Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hello ladies,

I wanted to transform this rainy day. Without the sun brightening the sky, I chose gold for my fingertips to adorn myself with a color akin to light. This metallic with gold glitter sprinkles is a mini from the Borghese Allegra kit. It seems like a color that Goldilocks from the storybook would wear. Then, quite fancifully, I was imagining Goldilocks could turn objects as gilded as her hair by simply imagining it so. Perhaps that is what happened to the ginkgo tree I captured last week.

The Borghese gold mini polish applied similarly to the red I wore yesterday. I painted three thin coats with the smaller than average brush. Fear not! The brush is not as maddeningly small as an OPI mini. It does the job. Formula wise, I think this gold glitter would have been a two coater with a standard Borghese brush. I do wish this polish were available full size. The texture of the gold glitter felt fairly smooth after one layer of CND Air Dry topcoat. The glitter pieces are the right size to be prominent on the nail, yet still avoid bumpiness. Perfect!

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate and happy painting to each of you! 


  1. This just stunning against your fair skin!

  2. That color is beautiful on you! What a lovely gold!

  3. Thats a gorgeous color! Wish they sold Borghese in Sweden =(

  4. Wow both colors are stunning, the polish of course but that beautiful tree as well!

  5. Beautiful on you sweetie! I'm still looking for those sets.!

  6. That gold does look really nice! You know how much I loathe the gingko tree!!!

  7. Evil Angel: Thank you so much! I love metallic shades. <3

    gildedangel: Thank you! I think you need this polish to complement your name. ;) This mini would certainly make my top five favorite golds.

    Anna: Thank you! Maybe we could do a swap after the holidays. Borghese has very pretty collections year round.

    Lucy: Thank you! You are dear to me. <3

    Lisa: Thank you! This color would be so lovely with your skin tone and eye color. The tree pictured is a male gingko, so you can give him a pass. ;)

  8. chocaddict: Thank you! You are so sweet! I can't help but match my nails to the trees. ;)


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