Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fainting Couch: Blue Diamonds

Hello ladies,

It has been an age since I swooned. Please gather round the fainting couch with vials of smelling salts, painted fans and a tumbler of chilled water. Behold Blue Diamonds! I can't even believe how gorgeous this polish is! This breathtaking icy blue shimmer with holographic glitter particles was sent to me by Diamond Cosmetics for their Holiday Collection preview. 

If you are not already seated, please do so before clicking on any of the photos to enlarge. 

Diamond Cosmetics Holiday Collection: Rubies & Diamonds, Amethyst & Diamonds, Blue Diamonds,  Diamond's Diamonds. Clicking to enlarge will best show the glitter in  Rubies and Diamonds. Full sun highlighted the red jelly base. In the photo, the glitter is most apparent towards the left on the bottle. Rubies & Diamonds has a high shimmer content that is easily visible in person. The sparkle is a little camera shy in the bottle. 
Above is another butterfly from my visit to the Museum of Natural Sciences. So nice to be able to see live butterflies in November!

Blue Diamonds was opaque in two coats. I am highly impressed that one coat of CND Air Dry glossed the polish to a high sheen with only the slightest hint of texture remaining. Blue Diamonds reminds me of the older drugstore line L'Oreal Bijou with a far superior formula. Diamond Cosmetics chose finely cut holographic glitter. There is no bumpiness to level with extra layers of topcoat and patience.  

The base of the formula is a well behaved frost. There is a whisper of visible brushstrokes if you search behind the flashing holographic glitter. My only minor issue with Blue Diamonds is the dry time is longer than usual, even with a quick dry topcoat. If you faint after the second coat, fall carefully to avoid smudging.

I am so excited about this collection! I do wish there were five colors and the last was a dark green with holographic glitter. My friend Lisa and I were chatting today over iced coffee and she raised the idea of what my fantasy polish would be. A dark green version of Blue Diamonds would make me swoon many times over. That said, I am so very happy with the four presented to me for review. The holiday glitters are now available for purchase for $2.50 each at

Also, how do you like the look of the three column format? I changed the site yesterday. I wanted to make all the categories easier to find and navigate. I am  currently working on extending my blogroll to be more inclusive with all the new blogs being introduced. If you have a nail polish blog and wish to be added to my blogroll,  please leave a comment and I will gladly add you.

Happy painting, ladies!  


  1. First off, I love your new layout and the design, as well as the picture at the top. Very nice! Blue Diamonds is just beautiful! So pretty, I can't help staring at it :)

  2. That is so gosh darn pretty I can't stand it! You are a very lucky girl to have these already, I'm jealous.

    I like the new lay out!

  3. Hi! Sometimes, I blog about nail polish if I get some new polishes (which I plan to do this week actually).

    I love that nail polish on you!

  4. Well, I love the 3 column format and the adjustments to the blog. So pretty! And the blue diamond polish has knocked my socks off. Definitely need those smelling salts - stunning polish!

  5. so pretty i love it,and ur blog looks gorjuz

  6. Gorgeous color ! Can't wait to see the other swatches - the entire collection seems amazing to me !
    Also love the butterfly - what a stunning colors he has :-)
    And I like this new layout for your blog - it looks good !

  7. This polish is soooooooo pretty. Love the new layout:)

  8. I'm definitely liking these, although I'm not quite loving them. At least not just yet. But at $2.50 apiece, I can definitely afford to get the whole collex at once. Anyway, if you haven't added me yet, I'd love it if you would. My link is

  9. OMG! Love this. I would love to see that red one on your nails! Something about the new layout of the blog bothers me. I liked the colored background. I'm not sure what it is...but I'll get used to this layout as long as your lovely nails are front and center!
    Um, I do like the picture at the top. Very cute.

  10. Oooh I love this color, and naturally belong on the fainting couch! It looks so amazing on your nails!

  11. Hallelujah!! But I like the color of Amethyst & Diamonds more!! Do a NOTD with that soon? And they're at such great prices! XD

  12. Mary: Thank you! I appreciate the compliment. You do such a nice job with design on your blog! The color is distracting. I felt like I looked at both hands before crossing the street. ;)

    Jessica: Thanks! Holographic glitter is one of my favorite polish components. Receiving the box did feel like opening a present! I am happy to share the view. :)

    Y: Have a great time shopping for new polishes! I am glad you like the color. :)

    Danielle: Thank you! I am glad you like the changes. It all feels a bit tidier this way. Thank goodness it's a comfortable fainting couch. We all seem to be piling up in a heap over Blue Diamonds.

    Skye: Thanks sweetie! I am glad both the look of the nails and the blog are proving delightful.

    Tuli: Thank you! I am so glad the sun has been out so I can delve into these beautiful colors. I think I am going to have a backlog of butterflies and fall splendor to bring us through December. Thanks for the compliment about the layout.

    Kirsten: Thank you, sweetie. I felt the same way when I first saw it.

    The Home Spa Collection: Thank you so much! I am happy you like the new look of the blog. Blue Diamonds is hard not to love.

    Samantha: Holographic glitter can be an acquired taste. The shimmers in this collection are pretty and classic. I hope those will be instant love for you. The price makes them all worth a try certainly. I added your blog to my blogroll. :)

    DanaCerise: The red is up next! I am so excited to try Rubies and Diamonds. I am getting used to the layout too. I used a template other than Minima before. I wish some of the other templates were compatible with the three column layout. Don't worry though. I won't be changing my picture taking style or my nails. :)

    Kae: Thank you so much! I was pretty much headed for the couch when I unpacked the box and saw the bottle. ;)

    ~Lisa: I am wearing Amethyst and Diamonds right now. I am loving it too! The prices are so affordable!

  13. Thank goodness the couch was right there! Beautiful and glittery like faery wings. I have to order these. The butterfly is lovely. What amazing colors there are in nature.

  14. Lucy: You are so sweet! Thank you. I am really loving the Holiday Collection overall. Blue Diamonds is much like the wings of faeries and butterflies. Nature is certainly resplendent with color. <3

  15. Wow so pretty! Is there any etailer that ships this brand international?

  16. the swatchaholic: Thanks! I am glad you like the color. I have a link to 'flashy nails' in the side bar under 'tempting merchants'. I hope that helps! :)


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