Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fainting Couch on Atlantis

Hello ladies,

I suppose it's my turn to faint over China Glaze Atlantis. I will throw myself on the fainting couch that is a heap of those who have previously swooned. For the ladies who have since recovered their senses, please bring smelling salts or philters comprised of 100% acetone to help awaken the rest of us.

Yes, these pictures will enlarge. If you succumb to the sparkle and arise in a mysterious underwater kingdom, do not blame your whimiscal narrator. This polish may also attract mermaids.

Prettier than a perched bluebird, no?  

This is where I usually discuss application, but Atlantis is so beautiful, it's inconsequential. If you enjoy mesmerizing holographic glitter, the color teal and a jelly formula Atlantis requires purchasing. For the purists, I am wearing three coats. With one coat of CND Air Dry, there is some texture, but the finish doesn't feel rough. I have no real criticism of Atlantis. I feel a need to return to philosophy class and try to learn if this polish could possibly exist.

If you ladies need me, I will be using my fingernails to conjure peacocks, a hippocampus, a gathering of oceanic sirens and a muscular man with a trident.

Happy painting, ladies.


  1. this is just gorjuzzzzzzz
    they have yet to get this in Aus
    i think it will take another year
    to get over here lol it looks amazing
    on your nails very pretty im totally in
    love with this colour

  2. This looks outrageous on super-long nails! I've resisted the sparkly joy of Atlantis for far too long. Heading to Head2Toe just as soon as my eyes recover from the sight of your sparkletasmic nails. I need more mermaidy-ness in my life.

  3. This is so amazingly pretty it doesn't seem to belong to this world :)

  4. I can see you now swimming in the water with your tail fin splashing in the sparkling sea. Looks stunning on you. Thanks for showing us this beauty.

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    more nailart inside

  6. *Swoons and falls on couch too* This is so stunning!

  7. before this I was convinced that I don't need this, but now I have to think again :-)

  8. Beautiful! You should let us know how well/not well it removes for you. I had issues getting it off, but I think I'm inept at removing glitter polishes.

  9. I really do want this color.. I love and hate glitter polishes...this is on my list of must haves

  10. Oh, and PS - I tagged you in my "15 Blogs" post!

  11. I hope the Trident-toting muscleman arrived.

    I have this, and am saving it for a special blogger event I am going to in a couple of weeks. I swatched one nail and never wanted to take it off! Can't wait to wear it "proper". Looks amazing on you.

  12. All I can say is WOW! That is the most amazing color on you!

  13. Skye: Thanks, sweetie! Atlantis would be a perfect color for you. Every time I wear blue polish, I think of you. I hope these make it to your side of the equator much sooner than usual. <3

    danielle: Thank you! Long nails and holographic glitter make good companions. The mermaid's lure is impossible to resist. I am glad you are getting a bottle. :)

    thriszha: Thanks so much, dear lady. <3

    chocaddict: Thank you! Whatever world is responsible for such a polish certainly belongs on my travel wish list. ;)

    Amarena: Thank you.<3

    Lucy: Thanks so much! I am all ready for my tail fin to emerge. With such fingertips, I think I can forgo the pedi. ;)

    maria: You do have some pretty photos on your site.

    gildedangel: Thanks! I knew there was bound to be a heap of ladies on the fainting couch! xoxo.

  14. Amabile: Just when you thought it was safe...

    Shayla: Thank you! I didn't find removal to be too difficult. Under the apothecary label, my review for Zoya Remove + has a tutorial about using felt for removing polish. I hope that helps and keeps up your enthusiasm for glitter. :)

    Thank you for thinking of me in your tag. That is so sweet! <3

    Mama Jen: If not on your fingertips, then the top of your wish list is a good location for Atlantis. ;)

    Brooke: Thanks so much! I am glad you love it too. <3

    Helen: I think I am going to hand my boyfriend a trident. There's a weekend activity! I hope you have great fun at your blogger event. Your sparkly nails will definitely make an impression!

    Evil Angel: Thanks, love! You need more China Glaze specialty polishes in your life. You rock the holo!


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