual drying time as I experienced with the other two polishes from this collection. Rubies and Diamonds was sent to me for review. 

Rubies and Diamonds reminds me of Lippmann's Holiday from 2008. While it isn't a dupe as the shimmer in Holiday leans more towards a pinkish red, it's a lovely way to get a similar look with a beautiful, affordable and readily available polish. Rubies and Diamonds is for purchase at diamondcosmetics.com for $2.50.  

Happy painting, ladies.


  1. I love this color; it is so pretty!

  2. That is a beautiful Jelly and the shimmer intensifies the depth of the jelly! Love it!

  3. I was looking forward to seeing this polish on your nails Diana. It doesn't disappoint. I think I have to look into Jelly polishes. I don't believe I have any but maybe I am just ignorant to "jelly" especially in a polish :/ xx

  4. wow this one is a stunner, I love that color! I did remind me of the color of a cetain type of berry jam my grandma used to make back in the days ^_^

  5. wow this is pretty and such a great color for the xmas holiday.

  6. Gorgeous! Looks wonderful on your long nails!

  7. Oh Diana! You and I agree on the reds. I love the pin-up red or a luscious red jelly. I wanted a dupe to Holiday and this will be it!

  8. Thank you so much for Goblin Market. I really enjoyed it. I love faery tales and long poems like Goblin Market. I knew there had to be a happy ending. Your nails look lovely. I love reds of any shade.

  9. gildedangel: Thanks sweetie! <3

    Evil Angel: Thanks love! The shimmer is even more glowing in person. Rubies and Diamonds is quite a color! <3

    Danielle: Thank you! I knew you would love this one! A jelly has a certain glassy sheerness. Jelly polishes can build to opacity. They almost appear liquid on the nail. Try clicking on the 'jelly' label under 'a polished alphabet'. I hope that helps. :)

    chocaddict: Thanks! Half the joy of wearing polish for me is that it tends to transport me to some wonderful thought or memory. Homemade jam is so delicious! :)

    rayqueenbee: Thank you! It would be pretty for the holidays right into Valentine's.

    Jessica: Thank you! Colors like this make me happy to have a little extra canvas. ;)

    Dana Cerise: I really think Rubies and Diamonds will take care of your Lippmann Holiday lemming. Rubies and Diamonds reads more red on the nail while Holiday can flash pink in some lights. <3

    Lucy: Goblin Market is one of my favorite poems. The meter is so lulling. I thought about you when I posted the link. I figured if you were familiar it would be nice to revisit the poem. It was even sweeter to introduce you to the story. Thank you for the compliment. I should wear red more often! I always enjoy it when I do. :)


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