Monday, November 16, 2009

Faery Queen

Hello ladies, 

Today I am wearing Amethyst and Diamonds, a violet frost with holographic glitter. This lovely shade is from the Diamond Cosmetics Holiday Collection. Amethyst and Diamonds is a mix of various elements I adore. The base color makes me think of the Victorian language of flowers and antique reproduction postcards with embossed bouquets and fanciful lettering. The addition of holographic sparkle gives me confidence that this is the perfect nail color for a faery queen.
As always, the pictures can be enlarged by clicking. If you are accidentally transported to faery land by doing so, I am not to blame.

My nails are so reflective with sparkle. I feel like I could make faery dust whirl through the air by moving my fingers. A bit of whimsy!

I discovered a rose blooming by the wrought iron fence.

It was temperate and sun filled day. I encountered a beautiful array of leaves in every color as I walked past Fitler Square. 

Amethyst and Diamonds was opaque in two coats. The finish, while not quite as perfectly smooth as Blue Diamonds, was shiny with one coat of CND Air Dry. My nails show a little more texture with Amethyst and Diamonds, but it is nothing to trouble this tester or a faery queen on promenade. Amethyst and Diamonds was sent to me for review. 

The Holiday Collection is currently available at for $2.50. These are currently located at the bottom the page with the color chart. I think I would prefer to see the new collections at the uppermost portion of the page. 

I was informed there will be a restructuring of prices in January. This is not cause for alarm as each polish will show a price increase of 25 cents. The formula on these is fabulous for $2.50. I think I can spring for the extra quarter in the new year! 

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. What a lovely color! I love the sparkles!

  2. This is an absolutly beautiful color and the name is perfect!

  3. Love this shade, it's perfect for fall!

  4. this colours is so pretty i wish they had these in aus

  5. I love this color and 2 coats for that look is great !

  6. Lovely! Just what a faery might wear on her fingertips. So far, I'm loving this collection.

  7. Such a beautiful color! So is the blue from your last post.

    I wanted to mention that I love the way you make your blog posts a story rather than just an informational thing. So thank you for bringing some whimsy to my life! :)

  8. I've really got to get some of these colors...they're all over the 'net, and just gorgeous. I love this one - definitely the stuff of fairy tales. :-)

  9. gildedangel: Thank you! Sparkles are a joy to behold!

    Evil Angel: Thanks so much! I am loving it too! <3

    Kae: Thanks! I actually planned a purple and grey outfit to wear with Amethyst and Diamonds. I was so excited to try this polish.

    Skye: Thank you! I hope some Diamond bottles make their way to you. :)

    Tuli: Thanks! The opacity with these polishes is amazing!

    DanaCerise: Thank you! I love having faery nails. So sweet!

    Shayla: Thanks so much! I am glad you are enjoying the collection so far. I will have more whimsy for you. *curtseys*

    Jaime D.: Diamond Cosmetics is still a fairly new brand to me. I have been having such a great experience so far and I am really looking forward to trying more of their core line. I love colors that have the spark of fantasy to them. :)

  10. the sparkles in this one are sooo pretty!
    I'll have to inquire about whether DC is available somewhere in Europe

  11. How lovely your nails look. Even the posing of your hands is magical. Very enchanting polish. I can see the faery dust whirling in the air. Beautiful. What glorious colors Autumn brings.

  12. chocaddict: Thank you! Sparkles are so joyful. :)

    I found this link for you:

    Lucy: Thanks so much! I knew you would be captivated by this color too. I can't stop taking leaf pictures! Fall sped though this year but there have been some breathtaking tree scenes this week. So happy to share them. <3

  13. It's a beautiful color! I'm getting more and more into these holo nails!


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